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Twilight running on a boring background, Yup, let's move on now, nothing to see here...
Future Twilight

Most fandoms have a rather localized following within a few countries. For example, Doctor Who has a large fandom in Britain, USA and Australia, yet it is not as well known outside those few countries, which is often a surprise to fans within those countries. However, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is an exception, having a large international following, and one of the largest being the Dutch Bronies (for their country size, which is tiny). And it is from that far away land that the game Future Twilight comes, and it is intended to win a Dutch game maker competition with its turret-shooting gameplay.

Does the fact that it's foreign automatically make Future Twilight awesome? Find out after the break.

In Future Twilight you play as the title character in a plotless adventure to blow up some turrets and defeat Discord. And you impossibly walk on your hind legs while somehow wielding a pistol, which is really weird (and not in a good way). Ammunition is limited so you'll have to conserve as much as possible in order to survive, although thankfully you can refill both your health and ammo with reusable green powerups. And all enemies are turrets which only differ in colour and in the amount of punishment that they can take.

Twilight taking a jump.<
Look ma, I actually made this jump!
Sounds simple so far, but not too bad. After all, there's beauty in simplicity, right? Well in this case, wrong. The all-important controls are rather unresponsive to the player, which can often waste time and cause needless deaths in otherwise easy situations. However, the worst issue seems to be the turret hitboxes, which seem to to act strangely at times, with shots at point-blank range somehow missing the target. In a game that mainly consists of tight corridors crammed with turrets this is simply unacceptable! I found the music to be quite annoying, although thankfully you can change it to a quieter track with the press of the "M" key (or just turn off your speakers). Despite serving their purpose the graphics are rather ugly, and trust me, Future Twilight looks terrible while standing on her hind legs. At least the developer had the common sense to make her eyepatch asymmetric, a detail which even many professional development companies somehow slip up on.

So what did I think of the game? To quote a certain television show, "Pitiful, just pitiful". The gameplay is dull, the music is downright annoying, the sprites are poor, ect ect. Hopefully the controls and hitbox bugs will be fixed in the next update (which is apparently coming tomorrow), although don't  expect much from this rather poor fangame. It may be able to beat some of the other crappy game maker projects in that contest, but there is no way I can rate it higher then 3. Sorry Dutch Bronies!

I apologize, but there is no way in Tartarus I can rate this higher then 3.

I know this review was a rather boring read, and I must apologize. Many games can inspire legendary reviews through their sheer badness, but this game isn't quite that bad: the problem that it isn't good either. So once again, sorry for wasting your time, have a nice day, and go watch some ponies, OK?

- Tuxxy

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