D'lirium - Steam Early Access

After putting years of love and effort into it, B52 Development Team is proud to present D'lirium, a top town action adventure game with horror elements. It has a neat retro artstyle with great music and ambiance and many unique environments to explore. Recently it has been released on steam as early access and with the game already having so much content and the promise of further expansions and updates, it's well worth your purchase!

A powerful unicorn, whose soul had been consumed by the Darkness, dooms the world to the endless suffering. The main character sets off for the journey, his goal is to find a Pandemoniun - the place where the greatest of all evils resides. He must stop the unicorn and banish the Darkness back to Hell.
D'lirium is an experimental 2D-shooter with the elements of a horror game. The game brings together some mechanics back from 90s classics, such as a search for the keys, non-linear levels and a lot of other things. Moreover, the game contains a lot of experimental tricks, such as random events, non-traditional controls for a shooter game, etc.
 Please note that the default control scheme is quite buggy, I highly suggest you change it to shooter mode for the best experience

Luna Game 3D

Luna Game 3D Title Screen
Following with our usual tradition, we're quite late in posting this, but boy is this a nostalgia bomb! For those unaware the Luna Game series were seemingly simple platformers at the start, but eventually would lock up, playing creepy music and displaying disturbing imagery. This game concept was then expanded upon in RPG Maker by Hedgehogself and the story was further developed as well.

Luna game 3D is a re-imagining of the series created in the GZDoom engine. In this game you'll meet various character and shall need to traverse through hostile environments where one wrong move could lead to your death.

"Are you skilled enough to survive in this hellish world? That's for you to find out."