I Can't Believe It's Yet Another Arcade Update!

Hey there, folks! It's your ol' pal and local maintenance man Magitronique here with yet another slew of arcade upda-

...wait, what do you mean "literally who?" I post here all the time, dude! Didn't I just put up an arcade update, like, yesterday?

...Oh. Uh, sorry about that. Wow.

Aaaaanyway, there's been some maintenance done on the arcade! Spike's Day Off and the Starlight Glimmer Simulator are back in working order after who even knows how long at this point. Additionally, we've just been able to add a few new futzi01 games we didn't already have! Canterlot Siege 2, Canterlot Siege 3: Inversion, Canterlot Siege 4, Crystal Crunch Story, Luna's Stars, and the Most Epic Pony Game Ever are now available to play!

What are you still reading this for? Go on now, go play!

Octavia in the Underworld Cello - update

Octavia in the Underworld's Cello is a fangame that has been in the works since... 2013. The author originally expected to finish by Halloween 2013... I really hope it would be finished before G5 ends. So far, the latest demo available was released in 2014.

Today I was reminded of this game, and found that it has a recent update from the author herooftime1000...

It's a compilation of the many deaths of Octavia. Yup. This game is full of deaths... Beware.

Filly Astray - awesome platformer

Filly Astray is a new pony platformer in the making, where you take on the role of Filly Anon (a fillified version of Anonymous, the persona of a generic Internet user) and try to return home!

It's currently a demo with sewers level mostly done. The controls are quite smooth, and I really like how you can grab onto the ledge.