We're on BronyNet!

There are so many Brony-centered social networks out there that it's getting hard to keep track of 'em all. RainbowDash NetworkCloudsdalePonySquare (I don't recommend PonySquare for various reasons), and BronyNet are some of the more popular MLP social networks, and on most of those sites we have a profile that you can follow in case you're interested.

For all of our readers that also use BronyNet: today is your lucky day! We have just added an Equestria Gaming profile to the site, where we will post news, new Arcade games and more stuff like that. We can be found under the "RP" profiles page, or in case you want a direct link to our profile you can visit http://bronynet.com/main.php#!/profile-3175.

- Tuxxy

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