[Stickied] UPDATE: The Equestria Gaming Arcade Still Needs Help!

Update 5/23/2017: We've decided to go with the ol' "throw the old ones through waifu2x and use the ones that actually look okay" trick. That's actually turned out surprisingly well, all things considered, but we're not quite out of the woods yet! There's still a small handful of games whose thumbnails simply couldn't be upscaled without looking like total garbage, so those are still Fonzie-fied for the time being.
If you can get a decent screencap of the games whose thumbnails are still missing, have it cropped to somewhere between 200x200 and 320x320 and send it our way, you'd be the raddest person who ever lived. Thanks, and check out the revised list below!

Lyra's List #17

While admittedly it might not have a whole lot to start with, the new Lyra's List is finally here! I have to say, we're super psyched here behind the scenes to finally get the ball rolling on such a major site feature again. Do keep in mind, though, that we can only keep that ball rolling so as long as you submit something; that said, submissions for the next Lyra's List are open until May 31st , so get to it! Check out this issue's submissions below the break, and happy developing!

Reminder: Lyra's List Submissions Are OPEN!

Hey folks! Just a reminder that, as the title kinda already gives away, submissions for the next Lyra's List are open! As sad as it is to admit, we simply can't have another Lyra's List if we don't actually, y'know, get anything! If you've been on the fence up to now as to whether or not you should submit something, just do it!
We've linked the guidelines and the general announcement post above; please remember that submissions are due by the 15th (though, for transparency, there's a possibility that we might cut this off earlier if submissions don't come in), and please, y'know, submit something! c'mon dudes and dudettes don't make me link the meme video twice now

"Gentlecolts" Dev Group Revived, Seeking Members

It appears that the development group behind the fangame "Pony Amnesia: Love and Mysteries" has come back from the dead; and not only that, they're seeking quite a few folks of different talents to fill their ranks! Check out the supplied information below, and be sure to get in touch with them if you're interested!
The Gentlecolts group is creating an MLP romance visual novel/dating simulator. We were dead for quite a while before reviving the project in January of this year, getting a HUGE response, over 100 people joined our discord (discord.gg/KFZRgew) and we can finally announce that we have a team and can start working on the game! We're officially back in business! The team is quite small however, and we would REALLY like more members so that it won't take years to complete the game. Are you interested? Would you like to help us? Here's some details on what we are looking for:
Writers : We need writers able to write in proper English, with good grammar, little to no misused words, missing, incorrect or overused punctuation, able to follow a format, that has some skill in dialogue, and that would like to work on the genre of the game, slice of life, romance, and probably comedy. Someone who can come up with storylines and convincing social and romantic situations involving the Main characters in the show. We don't need dark and gritty writers, or people who write huge adventures and such, 'cause it's out of the scope of the game.
Sketchers : Skilled most importantly in expressions and a bit in poses, as several times they'll need to do floating heads, just showing a different expression. Doesn't matter what you do the sketches on, and they don't need impressive detail, but also can't be stick figures. While they don't need to be carbon copies of the show style, they still need to be mostly show-like to facilitate work to vector artists.
Vector Artists : They need to be able to make their vectors look as show-accurate as possible, and when translating the sketch, they don't have to follow the sketch to a T, but make it as truthful to the show as possible, fixing any errors, detail or style related issues in the sketch. There'll be certain guidelines to follow with all the artists to have a more consistent style and make it as less distinguishable as possible between the different artists in play, and all vectors must be presented in SVG files.
Background Artists : Again, we need vector artists that can be show-accurate, but in this case, most backgrounds will be the same as the show, and will most likely not need to use sketches and instead, have references and bases from show screenshots and such to draw. Most likely will have to do some of the Mane 6's houses inside and outside, as well as some key-points of Ponyville and not much else.
Coders : We could optionally use an assistant coder/script translator, preferably familiar with Ren'Py (or competent enough to get the gist fast), to help with various tasks. Proofreaders and Spellcheckers: We might also have use of people good at spotting aforementioned errors that can happen in writing, to help ease the burden and not require multiple checks by every writer. We would much prefer competent writers, but if you just want to help a little bit this could be an option.
Proofreaders and Spellcheckers : We might also have use of people good at spotting aforementioned errors that can happen in writing, to help ease the burden and not require multiple checks by every writer. We would much prefer competent writers, but if you just want to help a little bit this could be an option.
We could also fill in other roles such as sound or PR... just drop by our discord and say hello, we can figure out what you can help us with! If you want more information on the game, you can check out our webpage at: http://gentlecolts.org/ or our Discord chat here: https://discord.gg/KFZRgew and download our old demo at: http://gentlecolts.org/downloads/

[Unofficial] Two Best Sisters Play - Skyrim

If you've gotten a tiny bit impatient while waiting for the next entry in 2snacks' popular Two Best Sisters Play videos, it looks like there's at least a little something to tide you over until the next one drops! Russian animation team NDAnimations brings us a fan episode of a fan series (neat!) ponifying the Two Best Friends misadventures in the world of Skyrim; check out the video embedded above!

Friday Game Night, April 28th - Left 4 Dead 2

Or to put things a little more eloquently, it looks like it's Friday night once again, folks! Which just so happens to mean that it's also time for one of CinemaQuestria's weekly Friday Game Nights. Left 4 Dead 2 is the flavor of the week this go-round; check out the usual information below the break, and as usual, enjoy your weekend!

Re-introducing Lyra's List!

A long time ago, on an iteration of this website now long gone, there used to be a recurring post every month under the name of Lyra's List with a simple mission: compile Game Design Documents and list available talent for My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fan games. Whether you had an amazing idea for the fandom's Next Big (Playable) Thing but had none of the skill to bring it to life, did have the skill but simply couldn't go it alone, or even having the skill, whether as a programmer, musician, artist or writer, but didn't have a project to call your own, you turned to Lyra's List.
Now that we've really got the ball rolling again here at Equestria Gaming, we think the time is more than right to bring Lyra's List back. If any of the above describes you, check the details below the break for more information.