Banner Contest

Speaking of banners and banner submission, we here at Equestria Gaming have decided to hold a banner contest, the first of its kind. Anyone can submit; you can even submit more than once if you want to. Just be sure to submit it by Saturday, January 21, 2012. Yes, we're announcing this pretty early, so if you want in, you have a big timeframe to work.

At that point, I'll make a post with all the submissions, Equestria Daily style, and you all can vote on your favorites. The banner with the 4th highest number of votes will be the banner from February 1st to 7th. The 3rd highest banner will be showcased from the 8th to 14th, and so on, until the grand winner becomes the banner for the last week of February.

Rules and more details after the break...

1. It must be a banner (of course)
2. It must feature the name Equestria Gaming
3. It must feature ponies in some form
4. It probably should have something to do with gaming - not required
5. It has to be appropriate - keep it classy guys, nothing suggestive or gory
6. It has to have been made by you - no art theft please
7. It has to be submitted by Saturday, January 21, 2012

Email your submissions to me at, along with the author's name and any additional information you feel inclined to include. The phrase "Banner Submission" should appear somewhere in the subject line. The four winning banners will be the banner of Equestria Gaming during their respective weeks in February, and will include the authors' names in the corner for recognition (feel free to add this yourself if you want to customize it).

Note: There are no specific dimensions that you need to use: you guys are smart, and I trust you to make banners that would work. We can scale banners down to fit, but not up, so it's better to make it overly large to be safe. For reference, our current banner has an aspect ratio of 16:9.

Note 2: If you want to use the classic Equestria Gaming font, its name is Celestia Medium. You can download it here. You do not in any way have to use this font, it's just there if you need it.

Note 3: This happens to be the 100th post on Equestria Gaming. Hurrah!
- Enigma Sage

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