The Pony Room MMO - First impressions

Adventuring in the latest entry in Pony MMOs
So about roughly a week ago, well, actually three weeks ago, we had a brief announcement about the open servers of a new recent MMO effort. Of course I gave the game a go as well, to get some impressions. Is it worth anything? Can it stand up against the likes of Legends of Equestria and Pony Town? I can’t say those really set the bar very high to begin with, but let us just see how this endeavour is gonna fare.
We will quickly get the technicalities out of the way. It is 2d game based off of Unity. How people manage to grind out 2d stuff from that engine is gonna puzzle me forever (Apparently Unity has a 2d mode now). It is still in a very early sort of alpha state. This entire session of the game has essentially been nothing more than a raw engine and server stress test and large scale debugging session. Even the name itself, Pony Room, is just a codename, to be replaced once the lead developer, FanatSors, comes up with a proper name for the game. Nor is there any sound, just small horses and small gameplay. Hence this is not gonna be a review in the usual sense, just a first impressions, get an idea of what this project has to offer in its current state. I can spoil it for you, that you can boop and hug your fellow ponies to your hearts delight in this game, so stick around and read on!

Friday Game Night 25. Nov, CS:GO

Now, while I am relentlessly working on an overly long article, it is time for another affiliate event announcement! I was out socializing yesterday, when I got the info, so this is out a tad late. Still better than last week, which I forgot about entirely.
Today, the 25th of November, CinemaQuestria is having another go at their recurring segment, Friday Game Night. This time around they are having a go at the team-based competitive shooter, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Most of you should already know about it. It is a perfect opportunity to pop in for a relaxed game with like-minded fans of the small horse. Details below

Play with Starlight Glimmer Simulator

Apparently it's Horse Simulator Month™ or something, because right on the heels of last week's Fluttershy Pony Petting Simulator, creator Lil-Lovey (who's apparently done quite a few of these, do check 'em out!) now brings us a Starlight Glimmer variant! If you're looking for something a little more involved or hands-on (heh) than the previous simulator, you're in luck; there's a few menus in this game covering everything from gestures and interactions to neat little cosmetic bits like adding glasses, bows and even alternate manestyles!
There's really not much else to say here, but I honestly don't think I need to say much else! It's another, even fancier colorful horse boopathon. Really, you should've been playing this, like, at least five minutes ago!

Friday Game Night 11. Nov, PlanetSide 2

We have very recently entered an affiliation with the people at CinemaQuestria. A bit of cross-site friendship, acknowledging each others positions in the community and directing a bit of traffic back and helping each other out. So without further ado, we have an announcement of theirs to bring you.
Tomorrow, or Today, the 11th of November, CinemaQuestria is having another go at their recurring segment, Friday Game Night. As you might already have figured, this time around it's gonna be a jolly session of the large scale fps PlanetSide 2. It is a perfect opportunity to pop in for a relaxed game with like-minded fans of the small horse. Details below
Game: PlanetSide 2
  • Server: Emerald
  • Faction: Vanu Sovereignty
Join in at the usual CinemaQuestria Stream, at
Event starts at 9:30 pm EDT or 2:30 CET on the 12th for us in Europe.
Want to get even more involved? Join their Steam group, where the organize the events, which you can get notifications about.

The Forgotten Era

Equestria Gaming had a long break. A visible decline all throughout 2014 with the final abandonment in 2015. Of course it was not because nothing was happening, so this segment, The Forgotten Era, is to shed light onto the news that never got covered during this time. Won’t it be a bit pointless to report on months and potentially years old material? Perhaps it is, but it shows respect to the creators who couldn’t get their hard work out into the world and show a broader audience what they have achieved, while this outlet was out of commission.
These are not going to be done in any specific order. Just random picks from the backlog, rather that any sort of attempt at doing these chronologically. Our list is only covering what I imagine to be a fraction of the last year’s happenings, so feel free to send in any news and whatnot that never got their chance to get covered here. Now without further ado, let’s have a look at the first entry to this recurring segment.

Pony Room Online - Open Server Session

I know we're late to the party, but darnit.
Through the channel of Yudhaikeledai, of Pony Sims fame, FanatSors have announced an open test session of his game, Pony Room Online, over the course of a few days. I have personally never heard of this project before now, but having spent a few hours, I can tell you it's a pretty enjoyable little MMO in it's very early alpha stages. Unlike Legend of Equestria, it has actual gameplay beyond phasing through fellow ponies and dancing in line in front of sugarcube corner. Stay tuned for a more in-depth piece about it the upcoming days.
You can go to the video description and find the downloads, along with a link to the accompanying Discord server, where the developers and anyone enthusiastic about the game hangs out for those delicious instant updates on the thing. I've got to mention, as a short disclaimer, there is currently only Windows versions available, but that's what most of you use anyway, so oh well.
Admittedly we are already two-three days late with this announcement and we don't have a definitive time frame for when the server is gonna be shut down. However it is still running as this moment, so if you are quick enough pop in and boop some snootles before it is too late!

Pony Petting Simulator: Fluttershy

It's been almost two years (wait, already? Wow!) in the making, but we finally have a sequel to the adorable Applejack Pony Petting Simulator! Mechanically-speaking, it's much the same as the last simulator, though it's tuned and tweaked slightly to make it more unique to Fluttershy's personality; for example, as EwoudCP states in the game's description, you have to earn her trust before anything else! Otherwise, you know the drill: pet the horse properly, and everything's wonderful! Continuously poke the horse in the eyes, though? I mean, you can do that, but come on, internet! I know you wouldn't do something like that, would you?
But really, all fun aside, it's pretty much everything you'd want in a colorful horse petting simulator. Very well done!
...What are you waiting for? Go click the link and pet the colorful horse, already! You know you want to!~