Canterlot Siege 2

A screenshot of Canterlot Siege 2
Canterlot Siege 2
 Last year's Canterlot Siege was extremely popular amongst the My Little Pony fan community in general, although I wasn't all that fond of it myself due to my not being a real tower defence person. Since I am really not suited to reviewing this sort of thing I'll just wait for Arctic Lux or Enigma Sage to do it later, but needless to say most of you who liked the first entry will probably end up enjoying this one. Also, playing strategy games in general with a pounding headache is a terrible idea, and will probably make anything but the biggest pushover feel like a horrible nightmare.

In other news, my screenshot utility is working properly now that I uninstalled the proprietary Radeon drivers. Huzzah! Now, if only the open source drivers did a better job at controlling the fan speed...
- Tuxxy

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