After a long, long wait, the prequel to the Luna Game series has finally been released! If you haven't already played Luna GameLuna Game 2Luna Game 3, and Luna Game 4 I suggest you go do that now.

I have received a program that allows you to play it again.
You can download that program here
Some files got mixed up before, and I accidently linked the game twice. This is the actual file. Blame me for that, not the creator :P

It's just like the fourth one, you can only play it one time normally.



You start the game as Princess Luna in Princess Celestia's castle. When you talk to Celestia, she tells you that it would be nice for you to make some friends after so long. After you exit on the right, you move to a grassy area with nice music playing. All six of the mane cast can be found on the map, and each one has their own problem that you can help with.

Depending on who you return the lost item back to, you can play one of six different levels, each with a different item (Twilight Sparkle's item is a book). After you collect 49 of the items on the map, you care able to collect the 50th, which is black and white. When you touch it, the music stops to a loud thump. After that, the only thing you can do is continue on, where the ground suddenly disappears from underneath you and some creepy music starts playing as the screen fades to black.

The screen flashes white, and an image of Nightmare Moon appears, after another flash, Nightmare Moon's eye opens. The screen goes back to where you stopped almost immediately, but everything is tinted red. After you continue back to the area with everypony, another creepy song begins to play, and everypony you talk to says that Pinkie Pie is looking for you.

When you talk to Pinkie Pie, she explains to you that she wants to throw you another party, but shortly after the screen turns black, and the dark item you got from before appears while you hear whispering in the background. After the screen goes back Pinkie Pie is going on about what the party will be like, and the screen turns black again with more whispering and the text 'Kill Her' at the very bottom. The screen goes back to Pinkie Pie continuing to talk, and then turns black one last time with longer whispering and large words saying 'Kill Her Now'. After the screen goes back, you see Pinkie Pie asking if you're feeling okay, and the screen goes black again.

This time, nothing else appears, but the music stops and you hear some sound effects and cutting noises. When the screen fades back in, you see yourself standing alone with Pinkie Pie with a red sky behind you. Pinkie Pie has a slash going through her, and the words 'B... But... Why...?' are at the bottom of the screen. After a few moments, the top half of her body begins sliding off, and the game shuts off. A few seconds later, the game opens again and a loud noise plays with a disturbing image of Pinkie Pie and text that says 'This Isn't Over Yet'. The game closes shortly after.
This is the image that was used at the end.

If you try to reopen the game, it says 'You cannot change the past...' and closes out.

Unlike the demo, the game does not stay open after it closes the final time.

- Strawberry Spice

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