Element of Justice is a short game by Soft Lava where you take on the role of Octavia, who must seek and try to put right the wrongs done to her. The game is heavily inspired by LISA the painful, with a strong emphasis on narrative - consequences carry seamlessly between story and combat. 
The game uses traditional RPG Maker battles and turn-based combat, features excellent spritework, a great soundtrack, and a solid story with different endings based on how you respond to the various circumstances. There are also numerous secrets to discover throughout the game.
I'm going to have to put a strong content warning on this one, but if that doesn't scare you, I'd definitely recommend you give it a play through!

Ponies Vs Changelings - Release Trailer

The changelings have invaded Ponyville in this fast-paced "Plants Vs Zombies" parody game, and the only thing that can stop them are the mane 6 and their clones! With the mane 6's attacks ranging from a zappy lazer thingie to apul, our heroines must use all of their power to destroy everything that crosses their path. Each attack is most effective under certain conditions, so you'll need to think fast and constantly place your poners to stop the onslaught of changelings in their tracks.
Download this game today to save Equestria and show the Changelings where they can stick their invasion attempts!

EQG Game Catchup Post (LITE) - Mostly Racing Edition

We have three new games and projects to share with you this week, featuring racing, racing, and Spike.

 Before we begin though and, for those who are curious, we still have a big backlog of games to cover, as well as a handful of horror/creepy titles that we'll save for Halloween. We also have a ton of FNF mods that we were hoping to merge into a massive compilation post when the game's new update came out, (but the update was not released on the date given by the FNF developers, and it's already been months with no word on when that's coming out) but we may have to publish the post early!

We try to keep on top of all the games, but sometimes a project might slip through the cracks. If you've got a project you're working on, please feel free to reach out to us!
With that out of the way, let's get started!


What exactly is "MareQuest"? First and foremost, you play as a mare. But don't get stuck on the idea of being a mare: you are also a pony, with cool abilities you can unlock as you progress through the game. You live in a land filled with other mares. Each mare has their own randomly generated personality, dialogue and style. The goal of the game is to help your mare friends become the best mares they can be. You can customize your mare to be as unique as you want, with options including wearing socks or not, and wearing a hat or not. 
As you progress through the game, you will unlock more abilities, also known as "mare perks". There are over 9 mare perks in the game, including ones like "fly faster" and "make poofy clouds". Some abilities are more useful than others, but each will help you towards your quest of befriending mares, while also helping you push back the Shadow Horses. Will you be able to stop this evil, or will you instead show off your sick dance moves at the Poni Poni Club? The choice is yours!
Play the game here!
The game is now also available on Steam

Bank of Equestria

Bank of Equestria is a fun little arcade shooter game created by ReconProbe in which you play as the Appaloosan Sheriff and defend a newly opened bank, while also protecting the amres from bandits. Be careful not to shoot the mares since mares are not for shoot.
The game looks great, and while it may seem simple at first, it really picks up after each level, introducing new mechanics and features that help keep the game engaging and truly tests your reflexes.
"Appaloosa's opened its first bank and investors from all over Equestria are tripping over themselves to make deposits. Naturally, every outlaw and villain worth their oats is gonna want a piece of that!
It's your job as the Sheriff to defend the bank by defeating the bandits and letting the good ponies go about their business unharmed.
By the way, there's a rumor going around that the lovely scent of all those apple pies has attracted a swarm of adorable, but dangerous creatures... 
This game is based on the classic Sega arcade game, Bank Panic."
You can download the game or play it in your browser by clicking here!


I can't believe Hasbro still has such massive leaks slipping through after all these years; you'd think they'd learnt their lesson, but alas, here we are
MLP G5 LEAKED is the epic adventure of Sunny and her best friend, Izzy Moonbow that was leaked on Youtube by a user named SingleHoof. The game is a highly detailed and accurate simulation of a pony character living in the town of "Maretime Bay." The user has the ability to acquire stuff and things, travel to other areas (mark my words, game developer: I WILL climb those stairs),  interact with other characters, and learn the basics of friendship.
Hurry up and try the game out for yourself  --->HERE<--- before it gets taken down!
I'm also offering a $20 reward to anyone who can go up/glitch up to the town (fʸᵃʸ u game dev)

Slime & Punishment: Phantom’s Revenge - Game Released!

"Slime and Punishment," is a remarkably odd comic series that follows the adventures of Phantom Horn, "the super awesome, yet weird, unicorn", and various other characters. Also slime, lots and lots of slime. The series now has it's own spinoff game which mirror the style of the old beat-em-up games.
"Take on the role of Phantom Horn, a katana-wielding slime-infused socialist pony gangster with a bone to pick. Battle your way through mad science pony and war criminal Night Star's secret lab using the power of SLIME! (The many uses of which are so obvious I won't insult your intelligence by enumerating them here.)
Play fetch with your radioactive pet horse, trade stocks and crypto on your gellphone, marry your sword, and dab on the corpses of more than 50 unique enemies as you carve a bloody path toward vengeance.
You'll need to manage your resources carefully to survive the gauntlet. A single slip up could cost Phantom his life, or worse. How much are you willing to sacrifice for the sake of... REVENGE?"
This game is intended to be the series' conclusion, and it has a secret link to the final pages of the comic, but you must beat the game to uncover it!
More information on the game, as well as a link to play it, can be found over here!

Legends of Equestria Spring Event + iOS Release!

We've had our three months of winter coolness, but Equestria is finally beginning to warm up, and spring is on its way! However, severe winds have knocked several eggs out of their nests, scattering them over the Heartlands! Fortunately, one pony has decided to help clean up this mess and is offering rewards to anyone who would help him!
But that's not all! The team has also been hard at work developing a mobile version of the game, and it's now here! Legends of Equestria can now be downloaded on you Apple device from the App Store, so be sure to check it out!
For more information, you can check out their site here

Catch The Mare

Catch the Mare is a fun, simple puzzle game for those who like mares and enjoy having to think in order to catch them.
Your objective is to keep the mare from running outside the bounds of the field by adding grey circles in her way to block her path. The mare will attempt to escape by dodging the obstacles you have placed.
There are over 14 mares to catch, each with a randomly generated image and message when you win! Perhaps you'll get lucky and one of them will show you their snowpity as a prize!
Will you succeed in capturing the mare? How many can you catch? Let us know in the comments!

My Little Pony: A Maretime Bay Adventure

Mark your calendars for May 27, because you'll soon be able to embark on an epic adventure set in Maretime Bay, assisting the ponies in their quest to make the world a better place and "bring magic and harmony back to their community."
From what I can tell so far, this looks like it has elements of a collect-a-thon platformer and appears to be a somewhat open world. The player will most likely be able to run around in Maretime Bay's hub world, collecting stars and playing a variety of minigames, which I assume will be the stepping stones for completing the story. 
Some speculate that this game is simply a re-skin of the company's recent Paw Patrol and similar games from them. If this is accurate, those games will offer us an indication of what to expect, but this does seem to be a different studio making it under the same publisher. So for the time being, we'll have to wait and see. 
What are your thoughts? Is this destined to become a certified Steam library classic for you? Let us know in the comments!

G5 Seeks to “Tell Their Tale” in Friendship Association Games 8

This is the first time we're mentioning the Friendship Association Games on the site, and we'd been given permission to extend an open invitation to anyone who might be interested. Obviously, with that said, I'm going to have to issue a major content warning here.
For those who are unaware, /mlp/ hosts a gathering of various horse (and somewhat less-horse) themed teams to participate in a virtual game of kickyball to determine who is the strongest among them.
With Generation 5 of MLP recently released, a new team will be joining for the competition, and they allegedly have massive "big brains strats" in store for the big day.
Update:  Match recordings can be found here.

Inside Dimensional Shift, the Newest and Different Pony Project!

I was recently given the opportunity to speak with one of the team members of the Dimensional Shift project and was shown some exclusive and extensive material, the most of which I am not supposed to repeat!  So, what exactly is this game about?
The game is a first-person metroidvania with a wii-like, mouse-controlled sword with a strong emphasis on narrative and character development. In the game, you play as Midnight, an alicorn who awakens in Canterlot with no knowledge of who they are or where they came from. Twilight, concerned about the implications of having yet another alicorn, takes you under her wing to keep an eye on you. One day, while working with the princess, this alien-looking armor forms around you, complete with a sword that seems to float without the need of magic. The heads-up display suddently receives a signal from an unknown place, and you and Twilight decide to check it out.
Unlike many of the other high-budget games we've shown in the past, Valiant Studios LLC is taking a very different approach to game design and is currently in pre-production, which includes everything from planning, story writing, game/mechanic design, to vfx testing. Ultimately, this allows for them to safely experiment and build the game without the major consequences of wasting a lot of money, time and resources.
From what I've seen, the gameplay is polished and very fun with a bunch of weird rooms, enemy behaviors, which all experiment with combat mechanics, powerups, physics, weapons and animations, to list a few!  
If you're interested in supporting development of the game you can send a few bits their way over on Ko-fi or patreon, and if you want to learn more about the game or perhaps even join the team, you can check out their Discord server!

Ambient.White – Story Demo Released

The Ambient game project has made significant progress in the last few months, releasing many news updates and, most recently, a new playable game demo that you can download. 
However, due to high ambitions and a lack of resources, it appears that the team is putting this project on hold for a few years to work on smaller games that can be done quickly and more reasonably. For Ambient.White, they hope and expect to have a release date some time in 2025, once the team has had time to properly grow and mature.
Visually, the game looks stunning, and both the project and the team have undergone some big changes over the years, so I'd highly recommend checking it out to see how it has evolved!
You can check out the gameplay video on their YouTube channel, or download the game from their website and try it out for yourself.
You can also check out their update video for more information and to learn about their new future goals.

Phoenix 2 - Prewar

Today we've got a game from a new development team called Equgames! Phoenix 2 Prewar takes place in a troubled pre-war Equestria where you play as Strikely, an Equestrian intelligence lieutenant, as they attempt to save this retrofuturistic world. Play the role of a simple pony living in a world full with secrets, lies, and deception.
The game is still in development, having been rebuilt from the ground up roughly a year ago; as a result, there may be a few bugs, but they are minor, and the game is still fully playable. If you run into any problems, the developer encourages you to contact them by email.
Download the game here!
Also, if you understand Russian, you might want to check out some of the other games created by this team over on their blog:

My Little Pony: Harmony Eclipsed - Game Complete!

My Little Pony: Harmony Eclipsed is a highly enjoyable RPG that puts you in the horseshoes of Princess Luna, along with our other favorite colorful horse heroes, on a quest to rid Equestria of an ever-growing dark magic threat. It's a ton of fun, and there's a lot of content here, though it may be challenging at times (most likely because I'm bad at games!) I'm around three hours into the game right now, and there's still so much to do!
If this seems like something you'd be interested in, visit the MLP Forums thread for additional information about the game and upcoming updates. We won't be linking to a static build again like we did in our previous article (whoops!), just in case the game changes again.

My Little Karaoke - G5 Update

We hope you're ready for some karaoke parties, because the MyLittleKaraoke team is back with a new 2021 version of their game, bringing with it over 100 new songs and a slew of new features, as well as performance and stability improvements, and all running on a new version of the game's engine, Ultrastar Deluxe. Check out the details below or visit their website to learn more!
Hello everyone!
MyLittleKaraoke is back with a major update! The game is getting better with an updated engine, and all songs now directly integrated into the base game. We've also updated the website, so that the forums are back and - most importantly - the online leaderboards are back online too! Check our website's sidebar for a quick recap on how to sign-up and/or configure the game to participate.

And, yes! G5 songs are included in this update, which a few extra surprises to boot!
To update the game, simply run the launcher and it will prompt you for a (fairly large) download. You can also run the installer from our website (mylittlekaraoke.com), and it will either update your existing instance, or install the latest version directly if starting from scratch.

Some small notes: we're aware of a few bugs, and are working on fixing them. Here are some ways to mitigate known issues:
- If you run into a glitch making the text hard to read during gameplay, try changing the font style to "Outline" in the Options → Lyrics menu. You can also try changing the font itself.
- Changing themes in the Options menu may lead to a crash. The game should work fine when restarted then.
- The online leaderboards still have a few missing features, being worked on. You should still be able to submit your best scores, so grab your microphones and go claim the top spots!

Sonic and the Elements of Harmony

Sonic and the Elements of Harmony is a 2D Sonic Fan-game that crosses over with the animated television series we all know and love. It focuses on both classic and modern gameplay elements of a Sonic game and was created in Game Maker Studio 2.3. Originally showed off at the 2021 Sonic Amateur Game Expo, this game has seen a number of improvements and additions, such a Twilight Sparkle as a new playable character, a new stage and some new In-Game dialogue.
Check it out here!

[Stardew Valley Mod] - Starswirl Valley

We previously highlighted a mod for Stardew Valley in our Equestria Gaming Catchup Post™ that converts the characters into anthro ponies, but this new, work-in-progress mod for Stardew Valley, which was recently released over on Nexusmods, actually goes and turns the valley's inhabitants into ponies. It's still a work in progress, but so far it's looking pretty good!
The mod can be found here:

Battle Gem Ponies End-of-Year DevLog Update!

The creators of Battle Gem Ponies appears to have recently published their End-of-Year DevLog update and, as an added bonus, have prepared their own press release for this, which I certainly won't complain about! Find it below:
After chipping away at development tools and setup behind the scenes, the Yotes Games team is back with an (admittedly late) update on what we've been up to! 
In short, things like new scenery, a debugged overworld, and more videos breaking down specific mechanics can be expected as we charge full-speed ahead into the next year. 
The team is thankful for how far we've been able to get this year with the help of the Kickstarter, and we're looking forward to fulfilling the promise of a truly awesome video game experience!
New Devlog Hotfix TARTARUS! is now on YouTube: