Friday Game Night, July 21st - Splatoon 2

Man, it's certainly been a while since we put up one of these, hasn't it? Oh well, no matter; we're back at it now! As usual, the details you're looking for are below, and enjoy your weekend!
Oh, and remember that since this is a Nintendo game, you're gonna need a Switch if you want to play along!

Day Dreaming Derpy Demo v0.4 - The Scootaloo Update

We're once again a little slow on the draw (and a little slower than usual at that, admittedly), but that certainly does not and will not impede our enjoyment of posting a new Day Dreaming Derpy update! Keeping things short this time, the developer promises two new dreams to play around in, and as the title suggests, the inclusion of Scootaloo as a playable character, which also means that all three of the Cutie Mark Crusaders are now playable! They also note that this is likely to be the last major update before the release of the full game, as that's predicted to be just around the corner!
Download the latest update at the source above, or check back here later when we're able to update our downloadable mirror of the game. Sweet dreams, sleepy horses!

Pony Reference In Weird Xbox One Error Message

...Well, that's certainly unexpected, isn't it? According to some places on the internet, this weird, nonsensical little non-error appeared for some users visiting the Marketplace on their Xbox One. While a fix is already underway for this, it's still good to know that our favorite tiny pastel horse friends can still pop up in the most unexpected places in the strangest of ways.

H-SWilliams' Animated Pony Creator

I'm not entirely sure what's up with the recent influx of pony creators, but I'm not complaining! This time around, we've got one that's centered around creating a pony that dances, and appropriately enough allows you to save your 100% Certified Original Prancing Machines as gifs, for use in whatever possible situation these kinds of images would apply. There's a decent selection of mane, tail and eye styles (though I still had trouble recreating my own pastel horse), though users should beware the occasional display bug with the color selectors and other inputs.

200 Bit Fish

There’s no way to describe the silliness that is 200 bit fish other than by playing it. You control Sweetie Belle, who has been equipped with jetpacks, and are tasked with delivering a fish and dropping it into a bucket. That is until it is stolen!

This game is filled with absurdity, fourth wall breaks and so many unexpected events. One minute you’ll be fighting against a red and black alicorn OC and the next you’ll be floating in zero gravity in what can only be described as hell. While the controls are something you need to get used to, I’d highly recommend this to anyone who is looking for unique gameplay mechanics and a ton of madness!

Legends of Equestria - Cyber Attack, Accounts compromised
After an alert from the LOE staff, it would appear the servers and accounts were compromised. Until further notice, the service and the forums are down.
Acquire below for further detail.

My Little Investigations Case 2 – Open Recruitment

Despite their ups and down, is Equestrian Dreamers, the team behind the ambitious My Little Investigations project, still alive and kicking! Well, trying their darnedest at least. This little Ace Attorney-inspired fan game is in a dire state, recruiting animators and voice actors.
As refered to in their blog post on the matter, after a case of fleeting voice actors, they are in need of actors for characters including Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash. There are plenty to try out for, if you are willing to go for a project already well on it’s way, if you want to lend your voice or artistic skills as a potential part of the team.
They can explain what they are and what they are working on better themselves below.

[Chiptunesday] Frozen Night - Crystal Empire Board

For this week's Chiptunesday, we're going in a slightly different direction, as this track isn't actually chiptune at all! It is, however, a track specifically made for a pony fangame, a circa 2013 Mario Party spinoff titled My Little Party, that never materialized. Luckily for us, though, what was completed of the soundtrack certainly did! To that end, the game-that-wasn't's talented composer Frozen Night brings us this and one other self-described "relic" made for the game, naturally named and for and well representing their respective boards.
While it's a definite shame that the game never came to be, at least we have these wonderful stage themes to listen to, and that absolutely counts for something!
Sourced from the Horse Music Herald!

Lyra's List #18 & The Future of Lyra's List

Well, ladies and gents, we tried. Unfortunately, we're just not receiving a workable amount (read: usually any) of submissions for Lyra's List, and that combined with what we've seen in the comments from the two previous entries, has led us to decide to shelve these posts indefinitely. We've concluded that, simply put, the fandom at-large and the horsegamedev scene itself just isn't active enough to warrant these dedicated posts anymore; there's just not enough signal nowadays for these smaller projects and ideas to be lost in the noise like they used to.
Honestly, though, we feel that this is actually a good thing in a way, as all active projects can now get their "help wanted" posts on our front page without need for competition or compilation posts to catch what we'd otherwise miss. Not to mention this frees up some small resources for and gives us all the more drive to add other site projects somewhere down the line!
So, with all that said, down below is the totality of what we've received over the past two entries, and to their submitters we extend our deepest thanks for participating! Happy developing!