Story of the Blanks Level Editor

 While we wait around for that Story of the Blanks reimagining (which is apparently still under development, if we take their word for it), some anon on /mlp/ suggested that we post about the game's built-in level editor, which has been around since its release during the Creepypasta contest. To access it, the player has to open the game's SFW file, make the browser window much larger vertically than horizontally, click Play and then press Home+End. If you read the guide and figure out the editor, more power to you I guess. Still, it's not like this is really an appropriate tool for creating an entirely new game unless you're really crazy.

 Also, the comments for our Creepypasta contest reveal that apparently there were two entries, but Story of the Blanks was the only one that was posted. I wonder what happened to that other one...

So little to post these days...I'm only really putting this article up because there isn't much else, if anything at all. Also, upgrading to Windows 8.1 broke my dual-boot setup, so there's that as well.
- Tuxxy

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