Review: Daring Do Demo

Why review an older game that never reached completion? Bear with me for five minutes.

Don't get put off by the "demo" label - although it may not update again, Alexmakovsky's Daring Do: the Flash Game already has some serious meat to it. Daring Do's the perfect candidate for an adventure platformer, but for some reason she doesn't star in many games - making this one that much more unique. But can the game live up to it's promise? Find out after the break.

Fallout:Equestria RPG


 In the vast Brony fandom there are many fanfics, but none of them are as influential as Fallout:Equestria (unless one counts the abominaton that is Cupcakes). Given that it was based off of a video game, it was only a matter of time before somepony began the herculean effort of adapting it into its own game. For quite some time now Plaristote has been working on his game, and from the website it appears that he has made surprisingly good progress when you consider that he's doing most of the work by himself. He's even making an editor for the game, so adapting your favourite Fo:E fanfics such as Project Horizons and Pink Eyes should be fairly easy.

 Since the game is being made by one man, development has been relatively slow when compared to several other fangames. According to the recruitment page he could use a C++ programmer, some 3D modelers and an interface designer. If you feel like applying for a position, you can do so via their form.

Want some screenshots and a trailer? Of course, you could always compile it yourself and take a look at the actual game, but looking below the break is much easier.

MLP: Online Source Code

My Little Pony: Online

  After MLP:Online was shut down last year most of us expected the developers to give up on fangame development altogether or move to commercial development, but apparently they've decided to make another fangame codenamed Project Cygnus. Unfortunately we don't know much about it other than the fact that it is an action game, but in the meantime they have decided to ease the weight by releasing MLP:Online's source code (stripped of all resources). They are no longer supporting it, but if you want to use it for your own fangame: go ahead! It should work quite well for any RPGs that you plan on making, and if you tinker around with it a bit you'll probably be able to compile your game for Mac OS X and Linux too.

What are you waiting for? Grab the source code from Bitbucket, and it'd probably be a good idea to pick up the tools as well.
- Tuxxy

Success! Mane Six Earns the Skullgirls Engine

Keep Skullgirls Growing

Despite the doubts of many (myself included), the Keep Skullgirls Growing campaign managed to reach the required goal of $725k with only 10 hours left, which means Mane Six gets to use the incredible Skullgirls engine for free. Congratulations to everypony who donated! I am proud of you all.

...In case you're confused as to what good this means for Mane Six and the future of Fighting is Magic, I would advise that you read their official FAQ on the subject.
- Tuxxy


Apples screenshot

 Usually I don't bother looking at Ponychan's /collab/ board, since most of it is just ponies asking for help on projects that never get past the planning stage. Given the recent lack of news I was feeling rather desperate, and I decided to browse the board to see if I could find any interesting fangames. I found several, and the first of which is a game simply titled Apples. As you may have probably guessed, it is about Applejack, and as with most games about her it is not a platformer.  Pretty much all the player has to do is collect apples and dodge barrels, and as the player collects more points the game moves at a faster pace.

 Is it worthy of a review? Not really, although it's kind of fun to waste a couple minutes on it. We'll have a couple more games to post today, which may be more or less substantial than this one.
- Tuxxy

Iron Pony Table Tennis

This wasn't originally going to get a post slot this week, but what the hay. Maybe it'll keep you guys from climbing the wall until the hiatus gaming season gets in gear.

In Iron Pony Table Tennis, you plays as Rainbow Dash, facing off against Applejack in a ping pong championship for the ages. Press the arrow keys in order to keep the volley going for as long as possible, but you're just postponing the inevitable: you can't win. Unfortunately, the game's simplistic mechanics and lack of a definite reward system make it hard to invest much time in.
- Arctic Lux

Mane 6 New Game FAQ

Skullgirls Engine FAQ
Mane 6 released a FAQ about their new fighting game in the works, including some silhouettes of characters designed by none other than Lauren Faust herself. Although it's not directly pony related, we'll still follow this project, as it was born from pony, and features what appears to be a similar art aesthetic.

Sorry for the slow news week everyone - we've all been pretty dang busy over the past couple days. Also, that llama may already be my favorite character, even if I've only seen an outline. Discuss.

- Enigma Sage

Mane 6 May Use Skullgirls's Engine

Update: Still have questions? Then visit Mane 6's Official FAQ, where they also have additional character teasers and whatnot.

 As of now Mane 6 is no longer producing My Little Pony fangames, but with Lauren Faust on the team they have a bright future; and if Lab Zero Games's Keep Skullgirls Growing IndieGoGo campaign reaches $750,000 their future will be brighter still. You see, Lab Zero Games has offered Mane 6 their Skullgirls engine for free if we can raise their campaign to $750,000, and this means that the spiritual successor to Fighting is Magic will be in full high-definition, run on consoles and have full Linux support. This would be a huge boost to fighting game enthusiasts everywhere, and even though the game doesn't include ponies I would still highly encourage you to donate to the campaign. I think I might even contribute a bit myself, although unfortunately I can't spare much...

 Will I post much on Mane 6's new game? It's a bit too early to say, but I will follow the development of their game whether it features ponies or not.
- Tuxxy

Review: Sweetie Bot's Pixel Trip

wob wob wob wob wob

Well, I'll be lucky if I ever get Teithepony's Pixel Buster remix out of my head after this. Sweetie Bot has a vendetta against the pixels of the universe, and it's up to you to wreak her vengeance upon them!

Perhaps the pixels are on the offensive. Who knows? Who cares? Regardless, prepare to give your reflexes a run for their money! Review below the break.

My Little Game Jam: Mini Game Jam

My Little Game Jam

 The folks over at My Little Game Jam have decided to hold monthly contests called "Mini Game Jams", and unlike the main events there is no requirement for the entries to include their source code (although the game must still be made from scratch). Apparently one started earlier today, and it lasts for 48 hours. If you have an awesome idea for a fangame, now is the perfect time to create it (unless you want to wait for the next full-sized game jam that will  start later on this year). Shame I wasn't already busy with my own fangame, or I would participate in the event myself.

 Oh yeah, and on a somewhat unrelated note it seems that the My Little Game Dev forums are going to stay down for a couple days while its creator sets something up (think it was a new domain name or something).
- Tuxxy

Shattered Limits Trailer

 Some guy named Steve sent us a preview for a game called "Shattered Limits" in our inbox, and included the rather simplistic description "cool 3D dodge game in the works!!". It appears to star some random OC pony who runs in a straight line, jumps over stuff and occasionally swerves to avoid falling boulders: in other words, this is a Temple Run clone. Unlike the aforementioned game the main character does not appear to be fleeing from something, which is rather odd given the speed at which she runs. Then again, she could just be late for work or something...

 As for what engine the game uses or what platforms it runs on, I have no idea. Not that most of you care anyways, since it's almost a given that it will run on Windows (which most of our readers happen to use).
- Tuxxy

Legends of Equestria Now Recruiting

Legends of Equestria: now hiring!

 Remember Legends of Equestria, the 3D pony MMO which hosted that stress test weekend last September? You should, because it was awesome!

 The team is now recruiting new members, and for once, it's not limited solely to creative types - they're looking for public relations personnel as well. Other positions include 2D artists, 3D modelers, animators, and concept artists.

Check out the full briefing and application information here!

- Arctic Lux

Trailer: Rotor

 We don't see too many 3D pony fangames, but Oddwarg (the man behind Corruption, overall winner of the 2012 My Little Game Jam) has decided to release the trailer for a game he's been working on a week before he sets off to sail the sea in his yellow submarine, which is apparently his idea of a vacation. Aside from Rainbow Dash's nice animations the game looks pretty bland, but since the code is apparently lying around somewhere on the internet somebody could probably fix it up while Oddwarg mucks about in the sea of green.

 As to what platforms the game runs on...I have no idea. Oddwarg didn't specify where on the internet he keeps the source code (although I suspect that it's probably on GitHub), but he did say that it was released under the MIT license which means that you're free to modify the game yourself and port it without asking him. In my humble opinion fangames would be much safer from Cease & Desist notifications if they were all open source, but apparently some folks really don't like it when others can read their messy code...
- Tuxxy

Harmony PCG

Harmony PCG

 Two Argentinian blokes who called themselves Silly Mare Games (creators of Stroll) were playing Tales of Eternia's "WHIS" minigame when one of them decided that it needed more ponies, and recreated it in Game Maker. It has a pretty main menu and nice music, but unfortunately I can't exactly review it since I'm not sure how one should grade a card game. Kind of a shame that it doesn't have multiplayer, but hopefully the developers decide to implement it fairly soon.

 Oh yeah, and it works well enough in Wine, if agonizingly slow. As with all Game Maker games you should install directmusic and dsound via Winetricks/PlayOnLinux in order to have working audio, but since it runs so slowly on Linux you might want to skip the game altogether. Then again, I did manage to complete the entire game of SuperTux on my old Linux box while running the game at about 5fps, so don't let extremely low framerates stop you!
- Tuxxy

Pinkie in Candyland

 In the past I've ranted much about the general oversaturation of Pinkie Pie platformers, so I'll spare you the pain and just let you watch the trailer for this one. Basically, this game is yet another of "those games", except it takes place in some candy-filled wonderland that is also inhabited by changelings and unfriendly lunar guards. Given that changelings feed off of love and have no need to digest pony food I wonder why they even bother living in such a place and don't just move somewhere else with more to eat than crummy lunar guards...
- Tuxxy

Review/Walkthrough: Moonstuck the Game Part 1

I'm sure many of you have read or encountered Egophiliac's Moonstuck, the sprawling epic about a pony princess on the moon loosely based on Andrew Hussy's Homestuck. A few months ago, the story came to an end, and it appeared that Woona's adventures were over.

Until now! Sylrepony has just released the first episode of many covering Woona's time on the moon in an isometric adventure format. Can this ambitious project live up to the offbeat humor of the comic? The answer, (and a bonus walkthrough,) below the break!

Pony Tactics to Become Spectrum Tactics

Pony Tactics: Salvation logo
 Not long after Questria's developers decided to unponify their game it seems that the folks behind Pony Tactics: Salvation decided to do the same, and have renamed their project to Spectrum Tactics. To be honest I'm not really surprised with their decision, but hopefully most other fangame developers will keep their spirits up and continue working on their own projects. After all, so far Hasbro has only C&D'd fangames that either had My Little Pony in the title or whose developers contacted them for permission (such as the poor soul who created Equestria Tales).

The original announcement can be found here, in case you want to read it. Cheerio!
- Tuxxy

Updated Rise of the Clockwork Stallions Demo

Rise of the Clockwork Stallions
 Unfortunately most large fangame projects end up going nowhere or receive cease & desist notifications, but Darkera Studios has shown no signs of slowing down in the development of their second project, Rise of the Clockwork Stallions. Their October demo was somewhat out of date, so they decided to release an updated demo with more characters and levels. The game also uses less RAM than it did before, so it should run better for those of us who are still using older computers.

 And before you ask, the team is planning on a Mac release at some point, although it would require a fair amount of reprogramming and would probably be uploaded a fair time after the official release at BUCK.
- Tuxxy

MLP RPG:Fighting the Unknown Update + Exclusive Gift Code

Fighting the Unknown

 It's been over a month since we last posted about Fighting the Unknown, and apparently a lot has been added since then. According to the developer there are 50 new skills with animations, along with 60 new passive skills and whatnot. It looks pretty impressive to me, but since it's such a massive download I'm probably going to have to wait 5 hours before I actually get to play it.

 Also, apparently you can use the code EQGWOOT1 to earn a unique item ingame. It only works for the first twenty people to redeem it, so if I were you I would try and grab it immediately. Thanks to my slow rural ISP I probably won't even get to use this unique item myself, but I hope you all enjoy whatever it is that you unlock. Hopefully the game plays nice with Wine...
- Tuxxy

Lauren Faust to Help Make Mane 6's Next Game

MLP: Fighting is Magic logo
 Unsurprisingly, Mane 6's negotiations with Hasbro over the C&D of Fighting is Magic didn't go all that well, and as most folks have already heard about Lauren Faust's offering to design new characters for them it should come as no real shock that Mane 6 decided to take up the offer. This means that Fighting is Magic will no longer be a My Little Pony fangame, but take place in its own setting with unique characters and have pretty much the same stuff as Fighting is Magic (with the notable exception of colourful equines).

 Also, a while back the dev team behind Skullgirls, Lab Zero Games, offered their engine to Mane 6, but there has been no official response as of yet. I believe that Mane 6 should accept the offer, as this would give them the opportunity to publish their game to consoles and use high definition sprites instead of being limited to 480p. It would mean that they would have to rewrite most of the characters, yes, but they could potentially end up with a higher-quality product by taking this route...

Sick of my rambling on the Skullgirls engine? Then visit Mane 6's original blog post for some more detailed information on the situation, along with a quote from Lauren Faust (and not a single mention of Skullgirls to boot).
- Tuxxy

Lyra's List #11

Welcome to Lyra's List, a great place for anyone interested in making a pony fangame who doesn't really know where to start. For instructions on how to submit, check out this page. The deadline for next Lyra's List is March 31, 2013. Check out this month's submissions after the break...

Where's Derpy? 2

In honor of Derpy Day, pepperpunk has released Where's Derpy 2, the sequel to the original point-and-click Derpy-finding adventure. The mechanics are almost exactly the same as the first time around - in each panel, find Derpy, 3 muffins, and Lyra (if she appears). However, there are a few more achievements this time around. Have at it!
- Arctic Lux

Questria Unponified (Sort of)

 After I posted about Pony Civil War earlier today it occurred to me that we hadn't heard from Questria's development team for quite some time, and I decided to visit their website. Turns out that after Fighting is Magic went kaput the devteam was rather shaken (as were many other fangame developers), and today they announced that Questria would no longer be a My Little Pony fangame, but take place within its own universe. As to whether or not Questria will still have ponies remains to be seen, but I hope that they do decide to stick with ponies. Hasbro can't exactly sue everything that contains ponies, right? That's like Mattel suing Matchbox because both of them make die cast toy cars.

 So...yeah. If Questria abandons ponies entirely, you won't be hearing anything more about their game from this website. Hopefully that is not the case, but until the developers make things clear we'll just have to sit around and speculate.
- Tuxxy

Pony Civil War

Pony Civil War

 Multiplayer Online Battle Arena games have always been the bane of my existance, because no matter how hard I try I always end up screwing up and ruining the game for everybody else. Even if I'm not very good at MOBAs I know that many other Bronies are quite passionate about them, and I'm sure that you will all be happy to know that a pony MOBA named "Pony Civil War" is currently under development. It still lacks animations and appears to have only one hero (Twilight Sparkle), but I think that it looks fairly promising and could turn into something pretty big.

Also, I haven't been able to find anything about the game's engine, so I'm not sure if it'll work for Linux users like me. If the game is based off of Unity 3 as I suspect it should probably work for all of you Mac fanboys, but hopefully the developer has upgraded to Unity 4...

Update: a sharp-eyed reader confirmed that the game is based off of the Esenthel engine. This means that the game will probably work on OS X, but no Linux support.

If you want more information on Pony Civil War you can head on over to their blog, which has a bunch of screenshots and whatnot.
- Tuxxy