G5 Seeks to “Tell Their Tale” in Friendship Association Games 8

This is the first time we're mentioning the Friendship Association Games on the site, and we'd been given permission to extend an open invitation to anyone who might be interested. Obviously, with that said, I'm going to have to issue a major content warning here.
For those who are unaware, /mlp/ hosts a gathering of various horse (and somewhat less-horse) themed teams to participate in a virtual game of kickyball to determine who is the strongest among them.
With Generation 5 of MLP recently released, a new team will be joining for the competition, and they allegedly have massive "big brains strats" in store for the big day.
Update:  Match recordings can be found here.

Inside Dimensional Shift, the Newest and Different Pony Project!

I was recently given the opportunity to speak with one of the team members of the Dimensional Shift project and was shown some exclusive and extensive material, the most of which I am not supposed to repeat!  So, what exactly is this game about?
The game is a first-person metroidvania with a wii-like, mouse-controlled sword with a strong emphasis on narrative and character development. In the game, you play as Midnight, an alicorn who awakens in Canterlot with no knowledge of who they are or where they came from. Twilight, concerned about the implications of having yet another alicorn, takes you under her wing to keep an eye on you. One day, while working with the princess, this alien-looking armor forms around you, complete with a sword that seems to float without the need of magic. The heads-up display suddently receives a signal from an unknown place, and you and Twilight decide to check it out.
Unlike many of the other high-budget games we've shown in the past, Valiant Studios LLC is taking a very different approach to game design and is currently in pre-production, which includes everything from planning, story writing, game/mechanic design, to vfx testing. Ultimately, this allows for them to safely experiment and build the game without the major consequences of wasting a lot of money, time and resources.
From what I've seen, the gameplay is polished and very fun with a bunch of weird rooms, enemy behaviors, which all experiment with combat mechanics, powerups, physics, weapons and animations, to list a few!  
If you're interested in supporting development of the game you can send a few bits their way over on Ko-fi or patreon, and if you want to learn more about the game or perhaps even join the team, you can check out their Discord server!