The (Apparently) Yearly Arcade Update

Oh, uh, hey there. How's it going?

Wow, I can't believe it's only been *checks notes* seven whole months since my last post that I totally didn't disappear again after making even though I implied I wouldn't. Sorry about that!

Anyway, just like last year, there were a small slew of problems with the arcade for various reasons that have now been fixed. As a result, Hoofball, Catch the Scootaloos, Spike's Day Off, and a handful of the Pony Platforming Project games are now playable again after what is *considerably* likely to be a downright embarrassing amount of time.

That's all for now, folks! We now return to your regularly scheduled programming.

New Pony Game Engine Showcase: Plat Adventures (v0.90b)

Plat Adventures is a game produced by platinumdrop as a demonstration of his pony game engine "code pony". In his own words:
Get involved in an adventure as Emerald Bolt, fight hostile creatures and collect gems. In two player mode you may bring with you your friend as Rose Black, the mercenary pegasus pony. walk around the world 5 landscapes while seeking for tombs for the lost 5 chalices.
 The game is still in development.
 the latest version is the v0.90b. Maps, enemies, backgrounds, and dialogues may change with the new versions.
Get the game here!

Let's Play - Fallout Equestria: Remains 0.7

After almost a year of development, Fallout Equestria: Remains v0.7 is finally out! I personally think this is, hooves down, THE most polished game in all of brony gaming history, and I can't imagine how epic it would be when it is finally finished.

The game is based on the Fallout Equestria canon universe, but doesn't follow any particular story, and is about getting Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger, and explore the world and completing quests and helping ponies.

By the way, I'm KopaLeo, aka Cosmia Nebula, and I'm a new contributor to this blog! My specialty is writing "let's play", and expect those posts once or twice a month!

Arcade Updates!

First things first, hello there, folks! It's certainly been quite a while, hasn't it? Hopefully there won't be another "quite a while" for... well, quite a while yet! But that's a spiel for a different post, I figure, let's get on to the actual news, haha.
I noticed sometime last week that a fair number of the games (10, to be precise) had actually stopped working for various reasons since the last time I gave everything a once-over, which was sometime last year. Thankfully, all but one game, Rainbow Dash's Cloud Dodging Fun from the now-defunct Penta Studios (please drop us a line if you have a copy!), was replaceable thanks to archived downloads of the games floating around the internet. In addition to replacing the broken ones, I've also had the pleasure of adding a whopping 18 new games on top of that, which brings our current game count to 129! Which is just absolutely ridiculous in the best possible way.
That all said, what are you waiting for? Go play!
tl;dr: We've fixed all of the broken games in the arcade and added some new ones!