Legends of Equestria Fall Update Is Now Available

The Fall update for Legends of Equestria was recently released, bringing with it some spooky decorations and ambiance, as well as some new quests, locations, cosmetics, music, as well as other improvements.
To get the full details, check out their news post, as well as the patch notes.
Along with this, some players have organised several events, such as a costume contest, trick or treating, Nightmare Rush, and HallowTide Party. More information is available on the game's discord server

Story of the Blanks 3D

Story of the Blanks is a classic short creepypasta fangame made in Adobe Flash by Donitz for a game developing contest here at Equestria Gaming over 10 years ago
ElberthDominguez's 3D interpretation of the game allows you to relive the experience in a new dimension!
The game is currently in beta, so there are some bugs, and the English translation isn't finished, but the whole game can be completed, and there are some neat secrets to discover along the way. 

Pony Town Halloween Event

Pony Town market place
Over the last few months, there have been several additions to Pony Town, such as the new marketplace hangout area, which has a variety of stores and stalls for ponies to explore and roleplay with, and the Halloween event, where you can receive special toys by collecting candy. In addition, a bunch of additional small tweaks and enhancements have been made!
If you want more information, you can check out the patch notes!
Check it out for yourself by clicking here!