Them's Fightin Herds 1.0 Released
If you have been an active follower of the My Little Pony series, you'd no doubt have heard of the Fighting is Magic fangame. Prior to its discontinued development, Fighting is Magic featured a complex, combo-heavy gameplay style with "magic" attack buttons that allow for special support actions.

Them's Fightin' Herds is a refinement of Fighting is Magic with improved core gameplay mechanics. The Indie fighting game features a cast of four-legged animals (that double as champions from their individual tribes) as they continue to engage one another in other to take possession of a magical key that could be used against their predators. Each of them wants to protect their world.

What makes the game distinct from the conventional fighting game includes its refined character moveset, competitive modes, fighting styles, and different attack types. Explore the adventure of a combat game that offers a unique experience!

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