Fallout: Equestria RPG Level Editor

 So far progress on the Fallout: Equestria RPG is mainly restricted to engine work. It's not the most exciting stuff for the average gamer, true, but at least it is better than the horror of absolute silence, resulting in fears that yet another one bites the dust. This update shows the level editor in action, which should be at least somewhat interesting for the modding community and especially the Fallout:Equestria subfandom, who shall finally be given the tools to adapt their favorite Fo:E fanfics into playable epics. That is, unless all their 3D modelers suddenly die on them or something.

 Now, the main thing holding back this project is that, in a surprising reversal of what most would expect, the developer has the project working on Linux alright but is having trouble compiling it on Windows.
- Tuxxy

Crazy Pony is Back from the Dead

(Bitbucket repo)
  As Crazy Pony went for months without an update, people began to think that the project had died; this theory was all but confirmed when the website went offline. However, what nobody noticed was that the website came back online in April, and without further ado its Bitbucket repo began to show signs of life. Since then a brand-new release of the game has came out in July, and by compiling the source code one can find wonderful new features like Linux support. Multiplayer support is probably still a ways off, unfortunately, but in the meantime one can easily help by making new levels in Inkscape. Maybe I should contribute to this project a little myself, eh?

 Speaking of level design, we have another post related to that subject coming up later on today. Stay tuned!
- Tuxxy

Starswirl Academy Debut Trailer

 About time they released a trailer for Starswirl Academy, and it has everything you might expect. Humanized ponies in schoolgirl outfits, pretty backgrounds, synthesized music, etc. Now about that protagonist...it's probably for the better if I don't say that much about him, although I'm honestly not all that surprised. At least this is almost guaranteed to turn out better than, ahem, that other pony visual novel did.

I would write more, but things are kinda hectic around here; the boiler room flooded while the cat was taking a dump in it. Needless to say, she got more of a shock than you will when you discover the main character's identity.
- Tuxxy

Revenants of Chaos Needs Level Designers

 If this trailer is anything to go by, I'd say that Revenants of Chaos captures Rainbow Dash's speed quite well its gameplay, which is uncommon for most platformers with her as a playable character. Ideally, Rainbow Dash shouldn't be content with simply trotting everywhere, but feel free to break out into a run or take to the skies. This isn't always possible, of course, but this project seems to pull it off quite splendidly, partially helped by an original soundtrack by DasDeer. Thing is, right now they could use some level designers, preferably ones who have tried their hands at Mario or Sonic-style levels in the past. If you'd be interested in helping them out, you could send their leader an email at okamikurainya@gmail.com or message them at their #Project-Dash deviantART page.

Of course, this comes a day after I lament the lack of Rainbow Dash platformers which actually let her fly. Figures.

Demo: Equestria Adventure

 For various reasons, pegasi in most fangames seem entirely unable to fly. Why is this? It would entirely ruin a platforming game if they could do so, obviously, but no satisfactory in-universe explanation has been produced yet. Equestria Adventure's Ponychan thread makes efforts to solve this conundrum by saying that it takes place in an alternate universe where pegasi cannot fly, but if that were the case then why would they even bother growing wings in the first place? Maybe pegasi are the new penguins or something, I dunno. At least she can still, you know, go fast and all of that stuff, which makes this demo somewhat worthwhile while it lasts.

Speaking of penguins...

Trosh: The Movie: The Game

Trosh: The Movie: The Game

 For some reason it seems that fangame releases seem to all be clustered around the same time, followed by long periods of silence from everybody. These usually provide an excellent opportunity to search around a bit, find some projects that have been overlooked or remained obscure for long periods of time. I'm not entirely sure if Stabyourself.net's (they're the guys who made Order of Twilight, by the way) Trosh would count as a pony fangame or not, given that you run around shooting pony OCs that belonged to an annoying user on their forum, but at least it's something, right?

Last time I checked, the OS X build for this game was broken. And yes, I do have some more games to hopefully post later on today.
- Tuxxy

Ponu News for iOS

 Unfortunately our mobile site still sucks, which is bad news for those 4% of our readers who visit Equestria Gaming with their iOS devices. Android users already had a better way of viewing the site in the form of Ponu News, a little news app that has just recently found its way onto the iPhone (yes, it should also work on your iPads and iPod Touches). Eventually we would like to rewrite our site's interface to be more mobile-friendly, of course, but in the meantime Ponu News should serve all of you mobile users just fine.

 In the meantime, Windows Phone users continue to be left out, but they're quite the minority here. As in, there are more people visiting from their PlayStation 3s and BSD machines than folks with Windows Phones.
- Tuxxy

Starswirl Academy at the Crystal Fair

A teaser for Starswirl Academy
Starswirl Academy

 Strangely enough for a visual novel, the identity of Starswirl Academy's protagonist has remained unknown ever since its unveiling, with the promise that they'd reveal him "soon enough". Now that they're holding a panel at the Crystal Fair in Saint Louis, we might finally get some answers. They're showing off a demo of the project at 11:00 am CST on Saturday, and afterwards the demo shall be released for the general public to play. Now, hopefully they remember to release OS X and Linux builds of the demo...

 Come to think of it, I'd be rather amused if the demo never actually revealed anything about the main character, or featured an entirely different protagonist from the real thing.
- Tuxxy

Nightfall Beta 3

Nightfall gameplay screenshot
 Yep, Silly Mare Games has released yet another beta for their upcoming Nightfall project, and it comes with plenty of improvements such as an inventory system, along with a compass to prevent the player from getting lost while exploring the world. Of course, there are also a decent amount of balance upgrades to further polish the experience before release, along with some new night stages and whatnot for those who breezed through the original beta.

I would write more, but I'm rather tired so I'll just copy & paste the changelog below the break. Goodnight, and enjoy the game!

Zapple Hill

 Every once in a while /mlp/ manages to surprise us all with something unexpected, such as a fangame. No, it's not a dirty mess of overused memes and shock pics: Zapple Hill is probably the most entertaining fangame that I've played in quite a while (which isn't saying all that much, given that there hasn't been much over the past few months), and with a few tweaks it could become a great time waster. Hopefully the creator will give us permission to include it on the Arcade... Edit: he did.

 So much for Ponychan's /collab/ board being the next big thing for fangame developers. The place practically feels like a graveyard these days.
- Tuxxy

MLP RPG 2 Trailer


 The creator of last year's MLP RPG: Elements of Harmony, Nurse Dashie, is working on yet another pony RPG, this time starring the Cutie Mark Crusaders. The trio don't get nearly enough fangames dedicated to them these days, which is somewhat of a shame since their age and personalities open up new gameplay possibilities that wouldn't really fit the Mane Six all that well. For example, in MLP RPG 2 (as it is currently titled) they have a "job" system, allowing the trio to change talents after battle.

 In case you're interested in following the development of this game, you can do so on the creator's Steam group. Hopefully we'll be able to post on it from time to time as well...
- Tuxxy

Rainbow Dash Pony Disaster - GalaCon Demo

Rainbow Dash Pony Disaster - GalaCon Demo
Rainbow Dash Pony Disaster

 Those of you who attended GalaCon (best known for its mascot) earlier this year have most likely already played this demo, but for those of us who haven't it is a nice little demonstration of, well, where RDPD was a month and a half ago. For the most part it plays fairly smoothly, unless you happen to be running it in fullscreen mode, in which case some of the platforms in the first few levels might be positioned incorrectly and make those portions of the demo unnecessarily difficult. This is not helped by the somewhat slippery running controls, although I suppose that they're fine as long as the game doesn't rely too much on precise platforming.

 In completely unrelated news, we're including a video advertisement below the break for experimental purposes. If you folks find it too intrusive, we'll remove it in the future.

Never Trust British Columbia

 I figured that it was high time to buy an iPod so I could play the thousands of iOS pony games, but guess what? It doesn't work, of course, and it doesn't even have a friggen' Apple logo on the back of the case. The thing came from British Columbia, which kinda figures since I also once bought a Pink Floyd album from a BC Walmart that didn't come with a disc.

Well, that's several thousand dollars down the drain. What next?

- Tuxxy

Flash: Pony Creator v3 / Square Ponies / Taking Wing

If you're like me and school has just kicked into gear again, you might not have time for games which require a serious time investment. But there's always time for flash games.

Updates to generalzoi's (in)famous pony creator, pixelated madness, and more after the break!