Silent Falleym 2: Bloodied Sign Released!

Looks like there's yet another entry in the ongoing, Silent Hill-inspired 3D survival psychological and nightmare horror series Silent Falleym, fresh from their very prolific developers!
This time, they've released a remake of one their earlier titles, Silent Falleym 2, so if you've played that game or any others from these folks before I suppose you'll know what to expect! From the description on their website:
Escaping from monsters that flooded the whole city Daisy Wallace hid in some building. On one of the boards, it is written that this is hospital Harbrake. Inside there are the dirt and blood everywhere, and soon Daisy will understand inside is no less dangerous than outside.

Silent Falleym is pony adaptation of classical Silent Hill series. It has as classical things and in same time new ones. Silent Falleym has own lore which not related to Konami's Silent Hill.
Check out their page on the game linked above for proper screenshots, system requirements, and of course, the download links. Time to get spooky!
Thanks to Jade Danrovich for the heads-up (and the correction!)

My Little Pony: Harmony Eclipsed

Well look at that, we're actually posting something in a timely manner!
It looks like we've got a new RPG on the scene! My Little Pony: Harmony Eclipsed is an incredibly fun Final Fantasy-esque game that puts you in the regal horseshoes of Princess Luna (and featuring our other familiar pastel horse protagonists, of course!) on a quest to rid Equestria of a ever-growing dark magic threat, taking place sometime after the end of Season 3. While there's occasional bits of placeholder dialogue or assets as the game is still unfinished, overall there's a surprising amount of game here for something only getting more widespread public attention now, and I still have a decent chunk of game left to go through after clocking roughly two hours with it!
If this sounds like something up your alley, check out the game's thread on MLP Forums linked above for more information and future updates. We've also pasted the relevant information and the download link for this release below the break if that's more your speed!

Oops - EQG Game Catchup Post

Hello again, folks! So, in typical Equestria Gaming fashion, we took a short break on news, thinking there wouldn't be much to report on in that time. Sorry about that, feel free to direct all hate emails over to me. Today we've got a whopping fifteen game releases and/or updates,  so please make yourselves comfortable while we go over the lengthy list after the break!

I Can't Believe It's Yet Another Arcade Update!

Hey there, folks! It's your ol' pal and local maintenance man Magitronique here with yet another slew of arcade upda-

...wait, what do you mean "literally who?" I post here all the time, dude! Didn't I just put up an arcade update, like, yesterday?

...Oh. Uh, sorry about that. Wow.

Aaaaanyway, there's been some maintenance done on the arcade! Spike's Day Off and the Starlight Glimmer Simulator are back in working order after who even knows how long at this point. Additionally, we've just been able to add a few new futzi01 games we didn't already have! Canterlot Siege 2, Canterlot Siege 3: Inversion, Canterlot Siege 4, Crystal Crunch Story, Luna's Stars, and the Most Epic Pony Game Ever are now available to play!

What are you still reading this for? Go on now, go play!