Gameplay screenshot of EquestriaBound.

 Given the current popularity of both Earthbound and My Little Pony, it was inevitable that eventually someone would mod ponies into the former, and now the deed has finally been done. I'm not sure about the mod's quality, but at least it should give you folks something to play while you wait for Curse of the Lost Kingdom's first part to be released on April 30th.

So sit back, patch your Earthbound ROM and enjoy the ride!
- Tuxxy

Doli Incapax: Horse Lawyer

 With the popularity of the Phoenix Wright series (and the availability of case creators based on the games), it's no surprise that we've seen quite a few projects centered on combining the concept with My Little Pony. Among those is this little gem from Zoo977. Doli Incapax: Horse Lawyer is a charming one-case game made with one of the countless case creators, and like any good game of its type, the writing is top-notch. It's a game filled with OCs (in fact, outside of a small role from Rarity, no official ponies appear in the whole thing), but the characters are explored in a depth that rivals the games Horse Lawyer draws its inspiration from, and the game itself is equally enthralling.

 I'll probably be getting into a more in-depth review later when I have the time, but there's another story-centric game sitting in the submission box, as well as a few personal projects of mine to get to, so you'll have to take my word for it that the game is definitely worth the couple of hours of entertainment it gives you.

Super Smash Ponies Looking For Animators & Voice Actresses

Rainbow Dash in animated form

 Surprisingly enough, Super Smash Ponies appears to be still alive and its developers are apparently looking for some people to help them finish Rainbow Dash so they can move on to the better ponies. Not all that exciting, but eh. It's a slow month, so if you happen to be one of those rare voice actresses or animators who aren't always busy with stuff (I'm looking at you, Nicoboss) perhaps you should consider checking this out.

You could read the original announcement at their site, or just head on below the break for some copypasta.

Pinkie's Balloon Trip

 Considering what's plastered across her flanks, putting Pinkie Pie in a game about balloons seems like a no-brainer. This game from Brian Bullock (which is listed as a beta, despite feeling quite complete) is basically a clone of the NES's Balloon Trip, but with ponies and an online scoreboard. The latter does wonders for replayability of the game, even if the mechanics of lower scores on a name overriding older, higher scores is a bit irritating. Regardless, the game is well-built for a clone game, and like the original, is a fantastic way to spend a few moments if you don't mind dying a lot.
- RedEnchilada

Raycord Legends Teaser

 Some might question why the pony fandom needs yet another 2D platformer when it already has a truckload of them, but this one has an art style reminiscent of the more recent Rayman games and features Discord as its protagonist, a rather intriguing decision to say the least. Hopefully it manages to meet its projected release date of "somewhere in 2014" and isn't just a glorified "scroll past pretty backgrounds" program with minimal gameplay, but eh. The fandom's pulled off some pretty ridiculous things in the past, so why not this?

In case you're wondering why this post is a couple hours late, let's just say that I was somewhat distracted by one Fluffy Wolf Vinyl.

Yet Another Legends of Equestria Open Server Weekend

 The open server weekends for Legends of Equestria are fun and all, but have you ever wished they came around just a bit more often? If so, you're in luck; the development team has just announced another one, only a few months after the last.

 This time, it corresponds with their appearance at BABSCon, running from April 18th to the 20th. That leaves you with just over a month to get ready for the weekend of getting hopelessly lost in the Everfree Evershade Forest or whatever you play this game to do. Logging in will hopefully be much easier this time, since they fixed an issue relating to that toward the end of the previous open server weekend. See you guys there!
- RedEnchilada

Where's Derpy? 3

Title screen for Where's Derpy? 3.

 Effectively a gamification of the fandom's favourite pastime (aside from participating in drama), Where's Derpy? 3's title practically explains itself, and in an entirely unsurprising manner it's pretty much exactly the same as its predecessors except with new screenshots to examine. Not that this is a bad thing, of course: there isn't really much that one could add to the formula anyways aside from recreating each scene from scratch in Flash and animating it (which would probably make things even more difficult).
- Tuxxy