Friday Game Night, September 15th - Jackbox Party Pack

 Friday Game Night Stream

Would you look at the time! That's right it's Friday which means it's time for some G A M E S !
"Join us after AnimeQuestria as we play a multiplayer-focused game chosen by you!
This week, we'll be quizzing and laughing along with the Jackbox Party Pack!"

Legends of Equestria Goes Open Access

 Legends of Equestria Home Page
GET PUMPED GUYS! After five years of development, Legends of Equestria has now gone open access! Please note that this is not the "final" version/release of the game and that the team will continue to add to the game, and shall still be actively in development!

In particular they will be working on adding the following features over the next couple of months:
  • Ancient Athamanes dungeon
  • More manes, tails, and customization options
  • New area: Applewood
  • New quest arc
  • Crafting system
  • More Talent Mark options
Download the launcher in the source above and have fun everypony! I'm Looking forward to seeing you on your adventures!