April Fools: What Could Have Been

A fake screenshot of a non-existent MMORPG

Some of you may have been wondering exactly what I was doing on April Fools and why I was not participating in the festivities. Thankfully Enigma saved the day with "Click the Twilight Sparkle", a stroke of sheer genius. Well, the truth is that I was at church and was not available on that day, but I was still working on something, something that nearly got finished but ended up taking too long to get finished in time. So what was it I was working on? A fake review, similar to Enigma's, but with fake screenshots and without an actual game to go along with it. I planned on reviewing an epic MMORPG titled "Of Ponies and Dragons: Rise of the Equestrian Empire", and give it a 2/10 for trivial and pointless reasons.

If you want to see more fake screenshots of the game, you can find them after the break. And please, click to enlarge and view them in their full glory (you can also do that with the one above).

Another fake screenshot, this one featuring a fake battle scene with Gilda
A screenshot of a normal battle scene. And no, that is not my OC, I just whipped him up in Pony Creator.
Yet another fake screenshot, featuring a turn-based battle scene with a sack of flour
A turn-based battle scene. Not very complicated and didn't take much work to make.
This image is in a less advanced state then the others, and was designed to  support my statement that the animation was quite buggy.
The vectors were rather easy to obtain (too many to list, but thanks to all that made them) and paste together, but the majority of the work went into adding depth of field effects. It involved selectively blurring out particular elements of the background in order to provide focus on certain areas of the image, and I must admit that I did a poor job with the UI, although that was not my main focus (I intended to criticize the interface in my review).

Hope that you found this at least somewhat interesting. Xtux, out!
- Tuxxy

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