Cadence Throw (AKA Best Game Ever)

Cadence Throw

 The current reigning king of Brony game developers, Sebastian Krzyszkowiak (otherwise known as "the cheesehead who brought us Super Derpy: Muffin Attack"), has released an utterly amazing that will knock your socks off; or at least it would if you were running Linux. Since you are obviously too cowardly to even think of compiling a program via cmake I advise that you take a sneak peak at the video to see the amazing pony fangames you are missing out on by not using a real operating system.
- Tuxxy

Rise of the Clockwork Stallions (Musicians Needed)

Rise of the Clockwork Stallions

 Back in April a guy named ChurchCrusade released a great My Little Pony platformer named Magic Shards. Eventually a sequel was announced to be under development and a rather impressive demo was given to us in August. It is currently halfway under development, but the team is in need of some more musicians. You see, Rise of the Clockwork Stallions is very big for a fangame, with over seven worlds that contain six levels with their own soundtracks. That's 42 sounds for the levels alone; and even more are needed for the overworld, cutscenes, etc. As can be seen from the embedded playlist above the team already has a large portion of their quota done, but they could really use some extra help.

 Feel like helping out the team by contributing some music of your own? Then contact ChurchCrusade via Twitter, Steam, or Skype. Happy composing!
- Tuxxy

Fighting is Magic: Fluttershy Showcase

Fluttershy Showcase

 It's been quite a while since Mane 6 has released any gameplay videos of Fighting is Magic, although this is probably the fault of the anonymous tester who leaked a pre-release version of the game and caused the devteam to cease their fascinating weekly updates. That was entirely unnecessary on their part, but today they have somewhat made up for it by releasing a showcase video of Fluttershy (who appears to have been nerfed significantly since her infamous original incarnation) and her pet bunny, Angel.

 The trailer itself doesn't reveal a huge amount of information about the game that we didn't know already, although I was impressed with the quality of the character animations and whatnot. We are still entirely in the dark about any future release dates (the "coming soon" bit at the end doesn't help), but at least we know that Mane 6 is taking their time to make the best game that they can and are not rushing it. 

Oh, and in case you're interested the original post on this showcase has some behind-the-scenes information, but not much else.
- Tuxxy

Spes Fractus

[Warning: some profanity] A one-man project with original animation? I'm impressed already!

Playing as an OC unicorn, dash through a darkened Equestrian landscape, battling what appear to be corrupted Ponyville residents with a gradually evolving set of spells. So far, Spes Fractus's strongest points appear to be its spell animation and rich vector backgrounds. Hopefully, the gameplay lives up to the visual appeal - but that's impossible to know until a demo is available.

Update: Gameplay trailer after the break!

Raridoom Beta

Raridoom Beta Download

Ahh, Mondays. Good time for a first-person changeling smackdown? Yes. Actually, that holds for pretty much any day of the week.

Raridoom is actually a ponified mod of Chex Quest (read: Doom), with spells, hand-to-hand combat, and voice acting. Difficulty settings are a huge bonus: if it was too easy the first time around, crank the setting to Nightmare Mode and see if you can still knock corrupted Bon Bon for a loop. Posters with slogans like "The Queen is Watching You" scattered around the dungeon corridors add a touch of humor to the otherwise dreary setting. Also, make sure to select the menu option marked "Read This!" to get a hang of the controls.

The beta's still a little rough around the edges: the title screen could use a revamp, and starting certain levels on certain difficulties caused the game to spit errors. Still, if you're a Doom fan, this is a project you won't want to miss - bon appetit!
- Arctic Lux

Text Adventures!

Why the random header image? Because back in Star Swirl the Bearded's day, they didn't have any of those fancy graphics we're all so keen on critiquing. Also, because apparently relevant header images are everything here at the stringent and strictly professional EQG headquarters. Honestly, I don't see how this image could ever fail the relevancy test.

Today, I've taken a look into the dark and mysterious world of pony text adventures. Prepare for links and mini-reviews after the break! 

Updates: Rainbow Dash Shooter / A Chaotic Crisis

Merry Tuesday! It's a smaller updates post this time around - everyone's mired in the January doldrums, it seems. Head down past the break for a new Chaotic Crisis demo as well as updates from the Rainbow Dash Shooter project!

Pony Blaster in Space 3000

Pony Blaster in Space Download

Looking for a little random to start your weekend? Desperate to kill time until what's certain to be the best episode of the season? Well, look no further! If you've ever wanted to blast aliens while riding around in space on a pony, this is probably the closest you'll get. Use the arrow keys to steer and the mouse to fire in this asteroids-style shooter - it'll only take you a few minutes to play through, so enjoy it!
- Arctic Lux


 The Brony fandom has a decent amount of shooters, but none of them are quite as absurd as TWALAGHT SPARKUHLZ REVENGSHE (as the title makes clear). It was originally released back in August 2012 as a concept whipped up in 10 days but lacked a soundtrack and was rather unbalanced. This new update patches in everything that was missing in the original release along with several completely new features, such as the rage mode and bosses, and as a result of the new additions we've finally decided to give this game a review.

 In a similar manner as to how Rainbow Dash's Cloud Dodging Fun was supposed to be the ultimate cloud dodger, TSR is intended to be the best shooter that one could dream for, but does it qualify? Find out in our review after the break.

A Chaotic Crisis

 By the looks of it some guy named WaltzBrony (a rather obscure creator of My Little Pony comics) is in the process of creating another MLP RPG, and unlike the vast majority of his comrades has decided to use custom pony sprites. Is this a good thing? It would be if the man wasn't so fond of gradients. Admittedly he is better at using them than I was when I first discovered it, but I am still of the opinion that the game would look much better if he shaded it by hand.

 Not much else can be said about his game, as it seems to be in a fairly early state of development. Either that, or this migrane is making it rather hard for me to think clearly, I'm not sure which. The guy has some more gameplay videos on his Youtube channel in case you're interested, but they don't really show off much that wasn't already in this video.
- Tuxxy

Game: Everwinter

Ponies and city-building strategy? Well, now I've seen everything. Actually, knowing you guys, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Everwinter features some impressive city-building gameplay, and is definitely worth a playthrough - but at the moment, it's also in dire need of an artistic team. Have at it!

Edit: For some reason, IntenseDebate is filtering comments containing the link to the My Little Game Dev Christmas Typhoon thread on which this game was posted. The thread can be found here.
- Arctic Lux

Fighting the Unknown Trailer pt. 2

MLP RPG: Fighting the Unknown

 From the looks of it the second half of MLP:Fighting the Unknown's trailer was released on the 9th, but due to my forgetting to check my email inbox this post is a tad late. Sorry! Anyhow, by the looks of it Fighting the Unknown is yet another fangame created with the RPG maker game, and unlike some of its prettier companions (such as Pony Chronicles The Lost Kingdom) it is actually available to the public. Unfortunately I cannot compare it gameplaywise to the other released MLP RPG, The Elements of Harmony, as I have not played either game yet, but you can expect a review of Fighting the Unknown fairly soon.
- Tuxxy

Fighting Is Magic Possibly Featured in EVO Tournament Lineup

For the uninitiated, EVO is a yearly tournament and celebration of fighting games held in Las Vegas, Nevada--arguably the biggest and best event of its type in the world. Why is this important? Well, to determine the 8th game in the tournament lineup, the festival organizers have opened the floor to voting, and Mane6's Fighting Is Magic is among the nominees! You can vote here with a 5-dollar donation, and all proceeds will go to breast cancer research!

Update: Especially if you're considering voting for Fighting Is Magic, please read through THIS IMPORTANT STATEMENT from Mane6 detailing their position on the nomination.
- Arctic Lux

Project Updates MegaComp #1

Merry January, fillies and gentlecolts!  I feel like I owe you guys something after last week's vacation, so I've made my apology with a deluge of pony gaming updates. Updates to Super Smash Ponies, My Little Pony: Fighting the Unknown (formerly MLP:RPG), Ponymon, the Pegasus Flight Simulator, and more after the break!

Review: Rainbow Dash's Cloud Dodging Fun

Play it Here!
PentaStudios (the guys behind hits such as Waiting is Magic) have done it yet again, releasing Rainbow Dash's Cloud Dodging Fun, a rather extreme version of the standard cloud-dodger format. It's all around a great game - very polished, and surprisingly fun and intense for such a simple format. You can find the full review after the page break...

Lyra's List #9

As we head towards 2013, it's time once again for Lyra's List, a monthly list of game design documents and resumes for those wishing to get involved with fangame development! The deadline for the next Lyra's List is January 31, 2013. There aren't too many submissions this time around, but you can find them after the break...