MLP Online Demo Update 8/21/11

 MLP Online is a fan made My Little Pony Friendship is Magic MMO, currently being produced by Urimas, Salty Justice, and their team of programmers, spriters, and other members in a custom made C++ engine. The project has been in development for a while now, and when finished, will be 100% free to play.

Slowing Down

Yes, I realize that this website has slowed down greatly in the amount of things it's been posting. But I have a reason, and hopefully soon it will be fixed.

As most of you know, college/school for everyone is starting up, my college already started a week ago, so I've been overscheduled with classes and work. On top of that, we're about to be hit by a Hurricaine, and I have no idea if our power will last through it.

The thing is, I need yours guys to help me until I can find the time to search around for all these things.
If you find anything My Little Pony and Video Game related, ANYTHING at all, please email me about it.
It can be a new guild somewhere that's popped up, a game  you heard from a friend, or even something that was posted on Equestria Daily! But I need you guys to submit these things, I know this may sound a little demanding, but I really can't afford the time to do this all on my own.

I would much rather have 10 people email me about the same game, than to miss it all together.
- Strawberry Spice

MLP:FiM - Pony Creator Finished

MLP: FiM - Pony Creator is an advanced Pony creator programed in flash by generalzoi.

This game has no goal, allowing you to fully customize a pony of your own. Unlike other Pony creators, this one is extremely extensive! You can choose from a wide scale of different sizes and shapes for your pony, randing from filly to Slenderpony height. The colors for your pony's mane, coat, and tail are all full color scale. There are a bunch of different head shapes as well, allowing you to create either a male or a female pony. A full selection of Eyes, Expressions, mouthes, manes and tales, a cutie mark creator, custom poses, and accessories really makes this game stand out.

Brony Day Terraria Giveaway! Deadline Change!

Me and a BUNCH of other sites are getting together and hosing 7 different contests for 7 copies of Terraria!
You can find the post on EqD here:
So here is my contest:

16-Bit Game Contest

Contest Details:
Make an 16-bit styled game with ponies!

1. Sprites MUST be 16-bit (or less)
2. The music can be anything, it doesn't have to be 16-bit, though it would fit best.
3. The deadline is September 15th (As of now, is still subject to change).
4. Send the finished game to
5. The title of the email should be "Game Contest"
6. You should include the author of the game, and preferably sources to your materials.

Due to some confusion, only the sprites have to be 16-bit styled. It doesn't matter what you use to make it as long as it looks 16-bit.

Have those games come right to me! If you want, a good source to 16-bit pony sprites is the Desktop Ponies program.

Happy Brony Day!
- Strawberry Spice

Brony Show Lets Play

This week's The Brony Show lets play is Terraria again, but this time they have it all planned out, so it won't just be people falling all over the place. The show will be at 9 PM EST

So go to!
It's awesome.

This will be the central post for the Brony Show Lets Plays in the future.
- Strawberry Spice

Friendship Brigade

Friendship Brigade is a gaming community that has recently popped up, they focus mainly on Non-Pony related games. You can check out the calender they have on the website for Game Dates, online meetups, and other gaming related events. The site is also the home to the MLG teams, which are (I believe) competitive teams that 'battle' other teams in online matches.

Luna Game Second Interview

So, ULTRAMARIOX asked the creator of the Luna Game series a few questions about the series, and got some answers back.
You should head to the Ponychan Thread to read it.
You can scroll past the first interview and read the second if the thread dies.


After a long, long wait, the prequel to the Luna Game series has finally been released! If you haven't already played Luna GameLuna Game 2Luna Game 3, and Luna Game 4 I suggest you go do that now.

I have received a program that allows you to play it again.
You can download that program here
Some files got mixed up before, and I accidently linked the game twice. This is the actual file. Blame me for that, not the creator :P

It's just like the fourth one, you can only play it one time normally.



Legend of Celestia - Music Update!

Recently, I was notified about an upcoming Legend of Zelda Pony crossover game! The project sounds very interesting, but they're in need of some people for the team!
Right now the applications for being a part of the team are being denied until further notice, the team is full! But don't give up, they may need help in the future!

Equestria Online

Equestria Online is a 3D My Little Pony Friendship is Magic MMO in progress. The current releases are being developed in Unity, though the team has not decided whether to use Unity 3D or Panda 3D for the game.

You can find the Game's website here:
Or the Ponychan thread: