Introducing Lyra's List

Do you have an amazing idea for a pony video game, but lack the game developing experience to make it a reality? Are you in the process of developing a pony video game, but need some added help from programmers/artists/musicians/writers/et cetera? Are you a person with game developing skill, but no project to work on? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then the Game Design Document List, henceforth known as Lyra's List (cause she likes stuff named after her) may be helpful to you. Learn more after the break...

One of the first steps in the development of many games is to write a Game Design Document (or GDD). A GDD's purpose is to coordinate efforts amongst a development team. It forms a sort of guide to all the team-members, so everyone has a sight of the overall vision.

A GDD simply contains information on aspects of the game, such as story, characters, level design, gameplay, art, music, user interface, and controls. There's no specific formula to create a GDD, it just has whatever information and content the developer chooses to include. For example, some GDDs include portions of script, and others include concept art. Neither of these steps are necessary, but are often used.

The role of Lyra's List is to take submissions in the form of GDDs, and compile them in a list so that people with a vision of a pony game can meet and collaborate with people who have game making experience, to help make truly amazing video games.

To submit to Lyra's List, you must draft a GDD (of any length and format) in Google Docs, and send the link to me at, with the word GDD somewhere in the subject line. Be sure to make the document public, and include the email address of yourself and anyone else involved with the project in the document.

Alternatively, if you are someone who's looking for a project, you can write up a quick resume like document (also in Google Docs) detailing skills, experience, preferred genres, etc., so prospective devteams would be able to contact you. This is preferred, but it's also acceptable to link to a site that contains work that you've done (your DeviantArt account, for example).

In the email, include the following information, if you are submitting a GDD: your name (whatever people call you on the ponynet), the working title for your game, the genre (as you would describe it), and whether you think it will be a short term (< 1 week), medium term (1 - 6 weeks), or long term (> 6 weeks) project.

If you're looking for a project to work on, include the following in your email: your name (on the ponynet), and what your primary talent is (programming, background art, spriting, music, script writing, level designing, or anything else).

This post officially marks the opening of the submission phase for Lyra's List #1. They will be compiled on May 1st. Depending on how many submissions are received, the deadline for Lyra's List #2 will be announced at that time.

If anyone has questions or ideas on how to improve this concept, be sure to let me know in the comments.

- Enigma Sage

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