EQG Game Catchup Post III

I just don't know what went wrong
art by uteuk
Hey there, folks! We mentioned two months ago that we'd do a catch-up post in a few weeks, so, uhm, here we are! We have a fair few games to go over today, and this may be the longest catchup article yet!
Also stay tuned, because many of the games listed here will be heading to the arcade soon™!

Flash is Kill - What's Next?

art by  亚凛酸

Hello horse friends, today we have a long-overdue update on the state of affairs. Specifically, what we want to do for the arcade now that Flash is no longer supported. If you're curious about our plans, you can find out more after the break!

The arcade can now be sorted by "Ruffle Compatible," which displays all games that are functional with the emulator, each of which should play in your desktop browser without difficulty! We will  continue to update the section as devellopment furthers and compatibility improves. 

Of course, HTML5-based games all run flawlessly, and there are developers who are converting their games to this format. We soon plan to include more of these and  futher expand the list of playable games!