Point-and-Click Pony Engine in Progress

Anyone with fond memories of 90's LucasArts adventure games, listen up: Adam "takua108" Rezich is developing a brand new point-and-click engine called PonyQuest.  PonyQuest is designed to allow users to make their own DOS-esque pony adventures that can easily be shared with others.  He's even making the scripting language, which he's dubbed PonyScript, simple to use so even people with no understanding of programming jargon can easily craft their own dialogue and cutscenes.   
 In just 2 weeks, he's made enough progress to release the preview above...

The Legend of Celestia updates are Zelda-tastic

  With all the 25th anniversary celebration, I can't help but feel like I'm being spoiled with Zelda goodness this year, with Nintendo and its fans alike showing their devotion to the franchise in a big way.  In fact, that MLP/Zelda project we reported on a while back has made some big progress recently.  Check out the first gameplay footage!  It appears to be making very good on its word to create a classic top-down Zelda experience with a distinct MLP feel.  Check out more after the break.

The Return of Harmony--er, Sapphire.

Hey Everypony!

I'm very sorry for my long absence. I've also been impacted by the wrath of college. I may have my work cut out for me academically and socially(trying to keep Twilight's wisdom in mind when making friends), but I'm finding it a bit easier to manage my time and so I thought it was a good as time as any to return. Expect updates soon!
- Sapphire Feather

College - No time for interwebs

College hit me hard and fast guys
In fact, I should be working on my essay now rather than posting here.

So as you can see, I haven't had ANY time to do anything with the site, and I'm in need of some help.
The other guy who was supposed to be helping me hasn't been seen by me in a while, and I've got no one to help run this while I'm getting all my work done.

I apologize for not being active, when I get my work all under control I'll try to be better, but until then I really need some help.

shoot me an email if you think you can help, and if you want to help with posting and such, go ahead and include a quick review or news post so I can see if you're writing style works.
- Strawberry Spice

Equestria Tales

An exciting new game project has popped up, a really neat looking 3D one. This game is currently being worked on by Byrpheros, and still in very early development. He's gone ahead and compiled a Document of Q&As that answer a lot of questions about the project.