New Pony Game Engine Showcase: Plat Adventures (v0.90b)

Plat Adventures is a game produced by platinumdrop as a demonstration of his pony game engine "code pony". In his own words:
Get involved in an adventure as Emerald Bolt, fight hostile creatures and collect gems. In two player mode you may bring with you your friend as Rose Black, the mercenary pegasus pony. walk around the world 5 landscapes while seeking for tombs for the lost 5 chalices.
 The game is still in development.
 the latest version is the v0.90b. Maps, enemies, backgrounds, and dialogues may change with the new versions.
Get the game here!

Let's Play - Fallout Equestria: Remains 0.7

After almost a year of development, Fallout Equestria: Remains v0.7 is finally out! I personally think this is, hooves down, THE most polished game in all of brony gaming history, and I can't imagine how epic it would be when it is finally finished.

The game is based on the Fallout Equestria canon universe, but doesn't follow any particular story, and is about getting Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger, and explore the world and completing quests and helping ponies.

By the way, I'm KopaLeo, aka Cosmia Nebula, and I'm a new contributor to this blog! My specialty is writing "let's play", and expect those posts once or twice a month!