Review: Lights in the Sky

 The Brony Fan Fair's decision to release a promotional visual novel is rather unusual, but we don't really mind since the Brony fandom doesn't have enough VNs aside from the upcoming Starswirl Academy and that other one which should not to be named. Still, it is a relatively low-risk decision on their part, as the number of guests is unlikely to be affected negatively by the game's quality unless it turns out to be grossly offensive. Even then it would probably still attract folks looking for a cheap laugh, but the game isn't that bad...right?
Our review can be found after the break, as usual.

My Little Game Dev Marathon Reviews: Pink Pone Action / The Unknown / Luna Wander

Time for another dive into the My Little Game Dev Marathon submissions! Again, they've been reviewed and graded relative to the other games in the competition.

Find Pink Pone Action, The Unknown, and Luna Wander below the break!

Lights in the Sky: A Brony Fan Fair Visual Novel

Lights in the Sky: A Brony Fan Fair Visual Novel
 Texas' very own Brony Fan Fair might be over two months away, but in a surprise move the organizers have decided to release a promotional visual novel starring Rising Star and Heartland, two of the convention's mascots. The first portion of the game will be released on the 25th of June, so you can expect our review of it sometime around then. Thankfully the team avoids the mistake that Filly Gamez made with Welcome to Ponyville and utilizes the Ren'Py engine, which means that it have Mac/Linux support for those of us who refuse to use Microsoft's abominable operating system.

 Below the break you can find the original press release, which has some more detailed info on the game's story and a good word put in for it by one of Deus Ex's writers.

Waiting is Magic Goes Mobile

Update 9/28/14: The game is no longer available on the App Store.

 You read the title right, Waiting is Magic has arrived on the app store! After almost two months of extensive testing this highly addictive Flash game has been deemed ready, so if you happen to own an iPhone or iPod Touch I would highly recommend that you give it a spin. Shame that all those iPad and Android users won't be able to enjoy it yet...ah well, hopefully Penta Studios will consider giving them a chance to play the game as well in the nearby future. The Arcade version was also updated, although I have no idea as to what it contains...

 Speaking of Flash games, it's been a while since we've added anything to that Arcade. I'm still in the process of porting it to Rails, which enables us to more easily add new features such as a rating system, improved organization and Cloudsdale integration (among other such things).
- Tuxxy

My Little Game Dev Marathon Reviews: Pinkie or Not Pinkie / Primaeval Threat / The Moon

After playing several games from the recent My Little Game Dev Marathon, I realized that I couldn't review them in our standard format. For one thing, it would be unfair to hold a game created in two weeks to the standards I'd expect from a larger project. For another, it would be impossible to do them all justice!

Instead, I tackled three of my favorites at once and graded them against their peers. Find Pinkie or Not Pinkie, Primaeval Threat, and The Moon below the break!

Rise of the Clockwork Stallions Needs an Animator

Rise of the Clockwork Stallions

 No, Darkera Studios has not abandoned development of Rise of the Clockwork Stallions or anything nasty like that. As you can see in the above trailer they've continued to make good progress in their game (even if that Spike sprite is horribly ugly), but given how big the game has gotten lately it appears that they desperately need a sprite animator. I still think that 44 playable characters is a bit too much, but ah well. As long as they manage to finish the game eventually, I'm happy.

Interested in applying as an animator? You can contact ChurchCrusade on Skype or Twitter (preferably Skype), and maybe send him some sample sprites and whatnot.

My Little Game Dev Marathon Compilation

 Our affiliates over at the My Little Game Dev forums recently held a marathon event, and the results just came in. 11 games in total were completed, along with 6 unfinished projects and 6 additional games just thrown in for the heck of it. That brings us to a total of 23 new games, most of which we will be reviewing in the nearby future.

 The entire compilation can be downloaded here, but below the break we have a list of the games along with descriptions, screenshots and whatnot.

Puzzle Games: Pony Mahjong / Pony Jigsaw

Play Pony Mahjong | Play Pony Jigsaw

Anyone in the mood for some low-key puzzling? I could do worse. Several of you sent these two in over the last couple of days. This jigsaw puzzler and cutie mark-inspired mahjong game come from team Darkkyshadow, creators of MLP RPG: Fighting the Unknown. 

Pros include several tile layouts and a seemingly infinite number of puzzles to skim through. While playing, I noticed a couple of minor bugs, but certainly nothing game-breaking. Enjoy!
- Arctic Lux

Yet Another Nightfall Gameplay Video


 Silly Mare Games continues to make excellent progress in their upcoming Nightfall game, and managed to release an update video a mere week after the last one. This video showcases the mane six, who are now in a somewhat playable state and have their own special abilities. There's also a main menu now, although that is mainly just for the extra polish.

 Coming up later today: the results from the last My Little Game Dev marathon if Wishdream's internet is up to the task. Apparently there are some pretty impressive games in there...
- Tuxxy

Lyra's List #14

It's time again for Lyra's List, and this month's edition has several really cool games - you should definitely check them out. For those who don't know what Lyra's List is about, check this page out. The deadline for submissions for Lyra's List #15 is June 30, 2013. Read all about this months submissions after the break...

MLP: Roleplaying is Magic Season 3 Edition

Earlier this morning, the MLP: Roleplaying is Magic team released Season 3 of their popular pony tabletop game - the meatiest and most expansive version yet! 

For those of you intimidated by the thought of adding numbers and rolling dice, I recommend at least skimming through the 170-page, full color rulebook: the bestiary section alone is worth a read. Find the press release below the break!

Legends of Equestria Open Server Weekend

Those of you who participated in the LoE stress test weekend a while back know what to expect from the game - but the rest of you are in for a treat! The Legends of Equestria team has just announced an open server weekend from July 5th-7th, during Everfree NW 2013. Find the official release past the break!

Review: Princess Civilization

Some reviews take little to no time out of my day. Others take forever, because I get hooked and spend more time than I care to admit beating the game in its entirety. Princess Civilization falls into the latter category.

Playing as Twilight Sparkle, it's up to you to send your scouts across Equestria, spreading peace and harmony as you go! The land is threatened with more than its share of grave danger, but the situation is salvageable with some old-fashioned 4X strategy.

Review below the break!

More Nightfall Stuff

 It seems that more progress has been made with Nightfall, as can be seen in the new gameplay video. Several new features have been implemented, such as a rudimentary Day/Night cycle. It's not nearly as nice as the one in Pony Wings, but at least it should do well enough for now. One of the developers also told us that the game will have bosses, which should be rather...interesting. Frankly, there aren't enough fangames with bosses these days, and this disappoints me.

I would write more, but I have a headache. Instead of writing more interesting stuff, I shoved some copypasta from Silly Mare Games below the break. Enjoy?