BREAKING NEWS: Equestria Online Ceases Development!

Update: Much of the information in this post is out of date. Please see our new post on the subject.

In a very sudden move, the Equestria Online team has split up, and most of the development team has left the game. Apparently it was due to an argument between the founder and the temporary leader, and the latter was kicked out until something could be worked out. This angered the rest of the development team, and they threatened to leave unless the founder stepped down and gave away the project's name. He refused, and they left. For now, Equestria Online's development has ceased

This is very disappointing news, and we're hoping that the team will resolve their issues and get back together. It is very sad to see such a great MMO put on the shelf due to personal reasons, although there still is the MLP Online project that's been under development for quite some time now. Perhaps we should now follow it instead?
- Tuxxy

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