Day Dreaming Derpy
Let's take a short adventure into the Dream World and explore same. We're sure you all are real troopers about undergoing such an adventure. At least, an interaction with the residents would be great, isn't it? Let's come off that, you are scared already!

The team is thrilled to announce the full and final unveiling of a Paper-Mario-inspired JRPG Game. Guess the name! Of course, it is none other than the long-awaited pony game: Day Dreaming Derpy. Relax, you ain't dreaming, it's reality! You are about to enjoy a blend of a scintillating and weird experience!

We hope to share more happy news with you concerning any modifications to the game. Now go check it out!


Review: Pony Club (alpha 1.5.4)

Pony Club is an interactive chat room evolved from the PonyDreamMaker app, developed by the (apparently) russian team ManeQuest Project. However, the developers intend to eventually build a full Pony-themed RPG, towards which PonyDreamMaker and Pony Club are the first and second steps. They’ve got a Patreon page if you wish to give them your support, which they most certainly could use.