Ambient.White – Story Demo Released

The Ambient game project has made significant progress in the last few months, releasing many news updates and, most recently, a new playable game demo that you can download. 
However, due to high ambitions and a lack of resources, it appears that the team is putting this project on hold for a few years to work on smaller games that can be done quickly and more reasonably. For Ambient.White, they hope and expect to have a release date some time in 2025, once the team has had time to properly grow and mature.
Visually, the game looks stunning, and both the project and the team have undergone some big changes over the years, so I'd highly recommend checking it out to see how it has evolved!
You can check out the gameplay video on their YouTube channel, or download the game from their website and try it out for yourself.
You can also check out their update video for more information and to learn about their new future goals.

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