Day Dreaming Derpy Demo v0.4 - The Scootaloo Update

We're once again a little slow on the draw (and a little slower than usual at that, admittedly), but that certainly does not and will not impede our enjoyment of posting a new Day Dreaming Derpy update! Keeping things short this time, the developer promises two new dreams to play around in, and as the title suggests, the inclusion of Scootaloo as a playable character, which also means that all three of the Cutie Mark Crusaders are now playable! They also note that this is likely to be the last major update before the release of the full game, as that's predicted to be just around the corner!
Download the latest update at the source above, or check back here later when we're able to update our downloadable mirror of the game. Sweet dreams, sleepy horses!

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