Review: Moonstuck Part 2

The Moonstuck title screen
Moonstuck Part 2

 So...Moonstuck. Quite possibly the fandom's most beloved webcomic, Moonstuck managed to win the hearts of many with its adorable main character and unique art style while it lasted. After it ended on November 4th in 2012, SylrePony decided to adapt the comic into a isometric fangame, the first part of which he released in March. Our reviewer Arctic Lux gave it an 8/10, and all seemed well and good, but now that the second part has been released and he's not around it seems that it is time for my take on the second entry.

Does this unofficial Moonstuck adaption live up to the charm of its namesake? Find out after the break.

Ponyvania Intro

 So it seems that Ponyvania game we posted a while back also has a pretty sweet animated intro, probably the best we'll ever see in a fangame. Shame it'll probably add a lot to the game's filesize and hurt those of us with slower internet connections, so if I were the developers I'd probably release a version of the game with the intro stripped out. Still, I've seen far worse examples of pointless filesize inflation in a particular game I reviewed on this site a while probably know of what I speak.

 And yes, I'm still working on that Moonstuck part 2 review, so be patient. Reviews take time, especially when you possibly have two of them to write in one day.

Guess Who's Livestreaming This Weekend?

 If you've been following Equestria Gaming over the past couple months/years, this banner should probably tell you all you need to know, but if you haven't figured it out yet Legends of Equestria is holding yet another 24 hour livestream, in which they will be extra productive in order to please the general public and hold several panels which may or may not interest you. The event will run from the 2nd of November at 12 noon EDT for a full 24 hours until the 3rd at 12 noon. And before you ask, the stream will be held at

You can find a full schedule below the break.

Octavia in the Underworld's Cello

The Underworld's Cello (fixed)

 So I knew that I was going to be posting about at least one adventure game today, but to be quite honest with you I was rather surprised when I opened up my deviantART notifications and found a demo for a first-person point & click adventure game right before my eyes. It stars Octavia (duh) and Vinyl, as they venture into a dilapidated mansion after following some poorly-written directions to a Nightmare Night party, and yes, it does run splendidly in Wine once you install dsound. Thing is, it is quite a bit darker than your average pony adventure game, although the fact that it's being released so close to Halloween probably explains that.

Heh heh heh...

Moonstuck the Game Part 2

A gameplay screenshot of Moonstuck the Game Part 2

 Two days ago SylrePony finally released a sequel to his Moonstuck game project from March 2013. It probably look so long because he's been working on Drifter alongside several other folks, but now that it's been released he probably has more time to make games and whatnot, which is kind of nice because as we've mentioned before, there's been a severe lack of My Little Pony fangames this year. Ah well, at least things seem to be picking up a little bit again, right?

Dun worry, I'll review this tomorrow after I've had some sleep. Goodnight!

Released: Never Heard From Ever Again

Never Heard From Ever Again

 Back in August we posted about Never Heard From Ever Again, a weird little first person horror game with the nastiest lolipop-related jumpscare you'll ever see. The full thing was released today on Desura, marking the first time a pony game made it onto the service, but it's $1.99, also giving it the unprestigious "honour" of being the first My Little Pony fangame for the PC platform that is neither free in freedom nor free beer. Mind you, that's not a lot of money, but there are still plenty of people who will probably find this choice in distribution objectionable.

Meanwhile, guess who's too cheap to buy a copy?
- Tuxxy

Canterlot Siege 2

A screenshot of Canterlot Siege 2
Canterlot Siege 2
 Last year's Canterlot Siege was extremely popular amongst the My Little Pony fan community in general, although I wasn't all that fond of it myself due to my not being a real tower defence person. Since I am really not suited to reviewing this sort of thing I'll just wait for Arctic Lux or Enigma Sage to do it later, but needless to say most of you who liked the first entry will probably end up enjoying this one. Also, playing strategy games in general with a pounding headache is a terrible idea, and will probably make anything but the biggest pushover feel like a horrible nightmare.

Updated: MFA II Pre-Preview

The black dragon, post-bossfight.

 It seems that Mark, after stealthily releasing his last pre-preview on MLPchan back in September, took the feedback he received and whipped up another one for his followers to enjoy. It features an expanded world, more visually impressive bossfights (yay!), and the miraculous ability to summon money from thin air. Good thing the latter won't be present in the final game though; imagine what could happen if you could "bribe" particular bosses to leave you alone. You'd probably end up with some kind of weird joke ending where all the big bads go on an expensive holiday in their private yacht, only to have their fortunes taken away by the Equestrian Revenue Service.

 Kind of a shame that Mark probably probably won't be able to release the game in time for Halloween, but ah well. At least the final game should be well worth the wait, if these previews and his previous projects are anything to go by.

Megamare X Seeking Level Designers

Lyra preparing herself to take down the monster that is Ponychan.
 SaltyJustice, a prominent developer from Starlight Studios, decided that Megamare X could really use a new level designer and submitted a post on Ponychan's /collab/ board asking for help. Problem is, he apparently hasn't realized that /collab/ is (among other things) dead and very unproductive. Since I can safely assume that all of us want to see the project reach completion in the near future, I decided to take the liberty of reposting his thread in hopes that he would have more luck finding someone here.

A copypasta of the full post, along with details on how to apply, can be found below the break.

Story of the Blanks Level Editor

 While we wait around for that Story of the Blanks reimagining (which is apparently still under development, if we take their word for it), some anon on /mlp/ suggested that we post about the game's built-in level editor, which has been around since its release during the Creepypasta contest. To access it, the player has to open the game's SFW file, make the browser window much larger vertically than horizontally, click Play and then press Home+End. If you read the guide and figure out the editor, more power to you I guess. Still, it's not like this is really an appropriate tool for creating an entirely new game unless you're really crazy.

 Also, the comments for our Creepypasta contest reveal that apparently there were two entries, but Story of the Blanks was the only one that was posted. I wonder what happened to that other one...

Ponyvania Demo

Ponyvania gameplay screenshot

 Back in 2012 some Texans decided that the My Little Pony fandom needed a Castlevania-type game and began to create one themselves in Game Maker, with the splendidly original title "Ponyvania". The project seemed to progress smoothly, with the latest demo being released in July '13, but I remained entirely unaware of Ponyvania until some Anon posted about it on /mlp/ last Saturday, bemoaning the overall lack of attention that it has seen (aside from an Equestria Daily post about a pre-demo trailer). The Anon also mentioned Legacy of the Pony, which I shall hopefully cover later now that I have a working dual-boot setup, but in the meantime I shall focus on this sadly neglected fangame.

My thoughts on the project can be found below the break, as usual.

Project Magic

Project Magic screenshot
 Contrary to the expectations of some people, /mlp/'s series of Game Dev threads have been pretty productive, although its output so far has mainly been limited to Flash puppets and animation tests. Project Magic is the second playable game to come out of those threads, a clone of Project Diva that is best played with an Xbox 360 controller for some reason. I actually haven't played it yet myself due to the relatively large filesize (mainly due to its including 1080p music videos), but I'm sure that at least some of you will enjoy this for the time being.

Also, if you don't install the hotfix the game will crash if you press any button on the keyboard. Pretty sweet, eh?
- Tuxxy

Starswirl Academy Demo

Nobody reads this
Starswirl Academy

 By some strange coincidence fangame news and releases tend to come in short bursts, with everybody releasing something at around the same time. Chances are, most of them are probably not involved in a conspiracy (especially these guys, since Starswirl Academy technically isn't a fangame at all), but I still find it amusing, yet at the same time rather annoying. At least it's not like they mean any harm, right?

 Anyhow, hope you all enjoy the demo. I'm not really going to mess around with it until the final thing is released, due to my not being particularly interested in the genre (which I accidentally typed as "drama", for some reason).
- Tuxxy

Minty Fresh Adventure II Pre-Preview

A screenshot.

 On September 29th Mark Sprague decided to release a brief "pre-preview" of Minty Fresh Adventure II on MLPchan, which remained unknown to outsiders until today, when some anon posted it in /mlp/'s Game Dev thread. It's fairly brief, but contains a WIP bossfight, several relatively minor easter eggs and some of the nicest voice acting I've ever seen in a My Little Pony fangame.

I would link the original thread, but I'm not sure if MLPchan would appreciate the influx in newbies. In the meantime, enjoy the preview-thing!

Twilight Sparkle vs Trixie

Twilight vs Trixie
Twilight Sparkle vs Trixie

 As most people probably figured out by reading the game's title, Twilight Sparkle vs Trixie is about Twilight and her would-be arch-nemesis casting spells at each other. For some stupid reason they decided to position themselves on opposite sides of a hill, which means that they'll be blindly tossing spikeballs and whatnot over it in an attempt to damage their foe. Thing is, the multiplayer feature doesn't appear to be working at the moment and the singleplayer AI has incredibly bad aiming skills. In the course of a long match against it I was never hit once, unless you count the time I had a shield equipped. I can understand wanting to make a game that's easy to get into, sure, but there isn't much of a point in coming back if there's no real challenge.

Lyra's List #16

That's right - Lyra's List is back! After a short break, Lyra's List will now be returning to the first day of every month. If you're wondering what Lyra's List is all about, I'd suggest reading up on this post - it'll tell you all you need to know. The deadline for Lyra's List #17 submissions will be October 31, 2013 (Nightmare Night, anyone)? Anyways, the months of August and September have some pretty great submissions, and you can find them all after the break...

Blue Cookie Touch Caves RPG

Blue Cookie Touch Caves RPG

 One happy summer day Blue Cookie Touch the pony creator OC and his best-ish friend Flamerunner were mucking about on the small Island of Desertedness when they stumbled across Spike the samurai and Eric the soldier. Applejack the thief was there too but nobody could find him for some reason.

"Happy birthday, Eric!"

"Cookie, it is nowhere near my-"

"Want to go on a magical birthday adventure for Big Apple Ponycon?"

Eric, sighed, and shrugged. Blue Cookie, being the positive thinker that he is, took this as a yes.