My Little Karaoke: Beta Channel

 Last night, the team behind My Little Karaoke - an UltraStar song pack chock-full of brony music and other things, and pretty much the only thing in our karaoke tag - released a new update. Unlike previous updates, this one contains no new songs, but instead is focused on the game itself, moving to a brand-new launcher and engine with support for things like online leaderboards, duet songs, and a system to facilitate quicker song releases. Check their release post for more information.
- RedEnchilada

Game: Derpy: Mystery of the Apple Thief

Derpy: Mystery of the Apple Thief is a pixel art platformer made by Starlight Studios where you play as Derpy and go on a quest to save Fluttershy, who has gone missing and coincidentally right after that apples everywhere are disappearing. Hmmm, I wonder why is that?

Since this is a pretty short game, I won't go into detail about it. It's a little too easy for my taste, but if you want something to relax for a good ten minutes, this might be for you.
- Strate

Pony Rush

 For those who need a little bit of pony on the go, Pony Rush is a simple cloud-doger game for Android smartphones. (And as clever people could figure out from the title, you play as a pony. I don't know her name.) There are two modes; an endurance mode where you fly until hitting a cloud, and a time attack mode where the goal is to reach the end as quickly as possible. There isn't a lot of depth (nor sound; put on your music library while you play, I guess), but the best scores for each mode are stored, so pursuing a new best might be a good way to kill a few idle minutes. The game ran fine on my underclocked Galaxy SII, and no special permissions are required, so it shouldn't be difficult to run the game on any decent phone.
- RedEnchilada