Fallout Equestria: Remains is complete!

Fallout Equestria: Remains is now in v1.0. After years of development, it is finally complete! Expect my Let's Play series to resume upon it. In the mean time...
Go play it yourself!
foe.ucoz.org/remains.html (requires Flash enabled, which isn't very convenient)

Download .exe version here (requires Adobe AIR, and you must uninstall all previous versions of this game).

Reward the creator, empalu, by donating to his PayPal here: www.paypal.me/foeremains

What's new since last release (v0.7)?

Well for starters, the Windows application icon is different!

Look at the socks
Look at them
How to Pip

Anyway... other than socks, there are many updates in v0.8. I don't know if there are updates between v0.8 and v1.0, however.

The following is copied from the changelog, Google translated.


  • More hotkeys for the leet players.
  • More translation
  • Can sell everything at once. Saves clicks.
  • You can view all possible armors, amulets, etc, just like weapons.
  • 7 major new locations and some minor new locations!
  • Right click skips entire dialogues! For those brutes who like to just kill things and not talk.
  • Throwing enemies at walls is a lot more damaging.
  • Storage chests. Less clutter in inventory! (And less ridiculousness like carrying 10000 bullets with you.)

Version 0.8 (08/19/2019) Completion of the plot, limited inventory mode.
☢   Management and interface
    • Added support for any number of localizations. Text files in all languages ​​will not be downloaded all at once, but only when choosing a language • Added support for partial translations. Missing text fragments will be taken from the default language file (English) • Due to the increase in the number of music tracks in the game, their loading (in the web version) will now occur during the game. Because of this, the game will load much faster, but the music may not turn on for a while. • New non-standard cursors • Additional weapons (magic or explosives using the G and T keys) can be forcibly assigned to these keys. Assigned in the same way as hot keys, in the inventory, press G or T. You can only assign magic or explosives in this way. In this case, the appointment will always be saved, including when changing weapons or leaving the game. • Protective spells can be assigned to special keys of quick spells. Pressing the keys immediately causes the spell to cast • Added keys for jerking and for enabling the armor function. By default, not assigned, you need to assign in the settings. It is also possible to jerk shift + double sideways • The numbers that appeared during a long action, such as hacking, were replaced with a graphical progress bar • Information on all the assigned hot keys is displayed if you place the cursor at the bottom of the screen (a disabled option) • A special designation for objects that can be levitated, a text hint about telekinesis can be turned off. • Additional reference information has been added to the inventory • Messages of minor importance will not be logged • The entire armor available in the game, all amulets and all magic will be displayed on the weapon stand • Pictures for all spells and amulets have been added • Protective spells are displayed in the weapons inventory section / magic • Pop-up window with full information about weapons on the weapon stand • Button "sell all values" in the trade interface • Buttons of additional categories in the trade interface by type of inventory • Dia logs and notes on the "entries" tab are now more readable and do not slow down • Removed all specific numerical values ​​from a text description of all effects, skills, perks and things. These values ​​will not be taken from a text file, but from the game’s data, which should eliminate possible inconsistencies. For many perks that do not have numerical values ​​in the description, they are added. • On the status / main tab, most parameters have been added, which can change under the influence of at least two different perks, skills, effects or things. • When you hover over most of the items on the “main” and “health” tabs, all factors affecting the selected parameter will be displayed, such as skills, perks, injuries, effects, armor, items and artifacts. • The "opponents" tab displays more complete information about opponents, including damage and weapons used. Information opens gradually as more enemies are destroyed. • You can now skip the entire dialog right away by clicking the right mouse button during the dialog.
☢   Locations:
    • Random location “Base Enclave” • Random location “Stall Pi” • Story locations “Gun Shop”, “Legion Headquarters”, “Command Center”, “Fort Rocks”, “Entrance to the Stall” and some small ones
 ☢   Magic :
    • Defense spells now have their own cooldown, each spell does not prevent the use of others if there is enough magic • The effectiveness of kinetic spells now depends on the telekinesis skill rather than magic • The moon blade, attacking enemies, will also do small damage and yourself • A new protective spell "ghost wall" creates a temporary wall of 1x3 block in the selected place. The wall is material only for enemy units. Serves to protect against enemies attacking in close combat • The new protective spell "blood shield" gives invulnerability for a short time at the cost of a little blood loss
 ☢   Telekinesis:
    • The throwing power of telekinesis (with the “zero-level manipulator” perk taken) is slightly increased. • Damage from throwing enemies into the wall is significantly increased. Also, when hit against a wall, stunning is possible. • Slightly changed the physics of throwing objects and units. Thrown horizontally boxes will not instantly stop from contact with the floor, but will slide for a while. • Units will receive damage from hitting not only against the wall, but also on the floor or ceiling. You can throw flying enemies too • The “kinetic explosion” spell will cause damage to enemies if they hit the wall • Telekinetic capture of enemies will not be interrupted if you move the cursor away from the enemy, but will be interrupted after a few seconds, depending on the type of enemy and leveling skill • Weak pony enemies in a telekinetic capture will shoot worse or not at all. • If the “zero-level manipulator” perk is taken, then when levitating heavy objects, the arrow will show the direction of the throw (excluding gravity). The arrow becomes dotted and transparent if the magic is not enough to throw at full strength.
☢   Weapons:
    • The accuracy of sniper rifles will be reduced at a close distance (less than 8 cells), to -75% at close range • Everything homemade weapons can be improved on a workbench • Claw Hound - can be crafted • Friendship-gun - can be crafted • Zebrinskaya mine
 ☢   Armor :
    • Police armor • Special forces armor • Enclave armor • Mega-armor and rainbow armor • The parameters of all types of armor have been revised • Armor, starting from combat, of the same and higher class, gives bonuses to damage from melee weapons, small arms, combat spells, crit chance • A character without armor receives a 25% evasion bonus • Socks received a special bonus - raiders, slave traders and mercenaries do not attack first • After level 22, Brass, Oak, Winry, Dusty and Zambezi can buy powerful amulets that can significantly supplement bonuses from b Roni
 ☢   Mobs:
    • New enemies: Pegasus Enclave (4 types + bosses), Hellhounds, Battle Turret, Enclave Roller, Drone Enclave, Magic Turret, Legion Officer • Mobs heroes now come in 4 types. Reds have especially increased damage, blue ones have protection against physical damage, purple ones have magic damage, and green ones have speed and observation. • All hero mobs have increased protection against exotic damage, such as EMF, necromancy, heat, flame and starfire • All heroes now have names
 ☢   Perks:
    • Commando, bullet damage +2> +3 • Shot corpse, critical chance + 25%> + 20% • Deadly force, critical damage + 50%> + 40% • Strongest kick - added stun chance • Recycling, free shot chance 20%> 25% • Perk "master telekinesis" will not work in rooms where teleportation is prohibited • Armored skin - used to show 10%, but actually it was 20%. It has become 15% • Empathy - adds to the phoenix and owl more damage resistance (20.40 and 60% to the phoenix, 10.20 and 30% owl), which should increase the maximum damage that they can withstand
 ☢   Balance:
    • The basic turret damage is reduced, but the level of damage from the level is increased • The sniper weapon damage of mobs is reduced • The damage of any steel ranger weapons is increased, especially the damage of automatic weapons, which is severely cut by powerful armor of the last stages of the game • Alicorn attack speed is increased • Damage from victim's curse reduced from 75% to 50% • Increased chance of dodging bullets in a shelter (200% dodging bonus in a shelter, ie the probability of hitting is divided by 3) • Critical damage of any player’s bullet weapon + 20%, any plasma weapon Grok -20% • Raiders and all such enemies added drop ammunition • Revised armor and resistance of some enemies. Physical and magical protection are equalized as far as possible on average (some enemies are more vulnerable to physical damage,
☢   Miscellaneous:
    • Storage chest • Recipe for a cleansing potion

KopaLeo, aka Cosmia Nebula

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