MLP FiM: The Lost Kingdom


A short while back I was browsing the "Other Friendship is Magic Fangames" over at TvTropes when I found a relatively unknown RPG sitting on the page. Curious, I followed the link to the game's website and I discovered that it was actually quite impressive and (surprisingly enough) is still under active development! What's more is that the game's demo is in a complete state other then the music, so we can probably expect it fairly soon. Apparently they're also porting it to Mac OS X/Linux, which is a really nice change for those of us non-Windows users who feel left out whenever another great fangame is released and can't run under wine.

Anyhow more details can be found over at the game's blog over at, which I highly recommend reading since they've posted some really cool stuff over there. Good day!
- Tuxxy

Review: Twilight Sparkle: Pest Exterminator

In light of the encroaching parasprite swarms, a desperate Princess Celestia grants Twilight Sparkle a new spell. Now, anything that stands in her way will be "obliterated into tiny bits of dust." Made by the notorious InfinityDash, this game features cute bunnies, bloodthirsty pests, and one trigger-happy purple unicorn. 

Spine-manglingly stoked yet? Read on after the break!

Rise of the Lunarbolts Trailer #6

Looks like there is another Rise of the Lunarbolts update video for y'all to enjoy. Hope you find it interesting!

Oh, and sorry for the lack of updates lately. We've just been so busy adding tons of games to the Arcade lately that we've kind of fallen behind, although hopefully that should soon change. And in case  any of you fellers are PonySquare users you'll be happy to know that we have a PonySquare page up at
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We're on BronyNet!

There are so many Brony-centered social networks out there that it's getting hard to keep track of 'em all. RainbowDash NetworkCloudsdalePonySquare (I don't recommend PonySquare for various reasons), and BronyNet are some of the more popular MLP social networks, and on most of those sites we have a profile that you can follow in case you're interested.

For all of our readers that also use BronyNet: today is your lucky day! We have just added an Equestria Gaming profile to the site, where we will post news, new Arcade games and more stuff like that. We can be found under the "RP" profiles page, or in case you want a direct link to our profile you can visit!/profile-3175.

- Tuxxy

Ponies in your Interwebs (Javascript)

Ponies in your Interwebs
There's one thing on earth that has a near 100% success rate in improving any given webpage. Adding platformer ponies. That's right, platformer ponies. This handy piece of Javascript, which you put in your bookmarks bar and works on Firefox, Chrome, Safari, or Opera, will turn any webpage into a platformer, based off of Adventure Ponies, with any images, text, etc. forming the platforms.

Your goal is to rescue the CMC from the bottom of the page and bring them back up to the top, racking up points and vanquishing Diamond Dogs in the process. You can choose any of the mane six to play as, each with their own unique special abilities. We suggest playing an MLP fangame while running this to achieve a new level of gaming while gaming.
- Enigma Sage

Mane6 at Pon-E3

Mane6, creators of the highly anticipated Fighting is Magic, are livestreaming at for Pon-E3, demoing the EVO build of the game - playing matches and showing progress. A recording of this event will be posted on Mane 6's Youtube channel following the stream, in case you miss it. For more information about Fighting is Magic in general, check out their website at
- Enigma Sage

MLP: Online at Pon-E3

Watch live streaming video from mlponlineteam at

MLPOnline is ready for Pon-E3! Join us for our livestream at, where we'll take you behind the scenes of our game-making process, and answer all the questions about us you've been dying to know! Plus, get a first look at our brand new game trailer, and an exclusive sneak peek at what's in store for Episode two of our single player game. See you there!
- Enigma Sage

Legends of Equestria at Pon-E3

Join us at
We’re going to split in the following hours like so:

  • We’re going to do some modeling, CA and texturing of Canterlot.
Just as we did with the 24 hour event, we shall try to make a couple of buildings!

  • A Q&A session, it can be how long you guys wish. It all depends on the questions coming in to us, so ask away!
You may ask us on or tweet us on @legendofeq, or use the chat during the livestream.

  • Previewing some NPCs that has been recorded.
Hirosashii will preview some NPC voice recordings from his team!

  • Coding with AnyaSmash.
Justin will teach AnyaSmash how to code C#! How will it go? She has zero knowledge about C#!

  • Super sneak-peek of a calendar we’re going to sell for charity at Galacon.
DandyLion is working on a calendar with the LoE team featured in it!

All information about Legends of Equestra can be found at the following address:

For other questions please email Swebow:
- Enigma Sage

My Little Investigations at Pon-E3

Hi all! GabuEx here for My Little Investigations.

We're hard at work getting more of the first case in our game ready, and while we're unfortunately not quite yet at a stage where we can show anything comprehensive quite yet, we definitely have some tidbits that we can share with you to keep you going while we work. You can find it all after the break!

MEW Team Interviews and Q&Neigh - Livestream

Watch live streaming video from mockequestrianwars at

Thank you to everyone that joined us today!  The team had a great time sharing all that they’ve accomplished and we hope that you’re excited for what’s to come!  

Also, we are always looking for new talent.  Artists, programmers, game designers, etc., if you’re interested in helping us make this game happen, drop by our forum and say hello!

Last but not least, thank you again to Equestria Gaming.  You guys put a lot of work into this event and it has been a pleasure.

To our viewers, on behalf of all the Mock Equestrian Wars Development Team, thank you!

Public Relations Team

Contact us:
Visit our website:
Or check out our DeviantART Group!
- Enigma Sage

MEW Game Elements Demonstration - Livestream

Watch live streaming video from mockequestrianwars at

Thank you all for joining us!  For those of you who may have missed the livestream, don’t forget to check out the link above to see all that the team has accomplished in just a few short months!

Things to see:
  • World Map
  • Ponymaker
  • Chess game!
  • And finally, the chat test!

Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Also, if you’re interested in helping this project, drop by and say hello!  We are always excited to have new members. :)
- Enigma Sage

Mock Equestrian Wars at Pon-E3

Thank You for Joining us Today!
We are super excited and honored to kick off this event! While we're getting set up, check out our website at Mock Equestrian Wars is a revolutionary MMO that combines the best of turn-based and real-time strategy games. Our goal is to provide a casual, web-browser based multiplayer platform for all Bronies to immerse themselves in a playful and competitive environment!

When you're ready, head on over to our livestream by following the link below.

See you there!
MEW Devteam
- Enigma Sage

Welcome to Pon-E3!

It's here! For the next 2 days, stayed tuned right here on Equestria Gaming to see and hear presentations from devteams all around the fandom. In just a few minutes, we'll be kicking things off with Mock Equestrian Wars, an online turn-based/RTS game with tons of promise. You can find the complete schedule at the link above. Get ready!

- Enigma Sage

Review:Adventure Ponies

Adventure Ponies

It is not often that the Hub releases official My Little Pony games, and when it does they are usually simple little puzzle games intended for the target audience or underused pony creation utilities. The problem isn't that the games are bad, it's that your average Brony doesn't find them all that interesting. But all this changed a couple weeks back when the Hub announced an 8-bit pony platformer. It was supposed to be exclusively for attendees of the San Diego Comic Con but somepony kindly leaked the code to Equestria Daily (the code is HUBMLP8BIT by the way). Now you probably know what comes next...

It's review time, obviously! Check out our review after the break.

Pinkie's Hyperactive Chat

Or on the Equestria Gaming Arcade

Fan MMOs are sort of a rarity, especially when they are released in quick succession. It wasn't too long ago that MLP:Online was released, and even then it was just the single player mode. And all of a sudden out of the blue pops a brand spanking-new pony MMO that nopony has ever heard of and takes the crown for the first playable MLP MMO (and one of the first ever HTML5 MMO games). Mind you it's still in an early alpha state and doesn't have all the features of the final product (it lacks different hairstyles and races), but it's still quite worth playing already.

Why not give it a try, eh?
- Tuxxy

MLP:Online Prepares for Pon-E3

MLP: Online

MLP:Online's Announcement

With Pon-E3 coming up within a few short days our friends have been making preparations for their part in the event. However according to this thread it caught the MLP:Online team somewhat off-guard, as they just released the beta version of Episode 1 and didn't have too much for new content to show. In their desperate scramble to find something to do somepony suggested that they have a Q&Neigh session, as well as a discussion about interesting topics somewhat related to the game. This might sound kind of boring, but the thing is that all questions will be from the community and you can submit one yourself! Just go onto Twitter, ask @MLPOnline something and your question could be answered on their Livestream (I dunno where that is yet, they still have yet to announce that bit).

For some copypasta from their original announcement with more detailed information, continue on after the break!

Pony Room Open Beta

A little over two months ago we posted about a rather interesting project that was intended to function as both a chat program and a multiplayer deathmatch game. Back then the guy was wanting developers and just released a video of Pony Room, but now he's released the game as an open beta for you guys to fiddle around with. At the moment it's pretty limited and has some humorous issues (falling off the map anypony?), but I am of the opinion that it might just be worth checking out. After all the guy really could use some feedback, eh?
- Tuxxy

More Details on Mane 6's Pon-E3 Stream

Fighting is Magic

Earlier today Mane 6 gave out some more info on their role in Pon-E3. We already knew what they were doing (hosting a stream of the EVO build at on the 14th at 3:00pm PST), but this time they've stated that to ensure everypony gets the best experience possible the team has switched their channel from being on Livestream to and can be found at Be sure to bookmark it, folks!

After a break we have a copypasta mini-FAQ from their announcement.

Pon-E3 Promo Video!

Yes folks, we just went though the trouble of putting together another of those trailers just to reveal who is attending Pon-E3. Why didn't we just put it in text like the other announcements? Because videos have been scientifically proven by totally reliable sources to be 20% cooler then plain text when used for announcements, that's why! And if you disagree with us, you can take it up with my cat (he's quite smart you know).

Anyhow, the event will start at 6:00am, PST on July 13, and end at 6:00pm, PST on the 14th. The entire thing will take place online and it won't cost you a cent to drop in. And in case you want a detailed schedule of the event you can find it at

See you there!
- Tuxxy

Crazy Pony

Crazy Pony

Some people just want to watch the world burn, and they have various ways of accomplishing that goal. Since they don't have the resources necessary to actually set the earth on fire they usually resort to various other pastimes to pacify this desire, ranging from being a jerk when nearby certain people to attempting to take over the world (and inevitably failing for various reasons). On the other hand Verycrazypony has taken a somewhat more subtle approach that involves a video game of his own creation that he titled Crazy Pony and has been deviously created to be as difficult as possible. The plan involves angry outbursts at the game which if unchecked will eventually transform the Brony populace into an army of rage-fuelled monsters to destroy the globe.

Exactly what do we think of his efforts so far? Well for that you must continue after the break.

MLP:Online Episode 1 Beta

MLP: Online Episode 1: First Contact

At BroNYCon last Saturday they promised to release a beta of the single player MLP:Online Episode 1 on Monday. If we really want to be technical they did fulfil their promise by releasing just before midnight, although for the most of us that meant that we couldn't play until today. Is there a problem with that? Not really, and this way we should end up with a slightly less buggy beta, although from what I've heard you should prepare for your fair share of bizarre glitches. Remember to report any bugs to the team on the help and support forums, and that if a bug is humorous enough (or just really darn weird) then you should take a screenshot or record a video so that future generations can enjoy them too.

Right now the beta only supports Windows and lacks much of the content from the final game, such as the boss. I haven't tested the game in Wine yet but I think it should run decently enough. And as for the download, well you can find it at Happy testing!
- Tuxxy

(Yet Another) Pinkie Pie Platformer Preview

This is the gameplay footage of yet another Pinkie Pie platformer. It's probably never going to be released as it was just a test by the author, but I decided to post it anyways (partially to avoid possibly offending the author). If enough people give the bloke feedback he might consider developing it into a fully-fledged fangame that you can actually play, even though we're already having trouble keeping track of all these near-identical games already. Yes, there's a couple really good ones out there, but who really wants an overload of one specific type of game, eh (I'm looking at you, CoD fans)?
- Tuxxy

Review: Waiting is Magic 1.4

Play it Here!
Or on the Equestria Gaming Arcade
One of the most famous MLP fangames known for it's incredibly addictive nature, just got a whole lot better. Waiting is Magic, the jewel of Penta Studios (and not to mention the most popular game on the Equestria Gaming Arcade), just released it's 1.4 update.

A lot has changed with this update, which is the last update planned. This now complete game offers many notable improvements, including an entirely new game mode. If you're unfamiliar with Waiting is Magic, you can check out the original review here. In this post, I'll just be talking about the new stuff, and you can find that after the break...

Lyra's List #3

It's the first of the month, and that means it's time for another Lyra's List. This is the third edition, and the first where artists are allowed to post as well as GDD writers. If any of you are looking for a game to help work on, or someone to help you work on a game of your own, you should definitely check out this list. The deadline for Lyra's List #4 is July 31, 2012, and submissions are now open. You can check out this month's submissions after the break...