Ergosphere, developed by SingularMJ, is an neat 3D third-person hack n' slash/platformer, in which you are following the unicorn Horizon, a self-proclaimed researcher as she explores the ruins of an ancient civilization in search of powerful ancient artifacts.

Or at least that's what she planned to do. As she moves deeper into the ruins, she meets her eventual companion Ashes, a phoenix who serves as something of a guardian of the place. Ashes explains the history of her society -- including the existence of Trials, important events meant to test the mettle of any who rose to the challenge, and what led their civilization to ruin... having fallen at the hooves of the Trial's most celebrated and capable champion.
Tempted by greed and the promise of power by a force referred to as the Shadows, under the champion's rule the land, and most of those in it, were overrun by the evil creatures created by this force. Ashes manages to seal herself, the most powerful of the artefacts, and the spreading corruption away... until the seal unexpectedly breaks just in time for Horizon to come along. As a new Trial begins, Horizon will have to hack, slash, explore and dash her way through the ruins, collect the artifacts and (hopefully once she's done getting a good look at them!) stop the spread of the corruption once and for all.

One of the more interesting aspects of this game, next to the magically-infused combo-heavy combat system, is that large parts of the ruins are procedurally generated! A good example of it in action is actually right at the beginning of the game, which has a somewhat long platforming sequence that is completely different every time. Certainly keeps things interesting after losing all your lives!

If this sounds like it'd be up your alley, check out the game's page linked above!

Dream Studio's "Fallout Equestria: The Rise of Heroes" Animation

The seemingly endless Fallout: Equestria content train is still running strong! Dream Studios, a group from the Chinese-speaking side of the fandom, recently dropped this awesome looking trailer for an ongoing series of FO:E videos. If post-apocalyptic ponies are your thing, check it out above!
Also worth mentioning: this upload of the trailer comes courtesy of the channel Cosmia’s Stash, which is dedicated to republishing content from the Chinese fandom on YouTube. Y’all should definitely give some of the stuff there a look too!