New Pony Game Engine Showcase: Plat Adventures (v0.90b)

Plat Adventures is a game produced by platinumdrop as a demonstration of his pony game engine "code pony". In his own words:
Get involved in an adventure as Emerald Bolt, fight hostile creatures and collect gems. In two player mode you may bring with you your friend as Rose Black, the mercenary pegasus pony. walk around the world 5 landscapes while seeking for tombs for the lost 5 chalices.
 The game is still in development.
 the latest version is the v0.90b. Maps, enemies, backgrounds, and dialogues may change with the new versions.
Get the game here!

Let's Play - Fallout Equestria: Remains 0.7

After almost a year of development, Fallout Equestria: Remains v0.7 is finally out! I personally think this is, hooves down, THE most polished game in all of brony gaming history, and I can't imagine how epic it would be when it is finally finished.

The game is based on the Fallout Equestria canon universe, but doesn't follow any particular story, and is about getting Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger, and explore the world and completing quests and helping ponies.

By the way, I'm KopaLeo, aka Cosmia Nebula, and I'm a new contributor to this blog! My specialty is writing "let's play", and expect those posts once or twice a month!

Arcade Updates!

First things first, hello there, folks! It's certainly been quite a while, hasn't it? Hopefully there won't be another "quite a while" for... well, quite a while yet! But that's a spiel for a different post, I figure, let's get on to the actual news, haha.
I noticed sometime last week that a fair number of the games (10, to be precise) had actually stopped working for various reasons since the last time I gave everything a once-over, which was sometime last year. Thankfully, all but one game, Rainbow Dash's Cloud Dodging Fun from the now-defunct Penta Studios (please drop us a line if you have a copy!), was replaceable thanks to archived downloads of the games floating around the internet. In addition to replacing the broken ones, I've also had the pleasure of adding a whopping 18 new games on top of that, which brings our current game count to 129! Which is just absolutely ridiculous in the best possible way.
That all said, what are you waiting for? Go play!
tl;dr: We've fixed all of the broken games in the arcade and added some new ones!

Yotes Games: Battle Gem Ponies

Even as 2018 continues to get filled with numerous all-genre video games -  from VR to JRPG, to adventure, to horror, to Co-op, among others - amazing ones continue to get special interests of game fans.  Yotes Games never relents in its continuously burning quest to create super experiences for gamers. This informed the team's decision to take up another massive RPG game - Battle Gems Ponies. This is a competitive turn-based adventure game where you battle against evil pony masters, and rescue their subjects from being incited to perpetrate evil acts. 

This game comes with a multiplayer mode which also allows you to battle other players to become the WORLD BEST PONY TRAINER. You can either use a single-player mode developed team or  a pony-customized team.
What are you waiting for? Do not wait to become a quick meal for some 'flesh-eating' and 'blood-thirsty' ponies. Visit the official website for more details.

Update: The multiplayer feature planned has been cancelled for the time being in favor of an even better single player experience, sorry for the confusion!

 Julius is a versatile freelance writer with over 7 years of writing experience. Contact him here!

PonyAge: Chronicles Testing

Ramping up towards release, the team has come again with a socializing/hangout game: PonyAge. This, however, is the server stress test phase. The aim of this stress test is to enable the team to have a full grasp of how the game will handle a huge number of concurrent players running the site.
PonyAge is a 2D-MMORPG game that depicts an explorable seamless world where you can team up with other players to build a strong wall against external threats. You can as well acquire some resources and keep them or have them sold to other players. Prepare and prove your ability in the 1v1 tournament!
The platform is currently open and is therefore available for all gamers - wouldn't you rather enjoy a full grab of the game while it lasts? They'd be glad to have as many players as possible to stress-test the game. Of course, any features missed out at this phase would be included before the final launching.
For more information, visit the official website.

Fall of Anterfold: Outland

In its unending mission to sate the cravings of hardcore gamers, the team has taken a new direction to challenge a genre that is near to the core of many legendary gamers out there. While the door has been opened for the announcement of a stack of games, one of the biggest buzzes is just about to take its full course.
Gamers and Gaming Fans, we introduce to you Fall of Anterfold:Outland, a single player neo-horrendous video game,  featuring a virtual reality joint rescue team on a mission to save the Mayor of the city of Anterfold, who was taken hostage by a dangerous sociopath.
This isn't like some blink-and-you-miss-it montages out there, but a game taken to new heights to help build up a rich gameplay around its players. Enjoy the new genre experience!


Ambient Project: Ambient White

Video games affect our brains and bodies by creating a strong connection which helps in tackling certain social issues. The question of if there could ever be a video game that represents the true realities of life would only remain a mirage if no one makes the bold step to make it happen. With the help of A Little Bit Different Team, however, this is no more an issue of concern.
The big news then is the announcement of the massive, impressive and immersive Ambient Project, an action adventure game and a new frontier series. The project was initiated with Ambient Prologue, metamorphosing into Ambient White, which is still undergoing development.The greatest appeal to this game are the various realities it represents: war between good and evil, emotional and moral trials, among other experiences. 
If you have ever fantasized about widening your horizon and articulating your thoughts through Video Games, then Ambient White is the best deal to help you live out those dreams. If you enjoy what you see and would like to try out the latest built you can become a patron to A Little Bit Different Team to be a part of the success story and have unequaled access to 25 patron-only posts!


Day Dreaming Derpy
Let's take a short adventure into the Dream World and explore same. We're sure you all are real troopers about undergoing such an adventure. At least, an interaction with the residents would be great, isn't it? Let's come off that, you are scared already!

The team is thrilled to announce the full and final unveiling of a Paper-Mario-inspired JRPG Game. Guess the name! Of course, it is none other than the long-awaited pony game: Day Dreaming Derpy. Relax, you ain't dreaming, it's reality! You are about to enjoy a blend of a scintillating and weird experience!

We hope to share more happy news with you concerning any modifications to the game. Now go check it out!


Review: Pony Club (alpha 1.5.4)

Pony Club is an interactive chat room evolved from the PonyDreamMaker app, developed by the (apparently) russian team ManeQuest Project. However, the developers intend to eventually build a full Pony-themed RPG, towards which PonyDreamMaker and Pony Club are the first and second steps. They’ve got a Patreon page if you wish to give them your support, which they most certainly could use.

Looking for a Paid Pony Gaming Writer!

Do you have a passion for video games? For writing? For PONE? Equestria Gaming is looking for somepony who'd be willing to help writing and reviewing new games and gaming projects that pop up in the fandom -and help write about the many, many we've missed... whoops!-

We're looking for someone passionate, who also possesses the free-time to accomplish such a task. Ideally we're looking for someone with who is comfortable writing in the English language and who has an open mind towards the pony development scene.

If this is something you'd be interested in, send an email to and send us an example of your work! If no such example is provided, you may be asked to write about a random topic for evaluation purposes.