Doli Incapax: Horse Lawyer

 With the popularity of the Phoenix Wright series (and the availability of case creators based on the games), it's no surprise that we've seen quite a few projects centered on combining the concept with My Little Pony. Among those is this little gem from Zoo977. Doli Incapax: Horse Lawyer is a charming one-case game made with one of the countless case creators, and like any good game of its type, the writing is top-notch. It's a game filled with OCs (in fact, outside of a small role from Rarity, no official ponies appear in the whole thing), but the characters are explored in a depth that rivals the games Horse Lawyer draws its inspiration from, and the game itself is equally enthralling.

 I'll probably be getting into a more in-depth review later when I have the time, but there's another story-centric game sitting in the submission box, as well as a few personal projects of mine to get to, so you'll have to take my word for it that the game is definitely worth the couple of hours of entertainment it gives you.

- RedEnchilada

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