EQG Game Catchup Post III

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Hey there, folks! We mentioned two months ago that we'd do a catch-up post in a few weeks, so, uhm, here we are! We have a fair few games to go over today, and this may be the longest catchup article yet!
Also stay tuned, because many of the games listed here will be heading to the arcade soon™!

Horizon/Ergosphere - New Release! 

This is an action platforming game that SingularMJ over on Deviant Art is currently developing. It's still early in production, but the fundamentals are there and seems to be a fair deal of combat and other mechanics. In the game, you must activate ruins by using spells to confront the creatures which are trying to stop the character.

You can check it out here on the dev journal and download the game here!

Object Creation Contest for The Ponies (Sims Ponified)

This is actually the first time we're talking about The Ponies! In this games players are able to create their own pony families, homes and environments. Players can also create some custom contents using a PoneCrafter tool, which will soon be available to the public for testing. 

They're currently running an item creation contest, which we're a little late in sharing about, but there's still roughly a week remaining, so there's still time to submit something!

"Attention community! We have an all-new contest going on! This one is oriented around game objects. Design your own game objects and decide a use for them – the best ones have a chance of winning a place in the game, and may end up in the Buy or Build Mode catalogs!

Be sure to create a visual reference for your objects, like a concept art of sorts. Additionally, the more sides of the object visible, the better. Also, you must plan out a use for the object. Is it a fancy couch? A bizarre decoration? Something ponies can eat? Maybe even a magical spell-learning object? You decide!

To submit your objects:
Drop into our Discord server here to share your objects. Be sure to head over to the #contest channel to participate! You can also share your objects with us via DMs on our Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Submit your objects and their intended use by July 31, 2021 and they may have a chance to win a place in the game!”"

Catch tenni!

Using your horn, try to capture as many tennis balls as you can!
Play it here!

Price of Fear: Origins 

Cybertronix Games has provided us with yet another game! Price of Fear: Origins is a remake of the original Price of Fear, part of the game developers' endeavour to recreate some of their older titles.

“The 2257 year, cybernetic and biotic technologies revolution walks around the world. The police department got a red signal from one of branches Unitetic Corp, Altreyne Tech. The communication with police squad which was sent to signal was lost, after losing the assault squad, police head accepts decision to turn for help to T.A.S (Tactical Anti-paranormal Service) organization. One of the T.A.S teams, Alpha headed by captain Shelley Velasquez has arrived to set reason the losing communication. Shelley initialized the plan Amicron, all team members should enter to Altreyne Tech from different sides and meet into the center hall of Altreyne Tech. After entering, A.I defense system is blocking all main doors. The second bad news, connection with rest members was stopped. Soon Shelley will learn that nightmares of the past have returned again.

Price of Fear: Origins is a reimagination and reboot of the first series.”


Check out the game here!

Equestria at War

"Equestria at War is a Hearts of Iron IV mod that seeks to recreate the fantastical world of Equestria from the My Little Pony franchise, dimmed with a bleaker setting rife with both nuances and its own plentiful twists, such as the notion of industrialization, far-reaching corruption and an ample amount of political intrigue."

Check out the site here or subscribe to the mod on the Steam Workshop page.

Battle Gem Ponies has evolved a lot over the past year with additions like pony customization and battle setup menus, but their top priority for the last few months has been to complete the combat demo, which is now available for download.

Take a look at the Combat Demo Tour

Play the Demo

Visit their Kickstarter page


A new game from Cybertronix Games has been released titled Osore: The Desperation, which is a remake of their Silent Falleym series that enhances and reimagines the original, so if you were a fan of that or any of their previous titles, you should certainly check it out!

“The Yokohama City did not know the troubles to this day. The city suddenly was covered with a thick and dense fog, but this was only the beginning. The color of fog started to change color from white to red, and the visibility became almost zero, one of the residents heard inhuman sounds there and decided to check. In an instant, the disfigured monster tore off his head and dragged his body into the fog. Events begin at Yamada Hospital 7 hours later. Youka Asora wakes up after another medical procedure. It's not the first time for her, but this time, Yoku was alarmed by the too deep silence. Coming out of the room, she notices that none of the medical staff is present. Looking out the window, she sees the streets filled with a red fog. Youka decides to start looking outside for answers, but first, she needs to get out of the hospital. She does not even suspect what horror awaits her ahead.”

Check out their website to see some screenshots, system requirements, and, of course, download links!

Nordic Wind's Hearthwarming Eve 

It's never too early to begin enjoying Hearths Warming! Here's a fun little platforming game that you can play in your browser or download as a standalone.
Here's a link to the game's soundtrack And a link to play or download the game

Project: Mania - SAGE 2020 Demo

“Project Mania is a series of games in development that are presented and compiled as a single, greatest-hits collection celebrating the recently-concluded run of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. The first of these games is Daring Tales, a side-scrolling platformer directly inspired by the classic, DuckTales NES, where acclaimed author and seasoned adventurer AK Yearling, better known as Daring Do, has to run, jump, climb, and Pogo where no mare has gone before.”
The demo is available for download here!

Pillars of Equestria - Game Released!

Pillars of Equestria is a Darkest Dungeon style take on telling the story of the banishing of the Sirens as briefly shown in the Season 7 finale of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. This was a fan work to make a proof-of-concept of what MLP would be like if Hasbro ever decided to make a Turn-based RPG out of it.
  • Play as all 6 of the original Elements of Harmony
  • Uncover the Mystery of Horseshoe Bay
  • Level up your Adventurers
  • Equip Magical Artifacts and manage your supplies
Check it out here!

Alice: The Bleak Figures 

“Events starts through 30 years after Alice: Madness Return. Jenny Harson is suffering from hard psychological illness and living in the mansion away from the rest of the world. Every day, her parents calmed her down and read different stories before bed. But once the parents did not come, Jenny left the room to find out the reason. However, the mansion is empty. At the same time, various monsters are walking along the corridors. The mystical voice inside has advised leaving the house and that the actual truth is awaiting her outside.”

You can find more screenshots, game information and the download over on Cybertronix Games' older website!

Adventure Of The Lunarbolts - Demo

“Thanks for trying out our demo of Adventure Of The Lunarbolts; we hope to bring you into our vision of what an adventure in Equestria would be like.
It's been a long time since the project was started, but we are finally able to bring you a playable preview of what the game looks, feels and sounds like, despite illness and unemployment getting in the way. Thanks for being with us until now.” Check out the linked video above to see it in action, or download it here and jump right in!

Crusader Kings 3 Pony Mod - Looking for help

Equestria is now being brought to the Crusader Kings 3 game with a new mod project in the works.They tried to stick completely to the canonical map, so that long-term fans would truly get visual nostalgia from it. Once done, the map will ideally serve as the perfect template for other people's sub-mods based on any other world they choose.
The mod will span the era before Discord's reign and before the exile of Nightmare Moon. This would allow the mod to live within its own rules without regard for the show's canonical events.

"In order to fulfil my goal of creating a mod that may breathe some new life into the MLP fandom I'll need support from people who know what they're talking about and familiar with nuances of the CK3 engine, especially since I would like custom models for the many races the world of Equestria has to offer."

Join the team on Discord with the link below: https://discord.gg/9mgmf6D5w5

Among Us - Pony Texture Mod

Stardew Valley - Character Mod

A modder by the name of Kakujoey over on the Nexus Mods is striving to bring our cartoon ponies to the Stardew Valley by changing up the characters, starting with Pinkie Pie, Twilight and Fluttershy. Take a look here!

EaW/OWB [Balefire Blues] - Hearts of Iron IV Mod

"Balefire Blues is a total overhaul submod of both Equestria at War and Old World Blues that aims to bring the post apocalyptic world of Kkat's Fallout: Equestria into the HoI4 experience complete with a new map based upon EaW's Equus continent, zoomed in similar to OWB's North America map.
  • New game map based upon Fallout: Equestria
  • Over 65 new nations to play
  • 10 unique focus trees
  • 5 auxiliary focus trees; generic trees with added unique content
  • 3 generic focus trees for settlers, raiders, and tribals
  • Merging of EaW and OWB technologies
  • 2 new racial tech trees for Pegasi and Alicorns
  • Hundreds of new focus icons
  • New ideologies created to fit the Equestrian Wasteland
  • Unique art for leaders, generals, and events from our talented artists and art from all over the My Little Pony and Fallout: Equestria fandoms"
Head on over to the steam page to check out the mod: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2307988796

Friday Night Funkin' Pony Mod

This is a Friday Night Funkin' mod that matches you against a colourful horse named Pixel, a geek who isn't even confident of his rapping abilities.

Five year anniversary for Pony Town!

“June 28th 2016 is when Pony Town first became known to the public and visited by people outside of a small group of friends. It was only a very early prototype back then - a small hobby project created for fun that had only been in development for a few months.”
“By now, the team and the community have grown immensely”...”Fast forward a few years, and we now have several full-time paid members, and are still growing, making progress towards becoming a fully professional game studio!
We are excited for the future and hope to see you join us!”

Happy birthday Pony Town!

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