Legends of Equestria Open Access Release - Date & Trailer

Well, would you look at that! After a long, long time in development, the Legends of Equestria team appears to finally be ready to fully open the game up to the public! With the drop of what they call the "Open Access Release" on August 19th, 2017, the game will (as the name suggests) be available to anyone and everyone at any time, finally putting those blink-and-you'll-miss-it limited access periods to rest. Check out the trailer for the release above, as well as the more detailed announcement post on their forum for more information!
Oh, and please note that this is not the "final" version/release of the game; the team intends to continue adding to the game over time, and will still be actively in-development!

Friday Game Night, June 23rd - ARMS

I'd have a little more commentary to go along with this post, but as you can tell, I'm putting this up incredibly last minute because I am an incredibly forgetful man at times and aw jeez everything's awful. Whoops.
Anyway, yeah, it's Friday, go play that neat newfangled Nintendo fighting game with your horsefriends!

[Chiptunesday] Starlight - Pony-Bit Beatdown

So, hello and welcome to a little something that we like* to call Chiptunesday! Admittedly, the terrible pun in the title and the embed above kinda sorta completely give away what we're going to be doing in these posts, but hey, I'll break it down anyway: Chiptunesday is a new, recurring feature here on Equestria Gaming dedicated to showcasing all of the raddest colorful-horse-related-and-inspired chiptunes that this wonderful fandom of ours has created, served up hot and fresh (er, relatively; some of these tracks are a bit old) every Tuesday!
Kicking things off on our inaugural Chiptunesday, we have this lovely little track above credited to an artist named "Starlight," which is actually the collab alias of the slightly more familiar fandom musicians Proctra (same channel) and PegasYs. While I can't speak to any technical aspects of the track, I can at least say that it's ridiculously catchy, and it'll definitely be stuck in my head for a good while to come, haha!
* "Like" perhaps being something of a strong word, but both myself and Lex (especially myself) have something of a weakness for awful puns and wordplay, and for lack of anything better, "Chiptunesday" won out.

Daring Do: Origins Project Looking for Help

Daring Do: Origins is a 3D action-adventure game, set before the events of Nightmare Moon's escape and although little has been shown thus far, the game is quite ambitious. The game is said to feature frenetic platform action, stealth functions, RPG elements and multiple playable characters. However, the project currently is a one-man team, and is looking for help make this game a reality.

Friday Game Night, June 16th - Left 4 Dead 2

Well, hey, would you look at that, seems like it's Friday night yet again. Which can only mean one thing, naturally: it's time for Friday Game Night with our friends over at CinemaQuestria! This week, Left 4 Dead 2 is once again back on the menu; check for the usual information below, and have a good weekend, folks!

ManeQuest's "Pony Dream Maker"

We're just the tiniest bit late in getting to this one (how shocking), but hey, we got there! Looks like the developers behind the game ManeQuest have given the fandom yet another neat little colorful horse creator, this time with a nice looking (those eyes are a bit creepy though, tbh) pixel art style that's just a tad more...er, "artsy-looking," I suppose, than the similar pixel-style creator for Pony Town.
While I haven't had the time to dive into this one personally, it appears that from the looks of the ponies posted by folks in the comments on the game's DA page and elsewhere, this'd be the creator to go with if you felt the need to create your own Personal Pixel Poner™!
6/20/17: So I've finally had a little bit of time to check this out for myself, and I figured I'd edit in a more developed opinion (I'm not a fan of posting things before I've had a chance to test them out). It's not bad, but it is a little lackluster considering there's no actual game attached to it yet. Additionally, I think I'm definitely more partial towards Pony Town's creator insofar as comparisons go, mostly because Pony Town offers more customization options (which is handy if you're aiming to recreate your Donut Steels from tip to toe), plus that game's ponies are just generally cuter, haha.

NIA: Path of Light Teaser Trailer Released

Despite some rather interesting developmental delays and other issues (not what you'd expect, to say the least) over the past few months, it appears that the team behind the 3D point-and-click adventure NIA: Path of Light has gotten things back on track! To that end, they've released this rather neat looking little teaser trailer for the game; while it doesn't actually show any gameplay, it's definitely interesting enough to watch and proves a nice sign of life from the project as a whole. Check it out above!