Let's Play - Fallout Equestria: Remains 0.7

After almost a year of development, Fallout Equestria: Remains v0.7 is finally out! I personally think this is, hooves down, THE most polished game in all of brony gaming history, and I can't imagine how epic it would be when it is finally finished.

The game is based on the Fallout Equestria canon universe, but doesn't follow any particular story, and is about getting Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger, and explore the world and completing quests and helping ponies.

By the way, I'm KopaLeo, aka Cosmia Nebula, and I'm a new contributor to this blog! My specialty is writing "let's play", and expect those posts once or twice a month!


For those who have played through v0.6 like me, the changelog is worth reading. I will just point out some interesting parts that attracted my attention in particular:
- experience required to level up increases. More grinding!
- If you receive a serious damage, the character may fall from stairs [and other things]...
- Added food. Eating food has long-lasting effects.
Fun fact: I love borscht!
 - Self-levitation not given in the beginning, replaced by double jump. Can still be learned later as a skill.
- New locations: Canterlot, Military Base, Special Research Department, the core of the Stable, MAS tower, Ministry of Image, zebra camp and the camp of steel rangers.
- Purchasing some of the coolest weapons is possible only later in the game
mfw cannot buy the coolest weapons
- Restoration of magical power by doctor will cost more. Significantly increased magical power consumption for attacking spells, increased magic consumption on defensive spells. So that's why I heavily concentrated on magic spells back then. They were just so powerful! Now there's more reasons to use nonmagic for killing.
- All explosives are strengthened. Grenades have slightly increased radius of damage. That's good news. I didn't find explosives good back then, and neglected it completely. I'm excited to try it out this playthrough!
 - Can save to an external .sav file. This will allow sharing savefiles! Anypony interested in my save files?
- Added filter for bad language. The setting is turned on by default. Really? It's a game about killing and looting through a wasteland, and you are worried about swearing?
- All advanced controls are described in PipBuck, the Notes section – Advanced controls. I never bothered reading the Notes in PipBuck before, but now there's finally a reason to!
 - Option to choose hairstyles when customizing character`s appearance. Hmm wait what?? I overlooked that! I've got to change my hairstyle as soon as I arrive at the Prancing Pony camp so that I'll finally be pretty!
- Lots of new enemies. 
- Some checkpoints will be locked, mined or broken.


I actually played the v0.7 game before, back when it was still in beta testing. There was no English version, so I learned the Russian alphabet and read slowly through the things. Some words like "технический туннель" would be "tekhnicheskiy tunnelj" and I could read, but others would be like "молоток" - "molotok" and I would have to look it up. It was difficult and fun.

Too difficult.

No, for realsies, too difficult. The difficulty of v0.7 is way up compared to v0.6. I died again and again and couldn't for the life of me fight through even the first levels after tutorial.

So if you have played it, expect it to be a lot harder. Start with "Easy" would be my suggestion.
Fluttershy plz

Starting Out

When you read, I suggest playing this music:

The story begins...
New addition to v0.7: The basic backstory of Fallout Equestria, along with a beautiful painting.

Time to get going! Starting out in the technical tunnel, out of memories...
Oh, and by the way, this pony you are seeing is my ponysona, Cosmia Nebula. Cosmia is an earthpony, but since this game only allows me to play as unicorn, I'll have a horn. It doesn't matter though, since in this playthrough I'll concentrate on developing my skillz in melee, lasers, and kaboom, rather than magiks.

Oh and can't forget...

A neat little detail: now there's idle animation! It's cute. Make sure to stand and wait a bit to see it. And there's another new little animation: rolling!
They see me rolling.
I don't know if it has any practical application, but it has great cuteness application.

Half way through the tunnel, I encountered a M.A.S. terminal, which registered me. Terminals are basically checkpoints of the game, and they also give me experience points.
I decided to start with firearms and lockpicking, since fighting my way to the Prancing Pony camp requires some shooting and some loot are behind locks. I'll later concentrate on laser and kabooms.

I decided to explore the catacombs, and lucky find! An attacking spell was found.

Score! A safe filled with goodies!

 [ominous partying noises in the distance]

Yes, it's the dreaded Parasprite nest... I turned away, knowing the evils inside.

3, 2, 1...
Having explored the entirety of the catacombs, and well-equipped, I turned towards the surface, when suddenly, my PipBuck started... talking to me???
I'm... a chosen one... and there's somepony out there guiding me, and I voluntarily lost my memories? Okay... the plot thickens.

I also noticed a bug in the game's note system: there's no scrolling, and the text overflows the PipBuck frame near the end.

The Wastelands

Alright, out of the tunnels, into the wilderness... I found an abandoned house and explored its basements.

Yes, yes I am... anything for loot!

In the next house, I encountered a sadist.

First pony I'll kill, out of many, many more...

The new version added sound of screaming and groans when I kill an enemy, and it's a bit scary and made me feel emotional. They'll haunt me in my dreams... And it's Fallout, so I can't even seek the help from Luna, who is dead...

Nearing the end of my journey... wait wait what?! Ambush!

Let's play!!
With my Apple Bucker, and help from the pegasus Calamity, we killed the whole gang.
To be honest, I actually *did* kill most of them on my own!

The Prancing Pony camp

And off to the Prancin' Pony camp we went. I first talked to this scholarly pony, Dusty Nebula.
Ah, yes, the famed Traité de Mécanique Céleste by Laprance
A true classic!

Dr Sepsis, specialization: treating sepsis.

Can't buy a decent armor because size really matters.

Finally, the real toaster repair pony!

Also, a useful hint: kill many mole rats while on the way to the Prancing Pony camp. Winry has a quest for you: "Looking for mole rat fat" and she'd pay you 100 caps for every mole rat fat! It gives you a very good starting money to buy weapons with.

Another new addition to this version is the Prancing Pony bar!

Yes, it's not your business.

The bar tender/conflict resolver was quite a connoisseur of apple alcohols.

Sounds like a drunkener version of the Apple family, actually.

Fun fact: I have 0 appreciation for alcohol. Also, what the buck is "bouquet" in alcohol?

Another new addition to the game: food merchant!

Same manestyle as Cup Cake.

My vegan soul is shocked.
I paid 150 bits for this and all it says is: 
1. Take two bread slices
2. Insert one cucumber.
3. Enjoy!

... I want my money back.

I also found Calamity in the bar.

He told me about the ManeTec factory, which I promptly decided to explore.

The Factory

Next, I went to the factory. What followed was just the average day of bloodbath. I'll just show some highlights.

If all you get is this book, everything looks like a toaster!
Twin rogues!

Literally almost died.


After some serious fighting, I reached level 3 of the factory... Special Research Department is just down the corridor!

Alright! Time to fulfill my DESTINY!!


Oh well, just gonna rush straight in anyway. How bad could it get?

Oh shiii--
[super dead]

Well, guess that's it for today then! Until next time! More Fallout goodness comes later this month!

KopaLeo, aka Cosmia Nebula

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