Twilight Sparkle Adventures

Twilight Sparkle Adventures

I received this preview in an email, and figured that I might as well post it. To be honest, I'm having trouble keeping up with all these pony RPGs under development right now. I keep getting them mixed up, with a whole bunch of them having similar premises and being "inspired by Zelda", and while there's nothing wrong with this, I personally wish for a bit more variety.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy this video. I don't really have any details on the game right now, and I don't know the release date or anything like that, but like all other MLP fangames, I hope it gets finished.

XTUX345, out.
- Tuxxy

Review: Catch the Scootaloos

Play it Here!
Link to EqG Arcade page.
This one's for all you Scootaloo fans out there. The object of the game is simple: catch the Scootaloos falling from the sky, and use the bits earned from your played rounds to buy upgrades for your bucket or the Scootaloos, or even unlock a new game mode. Credit to this game goes to Sparklepeep, who made this game for the r/mylittlepony community on Reddit. It was also featured on Equestria Daily, but I felt this game was in need of a proper review. Read it after the break!

Banner Contest

Speaking of banners and banner submission, we here at Equestria Gaming have decided to hold a banner contest, the first of its kind. Anyone can submit; you can even submit more than once if you want to. Just be sure to submit it by Saturday, January 21, 2012. Yes, we're announcing this pretty early, so if you want in, you have a big timeframe to work.

At that point, I'll make a post with all the submissions, Equestria Daily style, and you all can vote on your favorites. The banner with the 4th highest number of votes will be the banner from February 1st to 7th. The 3rd highest banner will be showcased from the 8th to 14th, and so on, until the grand winner becomes the banner for the last week of February.

Rules and more details after the break...

Review: Equestria Daily: The Game

Play it Here!
A link to the EqG Arcade page.
Now some of you may remember a video Cereal Velocity posted a while ago called Equestria Daily: The Game, which joked about how much email the Equestria Daily team has to deal with - hundreds of messages a day, if I'm not mistaken. In case you missed the Equestria Daily post about this, it has been made into an actual game, currently being developed by Nitrouspony over on DeviantArt.

This simple side-scrolling platformer is still being worked on - Nitrous is going to add many things to it, including an Android and IOS version. But you can play the current version now at the link above. Find out more after the break!

Legend of Celestia Updates!

Legend of Celestia

Update:poll is over. Nightmare plot wins!

The Legend of Celestia blog has updated, and apparently they have a poll that will help them decide which plot to go with! If I were you, I'd head over the to their blog at

Oh, and apparently they're releasing a video preview tomorrow. I won't be around then, but I should be able to provide a link on Monday (unless one of my fellow bloggers beats me to it, :P ).
- Tuxxy

New Favicon!

Well, I've been working on the site lately, fixing small errors and things like that, when suddenly I realized that we don't  have a favicon. it is!

Please note that this is not final, and may be replaced later. I also plan on updating the site's banner; as it's getting rather old. You can email me submissions if you wish.
- Tuxxy

Review:Pony Platforming Project

Pony Platforming Project
"One fine day, when Applejack was walking innocently through the hills...suddenly, OWLBEARS! Thousands of them!" So begins the Pony Platforming Project, a simple platformer starring Applejack. It's developer, Mark Sprague, is a member of Mane 6, the dev team behind My Little Pony:Fighting is MagicHe also runs the webcomic Dragon Mango, which you may have heard of or read before.

Does the Pony Platforming Project live up to it's creator's rather impressive résumé? Find out after the break!