Equestria Gaming recruitment

This blog is getting kinda big, fairly quickly. And I'm sure I can handle it alone for a while, but planning way ahead is what I try to do, makes things easier in the future!

Anyway, I'm looking for someone else to help with reviews, and news posts with Pony Games!
If you want to submit a review, just to see how you'll do, here are three you can do: (Yes, I will be doing them myself later)

Pony Touhou

Well, I don't  have very much time. I'm about to leave on my trip, so this will likely be my last post for a week. I'll re-do this properly when I get back!


To ask any questions, go here:

It's a neato Touhou and MLP crossover,  TO PLAY YOU NEED THESE TWO SOFTWARE THINGIES:

Microsoft .NET 4.0

Microsoft XNA


Wow! 100,000 Views! That's like, a whole freaking lot!

First off, I want to thank a few sites. Derpyhooves.com for being there since the start, about three months ago when I first started this site, he was the first to link and support my website.

Also, to the Steam Group, the Brony Facebook Page, and Everypony Radio for being awesome affiliates and groups.

Anyway, enough thanks, I have a few things to say.

Holiday in Ponyville

Holiday in Ponyville

Holiday in Ponyville is a work in progress game, features the mane 6 ponies from the show. The game will consist of various mini games, one per pony for each day, and the more you complete in a day, the better! An example of a mini game would be helping Fluttershy with the rabbits or Rainbow Dash to keep the sky clear.

Dash Off - v1.05 update

Dash Off is a platformer created by distoorted where you play as Rainbow Dash. The music featured in this game is the Entire 8-Bit Collection by RainbowCrash88.

This goal of the game is simple, collect as many apples as you can before the time runs out. To collect the apples, you can run by holding either the left or right arrow key, and fly with either the spacebar or the up arrow. You have a Power Bar that regenerates itself over time, and if the power bar reached zero, you are unable to fly. Along the way, you do run into a few obstacles, but also a pretty nifty power up.

Equestria Gaming Facebook Page!

Well, I finally decided to make an Equestria Gaming facebook page!
You can find the link to it right Here:

I'll be posting news updates, along with some other things there!

And please continue to keep me updated with all the Pony Guilds, Servers and Mods, as well as Any New Pony Games or Gaming News.
- Strawberry Spice


Luna Game 3  (CREEPYPASTA)

Once again, another mysterious email popped into my inbox. It was by the same address of the Luna Game 2. I'm sure all of you know by now of Luna Game and Luna Game 2. Surprisingly enough, this was not an entry for my Creepy Game Contest, just an anonymous posting of a game. Once again, I scanned the hell outta this thing with every virus scanner I had, and after playing it, it doesn't alter or create any files. The music featured in this game is Super Ponybeat - At The Gala.

Pony Steam Group

Alright! So as most of you probably already know, the My Little Pony Steam Group has been around for a while now, and gathered quite a few members! If you haven't already, you should definitely join!

We're officially affiliated now, and I went and put a link to their page in the affiliates section on the side bar. Now, I'm not really sure what we're going to be doing as affiliates (If it even implies we do anything other than linking to each other), but I'll try to put some sort of thing together for us both in the future.

Anyway, they have a bunch of really neat servers for different games listed on their page. I also have them listed on the Servers list.
- Strawberry Spice

Sticker Drawing!

Alright guys! So, as I mentioned in the Brony Show before, I'm holding a sticker drawing!

I've went and cut out like, a hundred something stickers to give out to the community!

If you want more details, you can go to the website:

I know this isn't Gaming related, but it's kinda big news. If you're interested in taking a sneak peek at the stickers, you can look at THIS IMAGE
- Strawberry Spice


Holy crap, 50,000 views already? That's awesome! (Wish I had an image of some sort for this post)
Where are all you guys coming from anyway? o3o
No seriously, my view count recently spiked from about 1k a day to 3k a day. Was this site linked somewhere important? Tell meeeee~

Anyway, I want to remind you all of the Crossover Story contest (With a prize of any 10$ game on Steam) The deadline is still June 15, which is only 13 days away!

I also want to say I think I have the next contest idea prepared, the prize will likely be the same, but this time around the contest will be a game making contest (A recent post inspired me for this one, but that's all the info you'll be getting).

I'm still looking to creating a bis list of all the Pony Mods, Servers, and Guilds, so if you know of any of those, please go to THIS POST.

Also, if anypony out there feels like making graphics, or images of any sort that would be helpful for my site, feel free to contact me about it! I'm also open to suggestions of any sort, and criticism. Just go ahead and shoot me an email.

I didn't have anything special planned for 50k, but I'll do something cool for 100k, I promise!
- Strawberry Spice

My Little Pony: Fighting Is Magic

A new work in progress has been announced! This time, it will be a 2D fighting game, featuring characters from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic! The team that is currently working on this game has informed me that this game will be featuring the 6 mane cast (The starting characters), along with 11 other playable characters, making a total of 17 playable characters.