Welcome to Ponyville

Welcome to Ponyville

Another MLP visual novel-style game has been announced, and so far it's looking impressive. Welcome to Ponyville (created by a new group titled Filly Games) is built entirely from scratch and stars the player as a new pony who has just recently moved to Ponyville. Despite its similarities to a visual novel Welcome to Ponyville is a highly interactive game and features a highly customizable experience, along with over 40 characters to interact with.

Yes, the game sounds great (as with most MLP fangames), but it has one difference that really sets it apart from its comrades. What is it? Find out after the break!

MLPOnline Release Date!

Apparently the developers of MLPOnline just announced the release date for the single player version of their MMO (???) a couple days ago, and it somehow flew under everypony's radars. So Xtux, you might be asking, when ARE they releasing it? Well, they said that it'd be at the summer BroNYCon, and that convention runs from June 30th to July 1st, so it'll be sometime in between that timeframe. Also, they stated that even if they do finish the game before, they'll still wait until the convention starts to release it. Sucks for you, har har.

If you want to view their original post on the subject, see http://www.mlponline.net/2012/developer-update-release-date.
- Tuxxy

24 Hour Spring Break Marathon

From sometime in the afternoon April 6th at 12 pm EST to April 7th at somewhere else in the afternoon 12 pm EST a couple of fellas are holding a 24-ish hour gaming marathon. Now, these happen all the time and without getting posted, so why are you putting this up, you might ask. Well, the thing is at some unspecified point during the livestream they will air an unreleased trailer for MLP: Rise of Vicis. So even if just for the sake of watching that new trailer I encourage you to visit their livestream around noon on April 6th, and watch until your eyeballs fall out of your head from staring at your screen for so long (unless you've got matchstick eyes, or have a bladder of steel).

Xtux, out!
- Tuxxy

Rather Large Immolation Update

The developers of the MLP: FiM-related first person shooter Immolation just released a massive blog post, and even though it's far too big to repost the entirety of it's content, I can still give a condensed summary of the original, massive wall of text (which you can read at their original post), along with some concept art and work in progress screenshots of the game.

MLP: Fighting is Magic Test Game Footage

The testers of Mane 6's MLP: Fighting is Magic have released another preview video, showcasing the stability that you can expect in the final product. It's amazing how far they've come, and I found myself delighted with many of the new abilities revealed in the footage. The extraordinary power of some of those moves put a manly tear in my eye, for they were executed with such skill, such agility...it's clear that while this game will be easy to pick up and play, those who truly master it can unleash the hidden power of the seemingly ordinary characters. So if you're wanting more information on what the final version of Fighting is Magic will look like, this video is what you should watch!
- Tuxxy

Mane 6 at the Canterlot Gardens Convention!

Mane 6, the developers of MLP: Fighting is Magic, are have announced that they are attending a new convention titled the Canterlot Gardens, which takes place from September 28-30, 2012 in Strongsville, Ohio. So far, only Nappy and Leeden have been stated to be attending the convention, although apparently there are other, unannounced members that will be attending. We still have no idea what they're showcasing since September is a long ways away, although thankfully we have Bronycon and the Everfree conventions along the way. So if you live nearby (or have plenty of cash on your hands), Mane 6's presence alone should make the Canterlot Gardens worth attending, even though I'm sure it'd already be a great convention without them. So if you're interested, go on and check out the Canterlot Garden's website at http://www.canterlotgardens.com/, and when September comes around I would highly consider attending if I were you.
- Tuxxy

Ponykart Update Video #3

Yet another Ponykart update video has been released, and unlike that last time they're not kidding! It shows off some new character models, AI karts, Applejack's new kart, the work-in-progress Whitetail Woods track, and some redesigned vegetation. If you're following the Ponykart project this video update is well worth viewing, and I eagerly anticipate more previews from the dev team. So go on and watch it!
- Tuxxy

Pony Emblem

Ever since I became a Brony I always wanted a MLP-themed strategy game, and one has finally been revealed. Pony Emblem takes the honor of the first revealed pony strategy game, somewhat dampened by its false claim of also being the first made with a custom engine. The gameplay is said to be similar to the  "Fire Emblem" games, although the above video only features dialogue and no actual combat, demonstrated in an already outdated alpha version of the game. Still, it seems quite impressive, and the fact that it's multiplatform makes it even better. I anxiously await more detailed information on this game, along with many other fangames, and should be well worth playing once it comes out.

Xtux, out!
- Tuxxy

Update on the Equestria Online/Legends of Equestria Situation

SweBow, a former developer of Equestria Online (now working for Legends of Equestria) has released a statement on the whole team-split incident which puts a couple things straight, corrects some misinformation that had been going around about the incident, and explains exactly what happened.

You can find his written statement at https://docs.google.com/document/d/1WI01lDh8ZLmh5VDdw2YPjjs1y8ui88KaQjBpjK5h5iI/edit?pli=1, or if you're really lazy you can find a short(er) summary below, detailing the main points.

Legends of Equestria

Many of you have seen the breaking news we posted recently, about the disbandment of Equestria Online. Well, as of now, a new MMO is in development by many of the same developers. It is called Legends of Equestria. You can have some copypasta below, explaining it a little bit. More information should come in later today, so stay tuned!

Recently, a group of former developers from another popular MMO based on MLP:FIM have decided to begin an independent project. They will be known as Legends of Equestria, and the current amount of content they have is already more than that of any other pony MMO game to date.

We’ll release more information under the name of Legends of Equestria when we have it.

Feel free to visit us at http://www.legendsofequestria.com/.
- Enigma Sage

BREAKING NEWS: Equestria Online Ceases Development!

Update: Much of the information in this post is out of date. Please see our new post on the subject.

In a very sudden move, the Equestria Online team has split up, and most of the development team has left the game. Apparently it was due to an argument between the founder and the temporary leader, and the latter was kicked out until something could be worked out. This angered the rest of the development team, and they threatened to leave unless the founder stepped down and gave away the project's name. He refused, and they left. For now, Equestria Online's development has ceased

This is very disappointing news, and we're hoping that the team will resolve their issues and get back together. It is very sad to see such a great MMO put on the shelf due to personal reasons, although there still is the MLP Online project that's been under development for quite some time now. Perhaps we should now follow it instead?
- Tuxxy

New Friendship Brigade Website

Recently the operators of the Friendship Brigade released a new and improved version of their website,  and from what I hear it's a really great place. If you like gaming and want to socialize with your fellow Bronies, Friendship Brigade is THE place for it, and you can find it at http://friendshipbrigade.net/forum/index.php.

After the break you can find a copy pasta from the Friendship Brigade's creators that describes their site in more detail.

Adventure of the Lunarbolts Video Update

Another video update of the Adventure of the Lunarbolts RPG has been released, and it's looking better then ever before. I'm no fan of it's combat system (somewhat bland in it's current state) and the tiles could really use a slight adjustment for an isometric perspective, but Adventure of the Lunarbolts is still shaping up to be a great MLP RPG.

Anyways, so the video is split into two parts, and you can find the second part after the break.

Ponies Live Now Presents: The Elements of Charity

Our friends over at Ponies Live Now! are having an event on Sunday which they have called the "Elements of Charity". It's a 24 hour NES/SNES marathon to benefit the Humble Brony Bundle, and they have over $300 dollars in giveaway prizes for random viewers! They will also have various Brony celebrities attending the event (I was invited, but unfortunately won't be able to attend), and if you donate enough to them during the livestream, you will be able to request a game for them to play.

If you want more detailed information about the event, please go here. The livestream will take place over at http://www.twitch.tv/ponyslivenow, and on March 11-12, starting at 12pm PST.
- Tuxxy

My Little Investigations: A First Look

The team over at Equestrian Dreamers has released a rather interesting update on the state of their upcoming indie game, My Little Investigations. The update shows off much of their recent work in the visual aspect of the game, and contains shoutouts to their various dev team members. It's well worth a read, and can be found at http://www.equestriandreamers.com/2012/03/06/mli-a-first-look/.

Xtux, out!
- Tuxxy

Review:Where's Derpy?

Where's Derpy?
A link to the EqG Arcade page.
Derpy Hooves, undoubtedly the most famous background pony of all time (sorry Lyra!) finally has her very own fangame, and this one really fits her in-show status as a "Where's Waldo" -type challenge for the fans to find in every episode. Disregarding the fact that having Derpy in something makes it automatically awesome, just how good is the game? Find out after the break!

Nintendo 3DS Pony Mii Codes

Two of the Negation Squared team members (the fellows who are making MLP:Rise of Vics and Friendship is Fragging) made a couple humanized MLP Miis. If you're interested in them you can click on the image above to view the large version and scan the included QR codes with your 3DS.

- Tuxxy

Equestria Daily: The Game now on Android

Download it Here!
That's right - Equestria Daily: The Game, a production of Equestrian Innovations: Game Division, and AirGlow Labs, is now available on the Android for free, with iOS capability just around the corner. Some of you may remember our review of this game by Nitrouspony, based off a video made by Cereal Velocity parodying the amount of email submitted to Equestria Daily every day.

You can still play the game here at Nitrouspony's DeviantArt. Equestria Daily: The Game is still a work in progress, and has added some new features since it was last reviewed, such as menus, an intro animation, and tutorial of sorts. It's still worth a play even for those without Android devices, in my opinion.

- Enigma Sage

Cutie Mark Crusade Teaser #2

I swear, this game just gets more and more amazing as it's revealed. Take a look at the trailer and gaze in awe at the sheer awesomeness!

Also, don't let your jaw hit the floor too hard, or you'll have to visit the nearest hospital.
- Tuxxy

Luna Game 5 (Creepypasta)

Luna Game 5 (Creepypasta)
Disclaimer: Luna Game 5 is made by a different anonymous author than Luna Games 0-5, and should thus be considered a fan-made spinoff, not an official part of the series.  

Recently, I received a very mysterious email from an address of random characters containing a download link for an application called Luna Game 5. I made sure the executable went through a rigorous bout of virus scanning, and after a minute or two of pondering whether or not this is a good idea, I ran the game. Although this is by a different author, it emulates the notorious Luna Game style well, and, after reviewing the source code, I can assure you there is nothing malicious or virus-like about this program, but it sure is creepy.

Spoilers Ahead: If you want to be surprised by this game, download and play it first.