Game Maker Compilation Post #3

Guess what time it is! Filly Twilight knows... Anyhow, I'm not feeling particularly verbose today, so I'll get right down to it. 

From projects bordering on professional to amateur fan games put together in basements late at night, the Game Maker comp has it all! Four today, hit 'em up after the break!

Okamikurainya's Project Dash is a promising Rainbow Dash platformer that might just soon outgrow the confines of this post. Dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodge your way through a couple of neatly styled levels at the beginning of what will eventually become a much larger world map. Collecting gems fills the meter at the top of the screen, giving you the power to fly and eventually perform a sonic rainboom. The most recent project update occurred earlier today, so head over and be one of the first to try out the newest release!

Bonus: hitting the insert key on the world map screen and typing "MLP8BIT" allows you to replay levels from Adventure Ponies!

Chocolate rain, Dali's bunnies, and Twilight Sparkle blasting things with lasers. I really don't think I have to do much more than that to pitch this one. ToCoool's End of Chaos is one of the most reviewed games to come out of My Little Game Jam - play and comment on it via the link above!

Ooooh, Game Maker Studio. Fancy stuff, this. Created with custom resources of all sorts, influxWishdream's My Little Game Jam submission is artistically quite a feat for 48 hours. With your trusty toothblade at your side, venture forth to the gates of Tartarus as Colgate!

Noon Anna has unfortunately ceased development on Legacy of the Pony, a black and white Legend of Zelda-themed dungeon crawler. However, what remains is still an impressive example of what can be accomplished in Game Maker. There's plenty of game here, and it's certainly worth downloading if you're a fan of the retro style.

Want to see a game featured in the next Game Maker comp? Email me directly, or hit it up our submission page. Happy gaming!
- Arctic Lux

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