Blue Cookie Touch Caves RPG

Blue Cookie Touch Caves RPG

 One happy summer day Blue Cookie Touch the pony creator OC and his best-ish friend Flamerunner were mucking about on the small Island of Desertedness when they stumbled across Spike the samurai and Eric the soldier. Applejack the thief was there too but nobody could find him for some reason.

"Happy birthday, Eric!"

"Cookie, it is nowhere near my-"

"Want to go on a magical birthday adventure for Big Apple Ponycon?"

Eric, sighed, and shrugged. Blue Cookie, being the positive thinker that he is, took this as a yes.


"Wait, nobody asked me about my opinion. Do I matter?" asked Spike, anxiously fiddling with his little claws. Flamerunner glared at the pudgy dragon and tightly gripped his Holy Lance™.

"Blue Cookie is the leader here, so keep your little lizard mouth shut and let us do the deciding."

 Spike grumbled several obscenities under his breath at the insolence of this bigmouth as the party formed a line, Blue Cookie Touch being at the front, of course. Spike was right behind him, with Eric Ludwig in the rear and Flamerunner at the very, very back. He did not like this arrangement one bit.

 And they were off! The small party wandered around the tiny island, admiring the stubby stone walls that surrounded the southern portion for no good reason and doing nothing in particular. This lasted for several moments until Eric noticed something unusual.

"Do my eyes deceive me, or-"

"Hush, Eric." Flame interrupted, I'm the lookout guy here, so you let me do the noticing things."

 Eric rolled his eyes, and Flamerunner smiled.

"Good boy. Now, Cookie!"

"Yes, Flameypoo?"

"I think that's a chest over there. Maybe we can open it up and get some loot?"

"Jolly good idea!"

 The party rushed over to the chest, only to discover too late that it was actually a door in the middle of nowhere. In an entirely irrational and unsurprising turn of events, it led to some weird place called. "Ruins of Brony Universe". For a so-called ruin it was actually quite nice: a green meadow with a bunch of tiny houses, surrounded by tiny little towers and occupied by ponies that were way too big for them.

"Hey, Welcome Back, Blue
While you were gone, The mane6
And I were building the town."

"Wat." Spike was confused, as was everybody else. His love had obviously overdosed on her medication or something, so he decided to leave her alone before she threw up on him like she did last time.

They just started to walk away from her when suddenly-


"Oh gawd it's Chrysalis!" screamed Blue Cookie as he stood face to face with the changeling queen.

 Things looked bad. It was early in the adventure, everybody was on level one, this was a boss level character, and everybody sucked but him. Eric carefully began to examine his fellow adventurers when he noticed something very strange.

"We don't have any skills? That sucks."

"At the same time, I'm not all that surprised." snickered Spike, who was once again treated to one of Flame's nasty glares.

"Well then, we might as well-"

Blue Cookie Touch, being the genius that he was, knew exactly what to do.



 It was too late; they had no choice but to battle their mighty foe. To flee was absolutely out of the question, because that would mean that they were wimps or something. Eric Ludwig picked up his mighty axe and charged, swinging it ferociously at the foe and not giving a hoot about that old rule, "Don't hit girls".



"Hey, at least we have loot!" exclaimed Flamerunner, who picked up two battleaxes that Chrysalis dropped after dying. Blue Cookie excitedly rushed over to them, only to be met with disappointment.

"I can't use this awesome weapon," he cried.

"That's because you don't have hands like us. Dragons/humans masterrace 2013"

"But then why can my friend Flamerunner use his Holy Lance™ if he has hooves like me?" asked Cookie.

"It's my birthday, so shut up."


 Then they decided to explore some more. They met a creepy girl who wanted to play cookie poker with Blue Cookie (an idea which made his face glow strangely), the Cutie Mark Crusaders who kidnapped Shining Armor to work in some mining place, and visited Rainbow Dash's really boring grass house. Flamerunner also kept flashing his Dragon Shield at Spike, which scared him quite a bit.

Since there was nothing else to do they decided to go back to town, and got killed in a random encounter with a walking box. Good riddance.
- Tuxxy

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