New Friendship Brigade Website

Recently the operators of the Friendship Brigade released a new and improved version of their website,  and from what I hear it's a really great place. If you like gaming and want to socialize with your fellow Bronies, Friendship Brigade is THE place for it, and you can find it at

After the break you can find a copy pasta from the Friendship Brigade's creators that describes their site in more detail.

"Hello everypony! Are you a gamer who just can't seem to find any pony to play with? Trying to get together with other bronies to play games like Halo Reach, Uncharted, or any other game? Or, are you looking to simply discuss a wide variety of topics with your fellow gaming bronies? Well, look no further! Introducing the new and improved Friendship Brigade! With our new forum site, you can come together and meet other bronies gamers like yourself. We have combined elements from Facebook and Twitter and rolled them all up into a fancy forum site. You can also check out the main site (which can be found by pressing the HOME tab) and find various game dates and other events that the Brigade will be doing. We are also looking for people to host servers for the community as well, if you would like to host a server for us let an admin know on the forums. So come on down and join one of the largest growing brony gaming communities out there. We promise it will be one heck of a ride."

Sound interesting? Then go on over to their website at and sign up for an account at their forums.

Xtux, out!
- Tuxxy

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