Lyra's List 3.0!

In Olden Pony Times™, Equestria Gaming featured a recurring series of posts titled Lyra's List. The idea behind it all was simple: help the development of pony fan games along at every stage of development, from concept to completion. Originally, it was a list of game design documents for projects in their earliest phases, but would later include signal boosts from developers in need of a helping hand, and a list of folks of all creative stripes that projects in need could get in touch with.
A wonderful idea, right? Absolutely! Unfortunately though, it suffered from a pretty major design flaw: it was a monthly feature with zero hold-overs between posts. It made sense to do it that way at the height of the pony craze in 2012, when the absolute torrent of new projects and volunteers ready to join them coming in every month would've eventually made Lyra's Lists hilariously long without things rolling over. In the years since, though? Well, things are just the tiniest bit slower, to say the least! When we tried bringing Lyra's List back in 2017, we failed to take that into account and make the necessary changes, and ultimately things didn't get very far due to low submissions.
Seven years later but hey, who's counting, right? certainly not me!, we're giving Lyra's List another go! This time, we've decided to tweak the format a little bit to (finally!) compensate for the times. Starting now, Lyra's List will now take the form of a dedicated page (use the link above or the much cuter link in the navbar!), and all submissions will remain on the list for a period of one year, unless a shorter duration or removal are requested. We're hoping that these changes will (again, finally) make Lyra's List the resource it was always intended to be, even if it's better late than never.
If you're reading this, submissions are officially open, and we hope to hear from y'all soon!

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