Legends of Equestria News: Bronycon and Open Server Weekend

Legends of Equestria
How's everyone doing today? It's me, Enigma Sage, coming to you live from the swirling, primordial mists of the Equestria Gaming of yesteryear, and I'm here to bring you some fresh LoE news.

For those of you headed to Bronycon this weekend, the team behind the ever-popular MMO Legends of Equestria will be there to showcase the game's latest developments in their panel on August 7. In addition, the team will be hosting one of their trademark Open Server Weekends August 14-16 so you can test out these additions for yourself. For more info, head on over to their website, or check out their announcement after the break.

Compilation Post #1

 Hello! Sorry for letting the site go quiet for a while. Between other projects of mine and personal life things, there hasn't been much time to devote to playing through fangames to write individual posts. In an effort to bring some activity to this place regardless, I'm going to start writing little compilation posts of the smaller projects we receive in our submissions inbox. Expect a variety of content in these, from completed games to pitches for larger projects that just don't have enough information available yet to fill an entire article.

 If any of the content here looks like it should have its own separate article, feel free to leave a comment saying so!

My Little Karaoke: Beta Channel

 Last night, the team behind My Little Karaoke - an UltraStar song pack chock-full of brony music and other things, and pretty much the only thing in our karaoke tag - released a new update. Unlike previous updates, this one contains no new songs, but instead is focused on the game itself, moving to a brand-new launcher and engine with support for things like online leaderboards, duet songs, and a system to facilitate quicker song releases. Check their release post for more information.
- RedEnchilada

Game: Derpy: Mystery of the Apple Thief


Derpy: Mystery of the Apple Thief is a pixel art platformer made by Starlight Studios where you play as Derpy and go on a quest to save Fluttershy, who has gone missing and coincidentally right after that apples everywhere are disappearing. Hmmm, I wonder why is that?

Since this is a pretty short game, I won't go into detail about it. It's a little too easy for my taste, but if you want something to relax for a good ten minutes, this might be for you.
- Strate

Pony Rush

 For those who need a little bit of pony on the go, Pony Rush is a simple cloud-doger game for Android smartphones. (And as clever people could figure out from the title, you play as a pony. I don't know her name.) There are two modes; an endurance mode where you fly until hitting a cloud, and a time attack mode where the goal is to reach the end as quickly as possible. There isn't a lot of depth (nor sound; put on your music library while you play, I guess), but the best scores for each mode are stored, so pursuing a new best might be a good way to kill a few idle minutes. The game ran fine on my underclocked Galaxy SII, and no special permissions are required, so it shouldn't be difficult to run the game on any decent phone.
- RedEnchilada

Game: Cutie Mark Unmagic

 Hot on the nonexistent trails of the lack of news about season 5 of that one horse show, futzi01 has another one of those Flash games he always makes. This time, the concept is six minigames centered around one-upping each member of the main cast at some part of their special talents, sending them face-first into crushing show spoilers and the endless wait for more drips of information. If all six of the minigames are beaten in one sitting, your reward is a screen ranting about the excessive commercialization of a show designed primarily to sell toys.
- RedEnchilada


 Project H.O.A.R.S.E., created (and sent to us on Twitter) by Phirenor, is... a strange little dogfighting tech demo. You can give your horse different guns and a customized color scheme which never seems to apply right, and then send it into battle with a bunch of cloned pegasi. Everything flies around like a plane, starts smoking after taking damage, and then explodes. And if you touch the terrain at all, you have to restart the game. It's an alright way to kill a few bored minutes, I suppose, and it's not like you have to download anything (except the Unity player plugin) to try it out.

 News has been slow lately.
- RedEnchilada

Demo: HorseGame

 Hey, remember that HorseGame thing we posted about earlier? Well, the team at EquiDev has now released the demo for public consumption, which can be downloaded from their site. It contains one playable area with a variety of enemies, collectibles and spells to entertain oneself with. I've already said all about the game that I can in the last article, so I'll cut straight to the chase and post their announcement below the break.

HorseGame demo trailer and new website

After around a year and a half of development, the team at Equidev (formerly SprakleDev) finally has a new update concerning a new public demo of their project, HorseGame. For those unaware, HorseGame is a 3D platformer inspired by games like Ratchet and Clank, wherein you play as an unnamed unicorn and fight off enemies with various attacks and spells.

 While the demo itself isn't quite out yet, the dev team did send us this trailer to post, as well as an announcement to share, which I've placed just past the page break. Read on for more about the project and the demo!

Trotmania III Public Beta

Trotmania, the pony-themed song pack for Stepmania, is nearing it's third major release, and the creators have decided to release a public beta! So, if you want to get a sneak peak of the new songs, click above to get to the Trotmania blog.

Go below the break for a songlist!

Legends of Equestria hosting yet another open server test

 For those who haven't been following updates on the game's site, the Legends of Equestria team will be running an open server weekend this January, from the 24th to the 26th, to test a new server system. Just about any comment I could make about the game has already been said, so check out their news post on their site or below the break.

Canterlot Siege 3: Inversion

 Hot off the queue of things that have lingered in our inbox for a depressingly long time, Canterlot Siege 3: Inversion is the latest entry in the line of Flash-powered tower defense games by futzi01 starring characters from the MLP universe. The main difference in this one is that now you're playing as the villains, trying to stop the good guys from reclaiming their home. Gameplay-wise, notable additions include the ability to place boss characters - fully upgraded attackers with special attack patterns - and additional variety in the level choices, going from the old design philosophy of different paths in a grassy field to levels with some actual variety in them, even if only visually. The game does get difficult fast - as someone not well-versed in tower defense games, I struggled to make it very far my first few rounds - but it becomes more manageable with practice.

 At this point I mostly post these things to keep a log of them. Most of the people interested in this game probably follow the author and played it months ago.
- RedEnchilada