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A screenshot of the Ponu News application.

 No, we don't have an Android app yet, but some guy named Tom Jin has made an app titled Ponu News that compiles news and fanworks from around the ponynet and packages it all inside their convenient app. In a recent update they added Equestria Gaming to their Entertainment category, so if you want to read our stuff on the go you can do by picking up their app over at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.hummingtap.ponu. They also have support for other fansites like DerpyHooves News and Fimfiction, in case you're interested.

 As for you iOS and Windows Phone users...you'll still be stuck with the lousy mobile version of our site. Sorry!
- Tuxxy

Bronies Fighting Ponies: The Magic of Friendship

Happy Saturday, all! 

In case any of you are still hazy on the details of Mane6's cease and desist from a while back, Polygon has released an in-depth special feature chronicling the story of the project and the takedown. The piece also goes into the reasons behind Hasbro C&Ds, covers Lauren Faust's involvement in mane6's new project, and puts a really positive spin on the Brony community in general.

Check it out here!
- Arctic Lux

Rise of the Clockwork Stallions: Rarity VA Wanted

Rise of the Clockwork Stallions

So far Darkera Studios has been making excellent progress in their Rise of the Clockwork Stallions game (as can be seen if you've played their most recent demo), but they've hit a bit of a snag. You see, they need a voice actress for the fair lady Rarity, and they want one as soon as possible. If you think you can sound like Rarity and have a decent microphone, you can apply for the job by messaging ChurchCrusade on Skype.

 Also, it looks like Snowdrop is going to be a playable character. It somehow doesn't seem very in-character for her to be fighting robots and whatnot, but then again the same could be said about Fluttershy, eh?
- Tuxxy

Waiting is Magic iOS Beta

 Most of you probably remember Waiting is Magic quite well, and those of you with iPhones will be pleased to know that the game (no, not that game) is coming to the iOS platform. That's right: you'll be able to play WiM on the go! According to Penta Studios the port is almost complete, but before submitting it to the App Store they want some beta testers to make sure that there aren't any major bugs in the final version.

 Interested in playing Waiting is Magic on your iPhone before everypony else? Then visit their post at http://pentastudios.com/news/Waiting_is_Magic_iOS_in_beta_ and leave a comment with your UDID. Happy testing!
- Tuxxy

My Little Game Dev Marathon

My Little Game Dev Marathon logo

 The friendly folks over at the My Little Game Dev forums figured that they should hold their own game development marathon, and unlike the more well-known My Little Game Jam this event lasts for two whole weeks starting today, giving you plenty of time to work on your dream fangame. There isn't a required theme in this event: you just need to show up with a completed game by the end of the event that does not feature R34 (although creepypasta is allowed, thankfully). Shame I probably won't have my pet project fangame finished in time...ah well, at least it should be out sometime this year.

Want more details on the contest? You can find them here, and once you've created a game you can submit it to this thread: http://www.mylittlegamedev.com/thread-768.html. Have fun!
- Tuxxy

Minuette vs Tardiness Gets a Level Editor

 Poor Minuette. As if her traumatic experience in Minuette vs Tardiness wasn't long enough, people wanted a level editor to extend her nightmare for their own personal enjoyment. Can't you guys give the poor gal a break? If you keep this up, she's never going to wake up in time for work.

 The above image is from a poster Mark posted on his deviantART. If you want to see the whole thing, it can be found via this link: http://marcusmaximus.deviantart.com/art/Minuette-vs-Tardiness-367190929
- Tuxxy

Servant of Discord Update/Screenshots/Recruitment Call

Remember Servant of Discord, the Zelda-like dungeon crawler that released a beta version a few months back? Development is ongoing, but they've released a raft of screenshots and put out a call for a new programmer. Check out the screenshots below the break, and, if you're interested, contact the team lead (roboiguana@gmail.com) and see how you can help with the project!

My Little Pony - Friendly Magic Duel

Multiplayer, online, turn-based combat simulator? Passable. Same thing, but with ponies? Now you've got a game.

MDV Games' recent release My Little Pony: Friendly Magic Duel boils down to a battle of wits. Timing plays a role (if you can't come to a decision within your thirty-second turn, you've wasted an action) but the majority of in-game strategy revolves around buying various buffs over time to strengthen your team of ponies. Both players assemble a team of three of the mane six (unfortunately, there is only one Fluttershy) before duking it out.

As is the case in many tests of cunning and skill, I handily defeated your friendly neighborhood admin Enigma Sage (regardless of what he says.) The game lobby's empty at the moment, but I'm sure we can remedy that!
- Arctic Lux

Teaser: Story of the Blanks HD

 Most would agree that Donitz's classic Story of the Blanks is the best creepypasta fangame that this fandom has produced thus far, although a few prefer the Luna Game series for its side effects (changing the desktop background, playing creepy sounds, etc). The game's minimalist, authentic NES graphics left a lot to the player's imagination, and unlike most typical creepypastas it managed to be creepy without having to rely on jumpscares or gory imagery. However, some of us have secretly dreamed of a remake of this classic game, and a fairly unknown group of fans known as Long Tale Animation have decided to take it upon themselves to convert Story of the Blanks from a top-down retraux experience into a high-definition, sidescrolling adventure game.

 The teaser video itself doesn't show much gameplay, so there is a lot of room for speculation as to how the final product will turn out. Hopefully the remake doesn't stray too far from the original's roots: it should also be interesting to see how Donitz reacts to this game.
- Tuxxy

Flankbook Relaunched, BronyNet Updated

Flankbook and BronyNet

 Since almost everypony likes social networking sites it was a given that the talented Brony fandom would produce some of their own, and indeed it has no shortage of them. If I recall correctly Flankbook was one of the original websites created for this purpose, although after a couple months it was shut down for various reasons. In the meantime several other fairly prominent websites have arisen such as the RainbowDash NetworkBronyNetBronySquare and Cloudsdale (the latter of which is more of an instant messaging client and also features mobile apps), but Flankbook's developers talked of remaking their website and launching it again for the world to use. Their minimalistic, Boostrap-based website entered open beta today, with more features on the way shortly.

 On a related note, rival website BronyNet has recently released a massive update to their custom NewsTime software, which means that it now features realtime updating, profile headers and other fancy stuff like that. It currently offers a lot more than Flankbook and has a less-cluttered interface than BronySquare, but since the former is still in open beta things could change quickly. We also have a BronyNet page at http://bronynet.com/main.php#!/profile-3175, in case you are interested in following us over there for site updates and whatnot.
- Tuxxy

Starswirl Academy

Dev Blog

 The Brony fandom has a distinct lack of visual novels, aside from that My Little Dashie demo and its sibling, Welcome to Ponyville, which is fairly surprising given the amount of talented artists and writers we have lying around, and how quickly these games can be scripted in a good engine such as Ren'Py. Sensing this void, the Zap Apple Project team hopes to fill it with their upcoming visual novel titled Starswirl Academy, and it stars some unrevealed colt in high school who befriends humanized versions of the mane 6. In other words, this is your stereotypical visual novel about schoolgirls and romance, and like many of its peers has seperate SFW/NSFW versions. At least it had good art going for it: I'd say that it already looks quite professional despite being in such an early state. Oh yeah, and since the developers went with a modified version of Ren'Py instead of writing their own engine like Filly Gamez the game runs on Mac OS X and Linux, and an Android port of the game is also planned.

Feel like playing a visual novel while you wait? Then I would suggest that you give Juniper's Knot a try. It is fairly short and lacks ponies (even humanized ones), but then again it's not like ponies automatically make everything better, right?
- Tuxxy

Super Lesbian Horse RPG

Recently, I was alerted (thanks, Flutterwhat) to an upcoming project dubbed "Super Lesbian Horse RPG." Games made in RPG maker are hit-or-miss: while the program offers you a decent degree of flexibility, if you don't take the initiative you end up with a very cookie-cutter game. Fortunately, SLHRPG could well break that mold.

Although the game lacks an official FAQ, (here it is!) and the information on the blog is far from complete, what's there is enough to give a pretty decent idea of the look and feel of the game. The game's original spriting (see irresistible header image,) art, and a recent music sample point to this being a quality little game, though.

As the title might suggest, Super Lesbian Horse RPG looks to be a quirky, story-focused JRPG. Based on the few snippets of dialogue we've seen and Bobby Schroeder's previous work, it'll probably remain PG but still be very shippy, so don't play it if that's not your cup of tea.

Update: A quote from the developer describes the game as "worksafe; the game has minimal violence and minimal swearing." Jokes go as far as kissing but not into any risque territory.
- Arctic Lux

Lyra's List #12

It's time for another Lyra's List, the one stop shop for anyone looking to contribute to a fangame, or anyone who has a good idea for a fangame, but needs help in making it a reality. If you want more details or instructions on how to submit, check out this page. The submissions deadline for Lyra's List #13 is April 30, 2013. You can find this months submissions after the break...

Review:Derp till Dawn

Derp till Dawn

 Despite not being nearly as famous as the big name fangame developers, Donitz has had a pretty good run so far with his line of creepy fangames. Story of the Blanks is undoubtedly his most famous creation, while Twilight vs Walking is more remembered for its difficulty than its Twilight Zone-inspired twist at the end. Since according to him "everyone, their mother, their dog and evil clone" had already made a Slender clone he decided to make one himself, and the results can be seen in his newest game "Derp till Dawn".

 Dous the humorously unfittingly-titled Derp till Dawn live up to Donitz's other respectable fangames? To find out, head below the break to read our review on it.

Review:Minuette vs Tardiness

 It's been awhile since veteran webcomic artist and fangame developer Mark Sprague has added to his well-received Pony Platforming Project series, and so far the results have always been worth the longish wait between installments. For April Fools day he decided to make a joke addition to the series, but it ended up being released a tad later and far more substantial than originally intended: in fact, I would say that it warrants a review of its own.

You can find the full review after the break, of course. If there was no page break it would take far too long to browse the site, and at least we're not splitting up articles into multiple pages, eh?

Megapony Episode 2

Megapony Episode 2 

 Last year's Megapony game was pretty good, but even veterans of the Megaman series claimed that the level design was too difficult. Is the same the case with Episode 2? Yes. As one of our commenters put it, Megapony was "Made for robots by robots. Maybe the final version should be for humans?". It's still quite enjoyable for those of you who are looking for a challenge, but if you are a more laid-back gamer I would advise playing something else (the Daring Do Demo that we just posted about, for example). We'll save our review for Episode 3, which will add the rest of the content that is missing from this release and should hopefully come out before that other Episode 3.

 Oh, and speaking of difficult games I'm going to be posting a review later on today of another entry to a fairly well-known series of pony platformers by Mark Sprague. It was supposed to be an April Fools game, but it turned into something bigger...
- Tuxxy

(April Fools) Equestria Gaming Requested to Cease and Desist, Goes Underground

Edit: Before I cause any more undue stress, this post is just a joke. Take it with a grain of salt :)
Hello all! Hope you're having a good day so far. Ours hasn't been so peachy.

A few hours ago, we received a Cease and Desist notification from Habsro, Inc concerning our "violation of Habsro Inc.’s common law trademark rights, common law service mark rights, and trade name rights related to their MY LITTLE PONY property."

Needless to say, this is a crushing blow for the website, and at this point it seems very unlikely we'll be able to continue to provide our current services. Head down past the break for more details.

(April Fools) Super Bieber Racer

This article was written for April Fools 2013 and is not meant to be taken seriously. At all.

 Justin Bieber (the world's greatest singer) has long deserved a decent fangame, but even his incredible fanbase has been unable to solve this...until now. Well-renowned fangame developer Penta Studios has come bursting forth from the closet on this fabulous spring day to bring us Super Bieber Racer, which is undoubtedly the greatest Justin Bieber fangame to ever come out of the internets, and far better than those lousy kissing simulators.

Oh yeah, and there are several ponies in the game. Fighting is Magic also makes a cameo, as does yours truely.
- Tuxxy

(April Fools) Review: Click the Twilight Sparkle RELOADED

Play it Here
This article was written for April Fools 2013 and is not meant to be taken seriously.

After a long year's wait, the sequel to the most popular game of 2012, Click the Twlight Sparkle has finally arrived. Click the Twilight Sparkle RELOADED is here for you to enjoy. Experience all the thrillz, chillz, and nonstop fast-paced mouse-clicking action that made the original so famous, and much much more. For more info on this fantastic display of game-designing prowess, check after the break...

(April Fools) Review: Lennyage of Harmoney

Lennyage of Harmoney

This article was written for April Fools 2013 and is not meant to be taken seriously.

 Legal issues have sent many fangame developers into hiding after the demise of MLP:Online and Fighting is Magic, but a courageous few have gone onward with their projects, pouring their hearts and souls into their projects. In light of this, Equestria Gaming has decided to take a new approach to reviewing in which we will not criticize developers for the few mistakes that they make, but focus mainly on praising them for what they do wrong. Having good self-esteem is good after all, and we're going to be at the forefront of this bold new esteem-raising movement with our review of Lennyage of Harmoney, which you can find more about after the break.