[Stickied] UPDATE: The Equestria Gaming Arcade Still Needs Help!

Update 5/23/2017: We've decided to go with the ol' "throw the old ones through waifu2x and use the ones that actually look okay" trick. That's actually turned out surprisingly well, all things considered, but we're not quite out of the woods yet! There's still a small handful of games whose thumbnails simply couldn't be upscaled without looking like total garbage, so those are still Fonzie-fied for the time being.
If you can get a decent screencap of the games whose thumbnails are still missing, have it cropped to somewhere between 200x200 and 320x320 and send it our way, you'd be the raddest person who ever lived. Thanks, and check out the revised list below!

Lyra's List #17

While admittedly it might not have a whole lot to start with, the new Lyra's List is finally here! I have to say, we're super psyched here behind the scenes to finally get the ball rolling on such a major site feature again. Do keep in mind, though, that we can only keep that ball rolling so as long as you submit something; that said, submissions for the next Lyra's List are open until May 31st , so get to it! Check out this issue's submissions below the break, and happy developing!

Reminder: Lyra's List Submissions Are OPEN!

Hey folks! Just a reminder that, as the title kinda already gives away, submissions for the next Lyra's List are open! As sad as it is to admit, we simply can't have another Lyra's List if we don't actually, y'know, get anything! If you've been on the fence up to now as to whether or not you should submit something, just do it!
We've linked the guidelines and the general announcement post above; please remember that submissions are due by the 15th (though, for transparency, there's a possibility that we might cut this off earlier if submissions don't come in), and please, y'know, submit something! c'mon dudes and dudettes don't make me link the meme video twice now

"Gentlecolts" Dev Group Revived, Seeking Members

It appears that the development group behind the fangame "Pony Amnesia: Love and Mysteries" has come back from the dead; and not only that, they're seeking quite a few folks of different talents to fill their ranks! Check out the supplied information below, and be sure to get in touch with them if you're interested!
The Gentlecolts group is creating an MLP romance visual novel/dating simulator. We were dead for quite a while before reviving the project in January of this year, getting a HUGE response, over 100 people joined our discord (discord.gg/KFZRgew) and we can finally announce that we have a team and can start working on the game! We're officially back in business! The team is quite small however, and we would REALLY like more members so that it won't take years to complete the game. Are you interested? Would you like to help us? Here's some details on what we are looking for:
Writers : We need writers able to write in proper English, with good grammar, little to no misused words, missing, incorrect or overused punctuation, able to follow a format, that has some skill in dialogue, and that would like to work on the genre of the game, slice of life, romance, and probably comedy. Someone who can come up with storylines and convincing social and romantic situations involving the Main characters in the show. We don't need dark and gritty writers, or people who write huge adventures and such, 'cause it's out of the scope of the game.
Sketchers : Skilled most importantly in expressions and a bit in poses, as several times they'll need to do floating heads, just showing a different expression. Doesn't matter what you do the sketches on, and they don't need impressive detail, but also can't be stick figures. While they don't need to be carbon copies of the show style, they still need to be mostly show-like to facilitate work to vector artists.
Vector Artists : They need to be able to make their vectors look as show-accurate as possible, and when translating the sketch, they don't have to follow the sketch to a T, but make it as truthful to the show as possible, fixing any errors, detail or style related issues in the sketch. There'll be certain guidelines to follow with all the artists to have a more consistent style and make it as less distinguishable as possible between the different artists in play, and all vectors must be presented in SVG files.
Background Artists : Again, we need vector artists that can be show-accurate, but in this case, most backgrounds will be the same as the show, and will most likely not need to use sketches and instead, have references and bases from show screenshots and such to draw. Most likely will have to do some of the Mane 6's houses inside and outside, as well as some key-points of Ponyville and not much else.
Coders : We could optionally use an assistant coder/script translator, preferably familiar with Ren'Py (or competent enough to get the gist fast), to help with various tasks. Proofreaders and Spellcheckers: We might also have use of people good at spotting aforementioned errors that can happen in writing, to help ease the burden and not require multiple checks by every writer. We would much prefer competent writers, but if you just want to help a little bit this could be an option.
Proofreaders and Spellcheckers : We might also have use of people good at spotting aforementioned errors that can happen in writing, to help ease the burden and not require multiple checks by every writer. We would much prefer competent writers, but if you just want to help a little bit this could be an option.
We could also fill in other roles such as sound or PR... just drop by our discord and say hello, we can figure out what you can help us with! If you want more information on the game, you can check out our webpage at: http://gentlecolts.org/ or our Discord chat here: https://discord.gg/KFZRgew and download our old demo at: http://gentlecolts.org/downloads/

[Unofficial] Two Best Sisters Play - Skyrim

If you've gotten a tiny bit impatient while waiting for the next entry in 2snacks' popular Two Best Sisters Play videos, it looks like there's at least a little something to tide you over until the next one drops! Russian animation team NDAnimations brings us a fan episode of a fan series (neat!) ponifying the Two Best Friends misadventures in the world of Skyrim; check out the video embedded above!

Friday Game Night, April 28th - Left 4 Dead 2

Or to put things a little more eloquently, it looks like it's Friday night once again, folks! Which just so happens to mean that it's also time for one of CinemaQuestria's weekly Friday Game Nights. Left 4 Dead 2 is the flavor of the week this go-round; check out the usual information below the break, and as usual, enjoy your weekend!

Re-introducing Lyra's List!

A long time ago, on an iteration of this website now long gone, there used to be a recurring post every month under the name of Lyra's List with a simple mission: compile Game Design Documents and list available talent for My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fan games. Whether you had an amazing idea for the fandom's Next Big (Playable) Thing but had none of the skill to bring it to life, did have the skill but simply couldn't go it alone, or even having the skill, whether as a programmer, musician, artist or writer, but didn't have a project to call your own, you turned to Lyra's List.
Now that we've really got the ball rolling again here at Equestria Gaming, we think the time is more than right to bring Lyra's List back. If any of the above describes you, check the details below the break for more information.

Friday Game Night, April 21st - Overwatch

It's once again that time of the week, folks! For tonight's Friday Game Night, the folks at CinemaQuestria are playing Overwatch!
Yeah, okay, so this particular entry is admittedly pretty lackluster, but Overwatch is one of those newfangled modern games, and I'm really not hip with what the kids are playing these days.
Lamentations on inevitable march of time aside, check out the list below for the usual details, and have a lovely weekend, y'all!

Everfree Games - A Public MLP Gamedev Discord Server

We've made some new friends today! Everfree Games is, as the title and the newly added button on the left suggests hint hint, click it!, is a public Discord server focused primarily around pony game development, but which also caters to horse artists, writers and musicians; y'know, your pastel horse-themed creative and productive types!
In terms of a general "mission statement" for the server, to quote the creator:
With Cloudsdale having been shut down, and MyLittleGameDev/MyLittleGameChat being rather quiet and lacking in activity, I felt there needed to be an easier and more streamlined place for people to share their works, so I set up the Everfree Games server. I figured a public Discord server would work best since lots of people have Discord already, with anyone being able to join in without even installing the app.
So yeah, if you just so happen to be a horse game developer, or even a writer, artist or musician, or perhaps even aspire to be one, why not pop in and chat with some like-minded folk? It's a creative bonanza just waiting to happen!

Friday Game Night, April 14th - Team Fortress 2

Looks like it's that time of the week again! On the docket for this week's game night, the folks at CinemaQuestria are playing Valve and the internet's favorite hat simulator (I don't know if that's a tired joke yet but I'm making it anyway okay jeez), Team Fortress 2! Check out the finer details below, and enjoy your weekend, folks!

Playing Simulator #4: Sunset Shimmer

Man, I don't know about the rest of you folks, but I'm definitely always excited when a new one of these simulators drops! Heartwarmer-MLP's back at it again, following up the previous Derpy Hooves simulator (yes, this one is 4 and the last one was 6, the numbering scheme here is weird) with everyone's favorite magical, multidimensional horse/human hybrid, Sunset Shimmer! As far as things to do go, there are a handful of new things: the ability to brush Sunset's mane, and the ability to either dye or Rainbowfy™ it.
Aside from that, this is pretty much everything you've come to expect from one of these simulators at this point! Check it out at the link above, and as always, happy magical horse booping! Within reason, of course! Please Boop Responsibly.

Friday Game Night, April 7th - Tabletop Simulator

Are you ready to wrap up your week (or maybe get it going, if you're like me!) with some more game-based shenanigans? I know I certainly am! For this week's Friday Game Night, our lovely friends at CinemaQuestria are keeping things traditional-yet-modern in Tabletop Simulator. You know the routine by now; check out the details below, and happy...uh, tabletopping, I think? If it wasn't a word before, it is now!

Equestria Gaming's Sixth Anniversary!

Well, would you look at that. Looks like it's a certain colorful horse gaming website's anniversary today! It's kinda hard to believe this place has been around for six years, isn't it? That's cumulatively speaking, anyway; the actual "active time" count being a little wonky what with all the inactivity and outright death and junk. Still though, given all the stops and starts over the years, the fact that the site's still around and kicking (not to mention something I've happily become a part of!) even through all of that is simply amazing to me!
Y'know, I've got to admit that it's quite a bit harder to write up something with more substance than just "hey the site aged how about that" than I thought it was going to be. Our version of Equestria Gaming is rather different than the site in years past, seeing as this is a very independent reboot-slash-continuation of the original , meaning that we just don't have around on-staff capable of waxing nostalgic in a way you'd expect for a later anniversary.
Of course, that doesn't mean we can't have anything like that! We might not have been around here for a super long time, but we were (er, mostly) readers once and have at least some memories all the same! Which brings me to my point; the same goes for all of you out there reading this post! We've got a comment section, you have the memories or at least something to say; wax nostalgic about Equestria Gaming, colorful horse gaming, or even just colorful horses in general below!
To those of you that have stuck around the past six years, thank you! Onward towards the future!

The Difference Between Us - An Adorable Fluttershy x Pinkie Pie Visual Novel

Now there's something we just don't see very often around these parts! As the title implies (er, well, completely states), The Difference Between Us is a wonderful little Ren'Py-based visual novel from developer Robin Daydream covering the wonders and woes of Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy's first date. While the concept is pretty simple, the developer's description promises and the game seems to deliver on (I only say seems as I've only had time to play through the game once thus far) there being plenty of variation; between the three possible routes through the date and three endings per possible route, there should be more than enough to keep you invested for at least a little while!
Admittedly, at least for me, jumping into a game that's all about shipping our favorite tiny, colorful horses can be just a tad bit uncomfortable on the surface, but once you're actually into the story (and experienced adorable overload!) it's definitely worth playing!

Friday Game Night, March 24th - Cards Against Humanity

After just a tiny bit of a break, the fine folks at CinemaQuestria are ready to get back on track with their regular Friday Game Nights! Kicking things back off, we're wrapping up the week this time with the legendary Cards Against Humanity.
...Which reminds me that I need to perhaps play this game for myself at some point, it certainly looks like an experience!
Anyway, check out the list below for the usual details, and have fun!

Day Dreaming Derpy Sweetie Belle Update - Demo v0.2

An update had recently been released for the charming JRPG affair, Day Dreaming Derpy.
This gorgious game received it's big 'Sweetie Belle update' just a few days ago, introducing a new dream area, a new awake area, new dreams, new uniforms, new followers, one of which you can probably guess from the title of the update, and a whole array of fixes.
What can I say without reiterating points in our previous post on the game?
This really is one of the biggest surprises we've had here for a while, A short sweet demo of a JRPG featuring everypony's favourite muffin enthusiast, exploring the dreams of her fellow ponies. Absolutely beautiful artwork, with only insignificant clashing styles. You wouldn't guess that it is a mere RPG Maker game just from looking at it, really breaking the cookie cutter style you usually see in those easy-to-use engines. Very approachable and simple combat and gameplay, unlike what you would expect when someone brings up JRPG's. Feels very stripped down, in comparison to your Final Fantasies, but never really lacking, unless you're going in expecting another overly complex grand RPG experience.
It is small, it is cute, it feels familiar and emotional and I wholeheartedly recommend anyone to give it a go. It puts a smile on your face, nothing less.
Check out the links below for a trip to the game's official page and our download mirror, authorized with permission of the developer.

Limey Lassen - Starlight Glimmer Doesn't Forgive You

Looks like we've just missed the boat (well, that's certainly a new one) on having something relevant to post on Starlight Glimmer Day, but such is life. We've come across a pretty interesting little track from the artist Limey Lassen, a remix of Starlight's in-show BGM evidently inspired by the wonderful Starlight Glimmer Simulator! Check it out above, and be sure to give the artist some love!

Overmare Studios' "Fallout Equestria" now "Ashes of Equestria" + Wave 5 Demo Released

It's been a little slow these past two weeks, but hey, here's a post, so no worries! Once again a little bit late on the uptake, we've got a fairly (probably a bit of an understatement, haha) important update from the now-formerly-named Fallout Equestria team, The Overmare Studios. Provided below the break is the statement from their website regarding the name change, including the always-lovely legalese behind their decision to do so, and above is the link to the latest demo released concurrently with the change.

As an aside, I'd like to take the opportunity to post a little reminder that the Submit button up there exists! Please send us news and other horse game junk when you notice it; even if you think we already know about it, we'd still appreciate the heads-up! We're just a few people here behind the curtain, so we can't (and don't) always catch everything immediately!

Derpy's Gr8 Avdenture - Trilogy

 Derpy's Gr8 game trilogy
Happy Derpy day everyone! Due to this glorious occasion, I thought it would be the perfect time to present a trilogy of games that I'd been working on for the majority of last year.

This is a series of 3d platformer collect-a-ton games designed to be as unpredictable and silly as possible, much like the character herself. While the first game is quite simple, since it was made in three days, the other two games are much more complete, imaginative and most importantly, stable! If you're in the mood for goofy satires of platforming games, these are the perfect masterpieces for you!

Derpy's Gr8 Avdenture
Derpy's Gr8 Avdenture 2
Derpy's Gr8 Spookie Avdenture 

Battle Gem Ponies - Steam Greenlight Update

February has certainly been news-filled, hasn't it? We've got a press release here from the creator of Battle Gem Ponies regarding the most recent update, and even includes some news about the legal side of things that isn't terrifically disappointing! How rare is that? Read on below!
This month's Battle Gem Ponies update is finally here! The notable changes here are character redesigns, a toggle-friendly virtual D-Pad, and bug fixes for the Steam Greenlight release in January. Feedback was taken into account and legal issues have been looked into. A Valve employee even reached out to discuss the issues with the last build and the legal steps necessary to continue.
The game is now sufficiently distinguishable from the things that inspired it. It feels like a mashup of MLP & Pokemon, but it has it's own chibi-pixel style now and none of the characters are confusingly similar to fanon or canon ones from either series. Now it's about as similar to its inspirations as Crash Team Racing is to Mario Kart and Oceanhorn is to Zelda.
Battle Gem Ponies is its own IP that won't be subject to a Cease & Desist order, and will continue to develop in a way that mitigates such worries. All feedback is reviewed and taken into consideration for each monthly update. We want this to be the best game it can be. To extend the pony aesthetic and themes of cute things doing cool things outside of the show that inspired so many to pursue creative careers.
Steam Greenlight is going away soon, so this is likely to be the last push to get the game on that platform if people want it there. So if you like the direction this game is taking, be sure to give it an upvote on Steam!
Oh, and here's two additional screenshots, by the way! I figured it looked slightly ~nicer~ to include 'em in link form rather than just dumping them here at the end, haha!

"Metal Gear Friendship" Animation

So, here's something a little bit different for a change! A wonderful, adorable Metal Gear inspired animated short from the rather talented animator BrutalWeather! Check out the short above, and maybe have a look through the remainder of their animations while you're at it if you have the time!

Friendship is Epic - 1 Hour Gameplay Video

Jyc Row, the composer and French translator for the stunning Japanese 2.5D beat-em-up Friendship is Epic, recently uploaded an hour-long video of a few members of their team playing an internal dev build of the game showing off some new character gameplay, poking around the game's skill tree, showing off the English and French translations of the game and generally putting the smackdown on more than a few changelings. This game's certainly looking like it's coming along pretty nicely, and I'll definitely be personally keeping an eye on this one!

Gardens of Equestria - This Coming Storm Prologue Chapter Released

Wow, it's been a hot minute since we've covered any mods on this site, hasn't it? This seems like a pretty good way to get back into the swing of those, though!
The first installment in a series of chapters, this one entitled "Prologue - The Watcher," of what seems to be a truly massive pony-themed Fallout: New Vegas modification called Gardens of Equestria went live very recently and is now available for download at NexusMods (NOTE: Requires Fallout: New Vegas and the Old World Blues DLC). Among the (naturally) new story, the mod's page promises new textures, fully voiced NPCs, a "fandom's greatest hits" radio station hosted by DJ-Pon3, an original opening cinematic, a custom soundtrack and new loading screens featuring future new locations.
Check out the download link above and the developer's website for more information on the mod if you're curious. Happy wandering!

Gem Hunting #2: Malicious Mansions, Silly Scribbles and Pursuing Pastries

I could've provided some context here, but that wouldn't be nearly as fun, would it?
While we're admittedly a bit light on the news front so far these past few days, I think another small, conveniently-timed batch of previously overlooked horsegames could make up for it a little bit, don't you? This time around, we're guiding our favorite technicolor horses through some assorted shenanigans including malicious mansions, silly scribbles and the endless pursuit of pastries! Check 'em out below the break!
okay yeah i did in fact work the subtitle into the intro paragraph to pad it out. fight me about it in real life why don't you okay gosh.

Playing Simulator #6: Derpy Hooves

For those of you who have been waiting patiently for another one of those neato pony simulators, it looks like your wait is over! From the creator of the Starlight Glimmer simulator Heartwarmer-MLP (formerly Lil-Lovey) now comes what is quite possibly the best one of these yet with the Derpy Hooves Simulator! Much like last time , there's a few new bells and whistles in this particular version (though the creator notes that this is likely the last update mechanic-wise), including a toggle to the simulator's Mood System and even a small minigame!
There's also the distinct possibility that the accessories just might make this the most adorable one yet on top of everything else. I mean, just look at that header image and tell me that it isn't the case. I dare you.
Anyway, I think that's about enough explaining for this one, so go on and boop the adorable mailmare why don't you?

Fighting is Magic MEGA Developer Receives Cease & Desist

Unfortunately, there's a very common truth in this fandom that not all news is good news, the case in point today being us seeing the announcement of the (what I believe to be, anyway) first major Cease & Desist order of 2017 landing squarely on the virtual doorstep of the lead developer of the popular Fighting is Magic fork MEGA, as this video from the variant's official YouTube channel explains.
For those unaware, from what I gather (having not been the hugest Fighting is Magic fan to begin with) this version was a relatively well known variant based on the old Tribute Edition popular for having been one of the more "complete" versions of the game in terms of the ever-so-slightly expanded character roster, updated graphics and general gameplay tweaks and fixes.
That's about all there is to say on this one, so check out the aforementioned announcement video above for more details if you're interested.

Fall of Anterfold - Version 3.5 Released

In the first of today's "why did so many things happen in the five minutes we were all collectively busy" news dump, we're kicking things off with the announcement that the developers of the co-op survival horror game Fall of Anterfold have recently released version 3.5 of the game, with things like an updated launcher, a new story chapter and some general gameplay fixes and tweaks taking center stage among others with this iteration.
As with last time, check out the developer's website linked above for the expanded changelog and some general information on the game if you're unfamiliar, or you couldjump straight into downloading the latest version of the game and experience it all for yourself!

Friday Game Night, February 3rd - Planetside 2 + Announcement

Tonight, on a slightly-more-special-than-usual episode of CinemaQuestria: Friday Game Night™...
On the docket this week, we have the always-interesting massively multiplayer online FPS Planetside 2! Unfortunately, this is going to be the only thing on the docket officially for quite a while, as they have asked us to announce that the Game Night and AnimeQuestria streams are going on hiatus until March 24th, as Everlasting_Joy wishes to focus on his studies for the time being. They also note that they will not being collecting votes for games until the streams officially resume on the 24th, though other staff members may host their own unofficial game nights during this time.
That about wraps things up for the moment, so please check out the details below as per usual and join in on the fun!

Horse Game Still Alive, Seeking Programmers

Looks like we're once again just the tiniest bit late on the uptake, here, but we've got some pretty neat news so hey!
Horse Game's developer Sprakle came out of hibernation just a few days ago to confirm that the game is still in development, capping off said short confirmation with the adorable jumping horse gif you see above. Additionally, he's on the hunt for volunteer programmers knowledgeable in Unity3D Multiplayer to help keep things going! If you just so happen to be one of those folks, fire off an email to ben@equidev.net and lend a hand if you're so inclined!

Gem Hunting: Bubbles, Road Trips and Aerial Stunts

While the site's been somewhat prone to...well, the odd total existence failure now and again, Equestria Gaming has nonetheless somehow managed to be around for quite a long time insofar as the fandom as a whole is concerned. Since it was founded in 2011, we've seen a lot of games and game makers come and go, some of which we've covered and some, sadly enough, we haven't. I personally believe it's more than high time that we rectify that! There's plenty of games, large and small, that we've skipped over the years that deserve a mention, and we're going to start rifling through them here and now !
Admittedly, I don't have any specific posting schedule in mind for these, but honestly, isn't that just part of the fun? Let's go!

Friday Game Night, January 27th - Mario Kart 8

Now it's time for this week's installment of Playing Games with Horse Nerds™. Usual details ahead!
Looks like there's something a tiny bit different in store this week over at CinemaQuestria! Instead of the usual PC game selection, we're headin' on down to console town (oh leave your groans at the door, I liked that) and wrapping this week up with a game of Mario Kart 8 for the Wii U! Man, I seriously wish I didn't work weekends so I could participate in this one. Oh well, I guess! Someone be super cool and win some races for me, mkay?
Just as a reminder before wrapping this up, you need a Wii U if you wanna play along, folks!

Ponyage Chronicles, Open Weekend

Ponyage Chronicles, also known as PonyRoom as previously shown here, is holding an open weekend. It is gonna be held from now until around the 29th February.
It is a neat 2d MMO like you would imagine a proper action-oriented MMO would be, quests, skills, grinding, the whole lot. It is still in an early alpha stage, actively getting updated and fleshed out. However this weekend we all have a chance to hop in and give this different interpretation of a Pony MMO, so if you are tired of the usual social-focused pony MMOs and MMO-styled games, like Legends of Equestria and Pony Town, come give this a go.
You can either download client below:

Friday Game Night, January 20th - Left 4 Dead 2

Looks like it's Friday night once again, and you know what that means, right? Weekly game stream ahoy!
On tap at CinemaQuestria this week for Friday Game Night is the always popular Left 4 Dead 2, which at this point I don't think really needs any introduction, haha! That said, why not wind down from the week by hanging out with your fellow pony fans as the folks at CQ fight through hordes of infected for your entertainment? I mean, that certainly sounds like a fun time to me! As usual, check below for the details!

Day Dreaming Derpy - Demo Released

Normally I'd lament the fact that we've been beaten to the punch on something like this, but I'm honestly fairly happy to be able to talk about this one at all. Spoiler alert: I'm a little overly excited about this one!

Day Dreaming Derpy, as presented here in early demo-form, is an absolutely wonderful little colorful horse-themed JRPG featuring Derpy Hooves (naturally) having adventures in both the real and dream worlds with plenty of collusion between the two. Costumes, abilities and equippable items earned during the day become usable in the dream world, becoming key in helping Derpy with fighting the nightmares within the ponies' dreams she explores.

Without going into too much detail and spoiling what should really be experienced just on its own merits, we've got a wonderful little demo here filled with plenty of fan-favorite characters, an interesting story, a delightfully quirky sense of humor and some seriously nifty pixel art that all comes together to make for a super comfy and fun colorful horse gaming experience. Really, even if JPRGs aren't your cup of tea, I believe there's still something to be appreciated about a fangame that's this well put-together, especially at such an early stage. Seriously, the only knocks I can really give it are one or two overworld clipping/collision issues and some basic writing quirks; other than that, it's pretty much smooth sailing!

Check out the game's page above for your fill of detailed information, screenshots and dev logs, or you can skip that and jump straight to the download page if you'd prefer. Remember to also pick up and install the RPGMaker VX ACE run time package here to be able to play the game.

NOTE: The original Equestria Daily post reports that you may need to disable your antivirus to make sure things unpack correctly. I did not personally experience this issue, but your mileage may vary.

Fall of Anterfold - Third Beta Released

Man, these folks certainly work fairly quickly, don't they? Fall of Anterfold, in case you missed the last update post, is a very recent colorful horse co-op survival horror game which has just released its third beta hot off the heels of the previous one. Accordingly, it appears there's quite a few changes in place, with a little of everything from item textures to game mechanics and balance being tweaked this go-around.
Check out the developer's website linked above for the changelog and general information on the game, or maybe even give it a go for yourself!

Friday Game Night, January 6th - Warframe

Well hey, look at that, it's Friday night! Wanna know what the cool horse nerds are gonna be up to tonight?
Our always lovely friends at CinemaQuestria are hosting yet another Friday Game Night, kicking off the first one of the new year with Warframe. I've admittedly never heard of this one, but according to Wikipedia we've got a "third-person cooperative shooter" thing going on here and it's apparently full of dope junk like ancient space warriors and lasers and robots and I totally didn't skim the Wikipedia article why would you even ask, gosh. Anyway, yeah, c'mon down and chill with your fellow colorful horse fanatics with ~video games~! Check the details below!

Battle Gem Ponies Now Available on Steam Greenlight!

Well, it looks like we're kicking off 2017 with a bang, eh? Luckily, y'all won't have to wade through lines upon lines of me rambling about horsegames this time, as the developer's written his own press release for this, haha!
Battle Gem Ponies is making some noise over on Steam Greenlight! The newest update is here with some highly requested features like pony-surfing, capture mechanics, and a few new customizable moves. The next few days are going to prove if pixelated pony RPGs can stand alongside NIA: Path of Light and Ambient:White in the Steam catalog.
If you want to check out the newest build for yourself, just click the link below. If you'd like to see this game on Steam someday, be sure to give a thumbs up on the Greenlight page!
Battle Gem Ponies on Steam Greenlight
Also, an additional aside from the developer:
This is a project still in the early stages of development and currently functions more like a tech demo than a carefully crafted adventure. Each and every bit of feedback is going to help shape the game's design, how characters look, and how the story develops as new updates are released month-by-month to showcase the game's progress.
So yeah, you heard the guy! Download, play, enjoy and remember to give some feedback and give a thumbs up on the Greenlight page! Let's make some magic happen!